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   Chapter 143 It wasn't Me

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Sophia almost blacked out. Seconds later, Jordan and Wendy pulled Colin off her.

As soon as Colin loosened his grip, she collapsed to the ground. On her knees, she coughed, "Colin... I... I didn't..."

"What happened!" So as not to disturb Harold and Angie, Jordan closed the door, and asked.

Colin's eyes swept the room. When he spotted a black suitcase near the bed, he walked towards it and opened it, retrieving a form.

It read, 'Sophia Lo, pregnant, six-weeks.'

Six weeks ago, she was in America with him. But that night when she returned, she had sex with Payne Tai.

Wendy helped Sophia to her feet. Barely standing on her own, Sophia implored, "Colin, that wasn't me...I'm not pregnant...Please believe me..."

Hearing this, Wendy and Jordan exchanged astonished looks.

"Why should I believe you?" Colin sneered, and tore the form into shreds.

"It wasn't me...That's someone else..."

"Sophia Lo, are you still trying to play dumb?" Colin's indifference faded away as he shouted in furor.

Sophia hurriedly shook her head. She approached him, and took his hand, "Colin, I didn't lie to you--"

"That's enough!" Colin pushed her away. If it weren't for Jordan's reflexes, Sophia would have hit her head on the foot of the bed.

"Colin! Calm down! Give Sophia a chance to explain!" Jordan steadied Sophia, and glared at his son.

Colin didn't want to tell his parents why he was so furious, for what Sophia had done was so shameless.

"You mean you aren't pregnant? Oh, yes, I remember that you told me a long time ago that you are infertile." Colin scoffed.

Wendy shot Sophia a horrified look. Why wasn't she aware of that?

Sophia quickly nodded, but then she shook her head and argued, "No, not really. The doctor had told me, as long as I took good care of myself, I stood a chance of becoming pregnant."

A chance she had hoped time and again would happen. Colin laughed grimly. Hadn't she told him that she would be infertile forever? He pulled her out of the room, "Come with me."

"Colin, where are you going at this late hour?!" Wendy quickly stood at the doorway, but Colin shouldered his way through, "Hospital!"

As Sophia trotted to


"Hahahaha..." Hearing that, Colin burst into laughter. He had no idea Sophia Lo was a master of denial.

"You don't want to abort it?"

Sophia hurriedly nodded, "It's our child, Colin...."

"Very well." Colin flashed a wry smile, and pulled her out of the hospital.

He dragged her back into the car. After half an hour's drive, the car stopped at the mansion he had bought for her. The decoration had been completed, but Sophia was in no mood of appreciating the beauty of the inner design. Colin pushed her inside, and sneered, "If you want to keep that thing, you will not leave this house, until the bastard is born!"

Was he going to keep her imprisoned in the house? Even more horrified, Sophia widened her eyes, "No! You can't do that to me!"

She couldn't be kept here. Her plan was about to be fruitful. They were about to get what they deserved.

Without finalizing on her plan, she would also lose the chance to prove her own innocence. She wasn't going to let that happen!

"Okay then. Let's put it this way...Either you stay here for the next nine months, or you divorce me. The choice is yours." With that said, a silence fell between them.

Almost instantaneously, Colin regretted saying that to her. He could see the pain in her eyes, which affected him as well.

After a long while, Sophia begged again, "Please...Don't... Colin... I'm begging you...I can bring that woman here, and she can back up my story.."

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