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   Chapter 140 Crying Like A Child

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The Lien were shocked to see how they treated Dorothy. Colin must have been really rampant with rage to let this happen.

Marcella rebuked Sophia angrily. "Mrs. Li, don't you think that you should explain or apologize for your behavior?"

"Explain?" Sophia had calmed down at that moment. "Just ask my husband!"

"You!" Seeing Sophia's arrogance, Marcella almost lost her breath.

Sophia sorted herself out. She looked at Dorothy and warned, "Dorothy, I hope that I see you during my grandmother's Shiva!"

"Why do I have to attend?" Dorothy ignored Sophia's warning.

"Well, I want to see how guilt will consume you." After that, Sophia told the bodyguard next to her, "Let's go!"

They left the Liens' house. Within three minutes, the Liens' living room became so quiet. It seemed that nothing had happened just now.

However, during those three minutes, Dorothy and Marcella kept swearing at Sophia with harsh words.

Without worrying about it, Gregary quickly went upstairs to call Jonas.

"Sophia seems to know what we have done!"

Jonas was silent for a moment. "It's okay. Let's just wait and see."


Back to the hospital, Aaron was sitting in the ward. He held Renee's hand, not willing to let go.

Next to him was Levi who came later. When he saw Sophia coming in, he stood up. "Sophia, where did you go? I have called you. Why didn't you answer the phone?"

"Sophia, it was Colin who asked me to come over. Just call me if you need anything!" Without changing his military uniform, Levi rushed over there.

Sophia was moved. "It's okay. Levi, you can go back first. Aaron is here. I will call you if I need to!"

"Well, Sophia... I'm sorry for your loss. "

"Thank you, Levi." Sophia wiped away her tears and sent Levi out of the door of the ward.

The next morning, Colin rushed back from Z Country. He knew that Sophia was in the hospital, so he went directly to the hospital.

Seeing Colin, Sophia felt dazed for a moment.

After a long while, she spoke slightly, "Colin..."

The emotions in Colin's eyes were complicated. Finally, he decided to put other things aside and comfort the woman... "I am back, Sophia.

I am back..."

For Sophia, those were the warmest and sweetest words in the world.

She ran to hug Colin tightly, not knowing that the man was stiff for a moment before hugging her.

Despite the nurses and doctors in the ward, Sophia hugged Colin, crying like a child.

Colin hesitated a little, but he still responded to her.

He held her in one hand and gently stroked her long hair with another. "Just cry. You would feel better after crying."

She nodded. But she usually did not cry. Because she knew that tears won't help solve any problems. It was just a way of relieving sadness...

When Aaron came in, Sophia had already finished crying loudly. She wept in Colin's arms and choked back tears.

"Colin, you are here!" Aaron didn't have a good rest because of some matters at home. He seemed to be a bit haggard.

Colin nodded. "Don't worry. I have sent someone to look into the thing about dad."

"Okay, Colin!" Aaron gratefully looked at the man in front of him. Meanwhile, he felt himself useless and guilty for not taking good care of his father...

In the next few days, Sophia had been busy with the funeral of Rene


On the 8th day after the funeral, according to Renee's last words, Sophia brought her remains back to her hometown and buried them with her grandfather's.

Seeing the oblations burning, Sophia thought of her father. If he knew that Renee had passed away and he didn't visit Renee for the final time, he would feel really guilty.

And Dorothy did not appear at all...

The oblations turned to ashes. Sophia and Aaron kowtowed to Renee's tombstone and then left the village.

Colin helped Sophia and Aaron deal with everything in the A Country. Then he returned to Z Country.

Knowing that she was in a bad mood, Wendy stayed with Sophia for two days at home. On the third day, Sophia went to the company.

On the fourth day, Hugh called Sophia. He was then in A Country. He wanted to invite her to have a meal together. Sophia didn't refuse.

In the private room they had booked, Hugh arrived a few minutes earlier. When he saw Sophia, he felt worried.

"Hugh." Sophia looked at Hugh with a complicated feeling. He was the son of someone who killed her mother...

Hugh hugged her, "Sorry, Sophia. I just knew about the death of your grandmother."

She was in a trance for a moment. "It's okay. Hugh, I know how busy you are."

"Well, come and sit down first!"

They sat down together, ordered a few dishes, and ate dinner quietly.

After the meal, Hugh spoke, "Sophia, did my father do anything that hurt you?"

Perla didn't make it clear on the phone. He had to ask Sophia.

Sophia looked at him indifferently, "Why do you know that?"

"My sister told me that she had heard the conversation between Jonas and Gregary." Hugh didn't hide from her.

She knew of Perla, Hugh's sister. As Sophia remembered, Perla looked like Hermosa. For some reason, Perla left the country at a young age. And she seldom came back.

"But I have no evidence." Jonas and Gregary have done it secretly. Even Colin could not find any evidence to make a solid case against them.

Hugh looked at her guiltily, "Sophia, what can I do for you?"

What can he do for her? Sophia looked at Hugh. Would he be willing to betray his father for her?

"My father has disappeared. I have been looking for him for a long time. I suspect that he has been hidden by your father or by Jonas."

Hugh nodded. "I get it. I will help you find your father."

"Thank you, Hugh."

"You're welcome. How have you been... getting along with Colin? "

When he mentioned Colin, Sophia nodded without hesitation. "Fine. He is very good to me!"

But she didn't know why he had contacted her less recently. Maybe he was too busy!

The happiness shown in the woman's face when she mentioned Colin upset Hugh. "Well, it's good that he treats you well!"

Later, they talked about something else. They finished the dinner early because Hugh had to attend a party.

Hugh wore his sunglasses and looked at Sophia, "Sophia."

She turned back. Hugh hugged her gently, "Take good care of yourself. If there's anything... call me."

"Okay. Hugh, you should also take good care of yourself!"

"You had better go back home now. Goodbye!" He opened the door of the car for her. Sophia sat in the driver's seat and drove away.

On the way back, Sophia received a call from Payne. "Sophia, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

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