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   Chapter 142 Colin's Wife was Carrying Other's Child

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"Maeve, I'm married!" Colin threw off her hands dryly.

Maeve tottered in her high-heeled shoes and was supported by the bed before she fell out of balance.

Reining in the tremendous anger, Maeve said softly, "Mr. Li, you have been kept in the dark all the time! You are here saving sex for your marriage, but your wife is dating her ex-boyfriend in A Country!"

With a sudden cold expression, Colin glanced at Maeve with sharp eyes. "How did you know about this?"

"Many people in A Country know about it! They have seen your wife date the son-in-law of the Lien clan!" Maeve was telling a tall tale. Gregary asked Dorothy to keep this a secret because Gregary was afraid Colin might come after him should things escalated.

"Get out of here!" said Colin coldly.

Indifferently, Maeve got up from the bed and put on her clothes. "Mr. Li, I really like you. It doesn't matter. If you can't accept me now, I can wait until you divorce her!"

Divorce her? Colin stared at Maeve, with his eyes sharp and cold. Maeve hurried out with her coat in her hands.

The bedroom was as quiet as before. Wearing his sleeping gown, Colin took out his phone to see his photos with Sophia.

Divorce her?

He never had this idea after he knew Sophia had betrayed him. Despite her betrayal, he never thought of divorcing her...

Colin called Wade, "I'll go back to A Country. You stay in Z Country for the moment, and go back after making sure everything goes well."

"Sir, when will you go?" Wade looked at the schedule. Mr. Li formerly planned to go back a week later. Why did he change his mind now?

"Tomorrow, " Colin said quietly.

He needed to see Sophia now to make everything clear.

Passing a night without sleep, Sophia went out and found it was drizzling outside.

Wendy followed her out and gave her an umbrella. "I forgot to tell you it was raining outside. Drive slowly."

"Ok, mum. Please go back in!" Sophia made her way to the garage with

ing Dorothy. Finally, Payne promised Sophia that he would divorce Dorothy and marry her.

Payne asked Sophia when she would divorce Colin. Sophia thought for a minute and said, "I will divorce him after you have divorced Dorothy..."

Bang! A huge sound came behind her. Sophia was so scared that her phone fell to the ground.

She turned back, looking frightened at the man in her room. Colin threw the luggage case to the tea table. Why did Colin come back now?

Shit! He must have heard what she said on the phone and misunderstood her...

"Colin, no..." She tried to explain, but Colin came to her with a terrible expression and squeezed her neck.

Sophie shook her head in a flurry. "No... No!"

Colin tightened his fingers. Sophia, suffocated and red-faced, could not say anything.

Wendy heard a noise and came to see what was happening. As she saw what was going on in the room, her heart beat faster. "Jordan, Jordan, come here..."

Then, she rushed in and took hold of Colin. "Colin, what are you doing? Take your hand away from Sophia!"

Jordan came soon and held Colin in a hurry. "Colin, you would choke Sophia to death!"

"Great!" Colin said coldly.

Wendy was surprised. What was wrong? What made Colin want to kill Sophia? She never saw her son act like this... like devil.

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