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   Chapter 138 Misfortune

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Perla stopped and walked back, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Close the door!"

"Jonas, I have boyfriend. Don't you dare touch me or else..." Perla glared at her step father. He was a master manipulator, pretending to be nice in-front of strangers, but she knew the kind of monster he was. More than once, she had toyed with the idea of stabbing him to death.

Disdainfully staring at her, he walked passed and shut the door. He couldn't shake off the feeling of how much she resembled his wife.

Perla shivered.

"Or else what huh? What are you going to do?" His voice dripped with sarcasm, tainting Perla's mood further.

Closing her eyes in disappointment, Perla said resentfully, "Jonas, you'll be punished one day!"

"Be punished? I'm looking forward to that..." Holding her waist, Jonas could feel that she was shivering. He couldn't help but smirk, as his hands roamed every curve of her body.

The onslaught didn't last long as Jonas finally let her go. Perla took the opportunity and ran out of the study, Vowing that she needed to get married soon, or else Jonas would do more than touching her. After calming down, Perla called her brother Hugh.

Even though she was his half sister, Perla had a good relationship with him.

He knew the struggles that she went through, since she had caught Jonas taking advantage of her once. From then on, Hugh had seen his father in a different light.

They had fought then, and ever since, Hugh had barely been back home either.

In the President's Office of the SL Group- America division.

Colin was still waiting for Wade's email.

He had smoked two packs of cigarettes, when a sound emitted from his laptop, notifying him of a new email.

Colin watched the surveillance video with a stolid expression on his face. It was clear that the woman in a light yellow coat was Sophia.

Payne was beside her as they stepped into the same room together.

Opening the other email, he compared the time stamps with the video Dorothy had sent him. The time's matched.

Bang! In a daze, Colin kicked down the office table. His laptop landed on the floor, breaking into two.

The commotion could be heard across the entire office floor.

Wade trotted over and pushed the president's door open. "What's wrong, Mr. Li?"

Without watching the surveillance video, Wade sent it to Colin. Could there be something wrong with the video?

Closing his eyes tightly, Colin rubbed his temples. How could she betray him like this? "Send someone to tail Sophia, 24/7!"

'Sophia, I will give you one last chance. If you see Payne again, I'll punish you personally!' His sentiments remained unsaid.

Wade stood still when he saw the mess. 'What had happened?' he wondered. However, he regained his senses, addressing his boss, "...okay, Mr. Li. I'll do that right now."

It was half a month later when Sophia deduced that there was something wrong. Colin never call her, and when she called him, his excuse was that he was busy with work, and ended the conversation abruptly.

Uncomfortable as she felt, she still trusted him.

Some days later, Sophia was cleaning Renee's body in her ward when Aaron run in hastily. "Sister, have you seen our father?"

Putting the towel down, Sophia stood up from the chair. "No. Isn't he in the ward?

I've just come from visiting him."

Worried, the siblings began to look for Jay all over the hospital.

Finally when Aaron called the police to look at the surveillance video, they saw that Jay had been kidnapped.

Then the siblings went to the police station to record their statements. When they were dismissed, it was already 12 PM.

Walking out of the police station, Aaron asked Sophia, "We need Colin's help to find father."

Sophia sat down on the stairs wearily. "Colin has been busy these days...we'd better not bother him then. Let's see first how far the police will get with the investigation." The siblings didn't think that their father was in mortal danger.

A nagging thought crept up in Sophia's mind. Soon after parting with Aaron, Sophia retrieved her phone and called Dorothy.

At the bar, Dorothy was dancing on the dance floor, when she heard her phone ringing. She ignored it for a while, but it kept ringing. Without looking at the caller ID, she picked it up. "Who is this calling me at this time of the night?"

"Dorothy, did you take my father?" Sophia's cold voice reached Dorothy's ears.

Dorothy sneered. "Akh, it's you! What use is your deranged father to me? What a fool!" After that, she hung up.

Sophia wasn't angry by her reaction as she could tell by Dorothy's tone that she didn't take her father.

Was it... Jonas? Or another person?

At the thought of this, Sophia dialed Colin's number anxiously. This time, Colin picked up the call after two rings, "Yes?"

Paying no attention to his indifference, Sophia asked him, "Who was it? Besides Jonas, who is the other murderer?"

Colin remained silence. The silence was too much to bare, so Sophia persisted, "Colin, my father has been kidnapped. I don't know who did it. Could it be the murderer that killed my mother?"

She spoke, tears fighting to break free. Colin's anger dissipated momentarily. "It was Gregary."


Sophia became quiet.

'The Pei family and the Lian family, doomed to die...'

"Colin, can you help me look for my father when you are free?" She implored in a low voice.

Colin said coldly, "Okay."

"Thank you, Colin. Without your help, I don't know what to do... Luckily I have you. I'm so lucky..." Colin frowned when he sensed that she is crying.

He didn't know what to do. Should he trust her?

"I'm still busy. You should go rest." Colin hung up the phone without waiting for a response.

Clumsy as she may be, she felt something was wrong with Colin. Why was he so cold to her?

What had she done to upset him?

Sophia's heart broke, as she couldn't think of a reason as to why he was acting the way he was. 'Could it be because she was disturbing him when he was working?'

'Had either Jonas or Gregary kidnapped my father?' Her head swarm with thoughts, oscillating between her father and husband.

To add onto the heartbreak and sorrow, Renee passed away the next evening, when Sophia had gone to visit her. Sophia held onto her grandma's hands until they went limp.

All the misfortune she was enduring, was more than she could bare. She went numb.

Later on that evening, she went to Lian's villa. Her agony drove her to go there, without thinking of what the consequences would be.

All she wanted was to kill Gregary and Jonas.

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