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   Chapter 144 I Don't Want to Divorce Him

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"Very well." Colin didn't really want to divorce her, either. So he readily agreed to her request.

They headed home together. When Sophia fetched her phone, she quickly dialed Cora's number. However, her phone was off.

With a mocking smile, Colin strode out of the room without turning his head, and didn't come back.

The next morning, Sophia called Cora again, but her phone was still off.

Sophia panicked. Why would Cora switch off her phone?

Sophia didn't know where Cora stayed in A Country, and their only communication was through the phone. As Cora had switched off her phone, there was no other way Sophia could reach out to her.

And if she couldn't find Cora, her relationship with Colin would end, too.

Sophia felt like she deserved what was happening to her. She had brought it on herself.

Sophia regretted what she had done. Colin had asked her why she was looking for a prostitute, but she chose to keep him out of her plan.

Later, Colin had also advised her to wait for him, and promised he would help her execute her revenge plan against Payne, but she was impatient.

What was more, Colin had also asked her to tell him her plan, so he could know what she had been up to.

But she didn't.

All these chances slipped away from her, because of her ignorance and simple oversight.

The bedroom door flew open behind her. Wendy walked in, and saw Sophia kneeling by the bed, face buried in the sheets.

Wendy was scared, and quickly walked up to her, "Sophia! Sophia? What happened!"

Hearing her voice, Sophia slowly turned to her, "I'm okay, mother."

Her face was pale, but there were no bruises or other wounds on it. Studying her closely, Wendy let out a sigh of relief, and urged, "Why are you kneeling on the floor? You can sit on your bed!"

But Sophia didn't get up. Crying, she hugged Wendy's legs, and said, "Mother, I've never cheated on Colin, but he doesn't believe me, though I deserve it. Colin wants to get a divorce. I don't blame him, but I don't want to divorce with him. Mom, could you help me...Talk to him, please...He will listen to you..."

She had never begged anyone before. But she would do anything for Colin's love, whatever the cost.

Hearing this, Wendy got the gist of what was going on between Colin and Sophia. She sighed, "Of course I will talk to him. But Sophia, can you tell me whether you are pregnant or not?"

"Mother, I am pregnant. It's Colin's child. The baby has been growing in my belly since our short reunion in America. But Colin doesn't believe me..." Sophia bit her lower lip tightly in regret.

Why was everything taking a tragic turn all of a sudden?

"It's alright. I've got your back, Sophia. I will talk to him. You can't sit on the ground. It's bad for your child. Come on. I will ask Mrs. Zhang to make some tonics for you." Wendy helped her up, and fixed her messy hair.

Sophia was deeply touched. She gave Wendy a grateful look, and held her hands so tight like a drowning man taking his last breath. She sobbed, "Mother, you've always been nice to me. Please trust me. This child is Colin's!"

Wendy didn't know what had exactly happened between them, but she certainly believed Sophia. "Of course. Relax, Sophia. I will try my best to persuade Colin. And now you must have some rest. Okay?"

"Thank you, mother. Thank you!"

"Don't mention it, silly. Wait for me, I will ask Mrs. Zhang to make something for you to drink." Wendy was so glad to hear that Sophia was bearing Colin's child. And she believed that everything would be okay. What was most important now, was Sophia's physical condition.

In the Lien's House, Dorothy glared at Payne in anger, "You fucking idiot! Why didn't you realize that it wasn't Sophia you were having sex with?"


Sophia is such a cunning bitch, and I was trapped! But luckily, I have caught that whore she sent as her substitute, and things are still redeemable." When Sophia accompanied Cora to the B-Ultrasound room at the hospital, Payne happened to be there for a syphilis test, and he spotted them.

When they were together, he had noticed Sophia always excused herself to go to the bathroom before they had had sex, and her voice and body shape would slightly change after that. Payne sensed something was wrong, but wasn't really sure.

So when he spotted them, his awful premonition came true.

Payne followed the other "Sophia" to her rental housing, and abducted her. While examining her, Payne had figured out that she was the one he had had sex with, and he finally understood that Sophia had been playing him.

The fake "Sophia" turned out to be a prostitute infected with syphilis, whom Sophia hired as a substitute. Sophia had also sent the syphilis-ridden whore to a plastic surgeon, to alter her appearance, so that she would look like her, in order to fool him.

When everyone at the Lien Clan got wind of this information, they became outraged. The whole family blamed Payne for his negligence.

After what had happened, Dorothy's love for Payne dissipated. She looked at him in disgust, and snapped, "No, it's over, you fool. The only remedy is to keep Cora under strict control. Sophia won't be able to explain what she has done. And we can watch them fight with each other at a safe distance."

Without Cora, what Sophia had done would forever remain inexcusable to Colin.

"Yes, yes! You are so clever, honey!

That bitch...How dare she entrap me! But thank goodness. She will suffer for this!" Dorothy flashed a heinous grin.

Three days later, Colin finally came home. His breath and clothes stunk of alcohol.

Sophia was still trying to get in touch with Cora, but she was off the grid.

As Colin staggered into the bedroom, Wendy followed him. "Colin, I need to tell you something!"

"I don't want to listen, mother. Right now, I need some privacy." That said, Colin pushed Wendy out of the room and locked the door behind her. Then he walked up to Sophia.

Wendy pounded at the door from the outside, "Colin! Sophia is pregnant! Don't do anything that you may regret!"

Hearing this, Colin flashed a sardonic smile. He lifted Sophia's chin with a finger, "You're more capable than I thought, Sophia Lo. What did you say to my mother? It seems she has believed it is my seed growing in your belly."

"It's yours." Sophia said, cringing her nose.

As Colin took his hand back, Sophia went to him, and helped him to lay down onto the bed.

But all of a sudden, she saw lipstick on his collar. Trembling, Sophia couldn't shift her gaze.

Colin noticed her behaviour. He had a quick look, and a touch of exasperation flashed on his face as he spoke, "What? You've already slept with you ex-boyfriend so many times. Can't I sleep with other women?"

Sophia remained quiet for a long while. Her heart ached as she asked, "Did you sleep with Maeve?"

Colin felt more agitated. Why did she think of that woman? But he nodded, "Yes, I did. And it is none of your business. I can sleep with whomever I want."

Sophia didn't say a word. She helped him remove his suit that smelt of alcohol and tobacco. But Colin grabbed her hand, "What? Are you trying to seduce me?"

Sophia remained quiet for a while, before she answered, "No, I'm not. I merely want to remove your coat."

Instantaneously, she was pressed down on the bed. Colin's face was so close to hers, "Don't touch me. You are a dirty whore."

When she heard these words, tears welled up in her eyes.

Colin gripped her neck, and warned, "Don't you dare cry, or I'll kill you."

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