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   Chapter 139 Grandmother Died

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After ringing the door bell, a servant opened it. Without a word, Sophia pushed the servant away, proceeded to the living room, and began shouting, "Gregary, Gregary, get out of your room!"

Her shouting woke up the entire family.

Dressed in pajamas, Gregary descended the stairs, his brows knitted. "Who's yelling in my house in the middle of the night?"

The servant switched on the lights in the living room. The woman downstairs made his mouth twitch.

"Honey, who's that?" An elegant and poised woman followed. It was Marcella, Gregary's wife.

Seeing a furious Sophia, she was surprised. "Why is that bitch here?"

Patrick and June followed soon after, and then Payne and Dorothy.

Seeing the Lian family, Sophia was filled with murderous thoughts immediately. She rushed to the kitchen, took a knife, and ran to the second floor. "Lian family, you will all die!"

"Ah! Lunatic... Help!"

"Sophia has gone mad. Call the security at once..."

The Lian family was frightened. The servant hurried to call the security stationed outside.

The individual tasked with tailing Sophia called Wade promptly when he overheard the servant yell to the security guards. "Mr. Ji, Mrs. Li is at the Lians', and it looks like she's going to kill them!"

"What? Get Mrs. Li out of there at once! I'll tell Mr. Li now!"

"Okay, Mr. Ji!"


Hanging up the phone, Wade rushed to knock on the office door. Inside the office, Colin was on the phone with Wendy, who was telling him about Grandmother's death.

Wade walked in without invitation, startling Colin. "Apologies, Mr. Li. Mrs. Li is at the Lians' house, brandishing a knife at them. She wants to kill them."

Colin's eyes widened in surprise and in worry. "Mother, where is Levi?"

"He is in the army. Why? When will you come back?"

"Soon. I have to go." Hanging up the phone in a hurry, Colin ordered Wade, "Ask someone to take Mrs. Li home and watch over her."

Maybe Grandmother's death upset Sophia a lot. He had promised to take action after he went back, but now she had taken matters into her own h

looks from others.

Ignoring the mother and the daughter, Sophia kept her eyes on Gregary. "What makes you want to kill us all?"

"What nonsense are you talking? Accusing me without any evidence... Be careful. I might sue you!" Gregary looked irritated.

Patrick watched the complete farce in silence.

As Sophia was not about to make any action, Dorothy approached her and prepared to slap her on the face, but she was stopped by June, "Dorothy! Don't do that!"

Dorothy looked at her sister-in-law in confusion. June took a deep breath and said, "She is Mrs. Li after all, admitted personally by Colin. If you hit her, we won't be let off easily. "

Dorothy believed otherwise. "Didn't you know? Mr. Li couldn't care less about this bitch now. Plus Mr. Li is in Z country, he won't know I have hit her."

When she raised her hand to slap Sophia's face, Sophia took her wrist and spoke out coldly, "Hit me? You will never!"

At that moment, more people poured into the Lians'. Seeing Sophia, they lowered their heads down politely. "Mrs. Li, sorry, we are late."

Sophia looked at the dozens of men wearing black suits and black shoes appearing around. "You are..."

"Mrs. Li, Mr. Li sent us here! He ordered us to keep you safe." After that, two bodyguards came over at once, pulling Dorothy away who still wanted to strike Sophia and then throwing her onto the ground.

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