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   Chapter 145 I Hate You Too

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Fighting back the tears, she opened her mouth but couldn't say anything.

Surveying her facial features, the man touched her lips with his forefinger. "Have you done this with him?"

Realising what he meant, Sophia glared at him, both in shame and anger. "Nothing has happened between him and I!"

Once she found Cora, she would make Colin apologize to her a hundred of times!

He put his palm over his belt and removed it. A bad presentiment came over Sophia.

"Colin, I'm pregnant. Behave yourself..."

"I won't hurt the bastard. I need to confirm whether he is mine first through DNA testing. If he isn't, I'll slap you on your face and divorce you. But now..."

He would use other methods to torture her.

After a long time, Sophia dashed into the restroom out of breath, holding the toilet bowl to retch.

Noticing that he had followed her, Sophia glared at him. "You beast!"

"So what. Tidy up and follow me!" Glancing over her coldly, he stepped into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, after changing his clothes, Colin walked out of the cloakroom. Sophia was still sitting on the bed, "I'm not going with you!"

She felt safe in this house with Jordan and Wendy.

With her father still missing and her revenge plans stalled, she wasn't going to leave A Country.

"You don't have a choice." Colin pulled her up from the bed. Unstable, Sophia felt like she was about to fall, but Colin held onto her waist.

Without shoes, Colin dragged her out of the bedroom.

"Why must you take me away!" She couldn't understand.

The man looked back at her drily. "To punish you!"

"... Mother, help..." Sophia cried out for her freedom.

Covering her mouth, Colin dragged her down the stairs.

Noticing what was going on, Mrs. Zhang tried to stop them. But Colin's glan

ly the Li family and the doctor knew about her pregnancy.

Could the hospital have leaked the news?

"You don't have a choice. I also have Cora. If you don't do as told, you will find their dead bodies soon!"

Sophia closed her eyes tightly. "If I agree, when will you set them free?"

"After you give birth to the baby."

"Before this, can you keep them safe?" Sophia tried to calm down.

She knew what she had to do. She needed to ensure that her father and Cora remained alive.

"Yes. Only if you follow my instructions. Don't mention this to Colin or anyone else. If you dare say a word, you will see their limbs soon!"

The voice snickered, making Sophia's hair stand on edge.

"Okay. Send me the video as proof."

Moments after she hung up, Sophia received the video. In the video, she could see Jay in a large room, looking distraught. The video segued onto a strange woman, who was sitting on a chair dully.

Sophia didn't realise who she was at first sight, but then remembered what Cora had looked like before.

Had they altered her face back to what it was before?

Holding her trembling body, Sophia tried to speculate who had abducted both her father and Cora.

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