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   Chapter 141 Mr. Li was So Good to Maeve

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Hearing his voice, Sophia held the steering wheel tightly. She hated him.

"Well, where are you? Shall we meet?"

"Okay, I'll reserve a room!"

Sophia thought for a moment, "You don't have to. I am outside now. I am going to check in a room. Just come to me!"

To avoid trouble, that was the best way.

"Okay, send the address to me later." Payne hung up the phone excitedly.

After that, Sophia dialed another telephone number. "Come and see me right now. Come to the... Winnie Grand Hotel. I'm in black, and I'm checking in. I would contact you later."


Sophia stopped the car at the nearby Winnie Grand Hotel. She went in and asked for a room. Then, she took the room card and went up.

After looking around the room, she walked out of it and answered the phone in the exit passageway.

"How long will you take to get here? You must hurry."

Z Country

While Colin was busy working, his mobile phone rang. Noticing the caller ID, Colin checked his e-mail as he answered the phone, "Speak."

"Mr. Li, I have sent the photos to your mailbox."

"I see! You don't have to keep tracking now. "

Hanging up the phone, Colin looked at the high-definition photos in the mailbox, with his face morose.

Sophia met with Hugh, got a room in a hotel, and then met up with Payne.

Colin knew that Sophia had betrayed him. He still didn't want to believe it and he insisted on continuing the investigation.

Now, his private investigator had taken photos of Sophia and Payne who went into a hotel together. Colin completely gave up on Sophia.

He called Sophia, "Where are you?"

His voice sounded cold. Sophia thought that she must have just imagined it. But she still told him the truth, "I am going to Aaron's house."

Aaron was just a boy. He couldn't take care of himself. Sophia always helped him do the cleaning and the laundry.

"Why not go home?" At that time, Sophia was pretty sure that Colin was angry.

"What happened? Is there anything at home? I am going back now!" In front of the car, a cat suddenly jumped out. Sophia was shocked and screamed.

However, for Colin, it sounded like a groan that she couldn't help letting out...

Colin hung up the phone without saying anything.

Sophia was puzzled. When she called Colin again, he hung up.

She reflected on it. Colin seemed to have changed during the first several days after her grandmother died. She was immersed in grief and was not aware of it.


It seemed nothing had happened. Why was he angry?

In the next few days, Sophia was unable to contact Colin. She also tried to call Wade. But Wade always told her that Mr. Li was busy...

On that day, Sophia received a few photos from a stranger.

The photos showed that Colin was leading Maeve into a hotel, and they went into the villa of Colin...

Sophia felt heartbroken...

Was that the reason why Colin ignored her?

Sophia wanted to know the truth. She dialed the strange number. But it was disconnected.

Sophia called Colin again. After a long time, Colin answered the phone. But it sounded very noisy. "What do you want?"

The cold voice of the man upset Sophia. Can't she call him even if nothing happened?

"Why don't you answer the phone?" Sophia asked him gently.

"I'm busy."

At that moment, she heard a woman's voice. "Colin, come on. It's my turn to drink. Help me drink some wine!"

Then, Sophia heard the laughter of several men and women. Sophia also heard someone say, "Mr. Li is so good to Maeve. Mr. Li has drunk several glasses of wine for Maeve!"

"Ha ha ha..." It was the chuckle of a woman.

The first thought that occurred in Colin's mind was to explain. But when he thought of the things that Sophia had done, Colin kept silent. She listened quietly.

Sophia also kept silent. Mr. Li is so good to Maeve...

These words have been haunting in her mind for a long time. They made her heartbroken.

"Do you need anything from me?" Colin asked her with an irritated voice.

"Colin, can you stop being good to other women... I feel sad..." With a glimmer of hope, Sophia asked him gently.

With his face gloomy, Colin was dazed for a moment. He understood how she felt, so he also felt sad.

Finally, he said, "How did you feel when you betrayed me? Have you ever thought about my feelings?"

Sophia was confused. Had she ever betrayed him? "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Sophia, don't pretend to be innocent. You know what you've done. I don't need to tell you. I am even ashamed of talking about it!" Colin hung up the phone immediately.

Sophia was really confused. Why did Colin say that? What had she done to betray him?

Tossing and turning in bed for a long time, Sophia finally decided to call Colin to make things clear. She wondered what misunderstanding he had toward her.

Almost immediately, someone answered the phone. Sophia was about to speak when she heard a women's voice. "Who would call others so late? Why would anyone disturb others' sleep?"

Sophia's head felt like it was going to explode. It was so late. Who was still with Colin?

"Where is Colin?" She asked gently.

After a short pause, Maeve coquettishly spoke. "Colin is tired just now. He is having a bath now." Is there anything you need?"

He was tired just now... These simple words revealed a huge amount of information.

"You are Maeve." Sophia was making a statement, not asking a question.

Maeve admitted frankly, "Yes."

"Ask my husband to answer the phone!" Trying to calm down, Sophia told her coldly.

The woman jeered at Sophia. "Your husband doesn't want to live with you any more. Why are you forcing yourself on him?"

"Really? Ask him to tell me personally!" Sophia tried to persuade herself not to believe her words. Not to believe...

"He is not willing to answer your call at all. Please stop being cheeky!" After hanging up, Maeve quickly deleted the call log.

The sound of water stopped. Within two minutes, the man wrapped in a bath towel walked out of the bathroom. When he saw her, a bit of unhappiness appeared in Colin's eyes. "Why are you still here?"

"Mr. Li, can I... stay here tonight?" Maeve took off her coat. She wore a camisole inside, showing her good figure.

It was such an obvious hint of seduction, and Colin was not stupid. "Get out!"

Maeve did not give up. She boldly walked over to hold Colin's waist. She drew circles with her fingers on his chest. "Mr. Li, we haven't known each other for a long time. But I really appreciate you..."

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