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   Chapter 137 Who Has the Chip

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Besides the last photo, Dorothy also sent him text messages. They read, "Mr Li, these photos are snapshots from a video that I arranged to be captured. If there is anything modified by PS, I'll be at your disposal!"

Five minutes later, Colin calmed down, and replied to Dorothy, "Time."

Dorothy looked at Colin's response in excitement. Finally, Colin was truly concerned about whether his woman was having an affair.

Maybe the photo she took last time didn't depict the affair clearly.

She had him where she wanted him to be. She believed that somebody like Colin would not brush away such strong evidence.

Knowing Colin would investigate, she sent the time and place that the affair happened to him immediately.

She also added "In order to prove the validity of this photo, I'll e-mail you the video later, Mr. Li. I hope you will caution your wife to stay away from my husband."

Colin didn't reply this time, but Dorothy didn't care.

Standing in front of the window in his office, Colin closed his eyes to calm down.

After a while, thinking that Colin had no orders for him, Wade prepared to leave when Colin summoned him, "Mr. Ji."

The man's cold voice made Wade shiver. What was wrong? "Mr. Li!"

"Find and e-mail me the surveillance video for the presidential suite on the 13th floor in Ruihao Hotel the night before."

"Yes, Sir."

"Delete the surveillance video in the hotel after you find it."

"I got it, Mr. Li." Keeping his curiosity to himself, Wade went out to carry out the investigation.

The man in front of the window kept trying to convince himself that Sophia wasn't that kind of woman and he had to trust her.

At the Pei's.

After walking into the study and closing the door, Gregary told Jonas nervously, "Jonas, according to the information, the evidence wasn't destroyed but put into a chip."

Jonas who had been calm all this time, glared at Gregary, who looked anxious. "Is the information reliable?"

"Yes, I have arranged for my most trusted men to investigate and spent a lot of money to get this information."

Jonas began to pace up and down. "I heard that the old lady of the Lo family came to A Country to get treated for her illness. Do you think she has it?"

"No. Jay's elder brother guaranteed with his life that she didn't know anything. They didn't mention anything, either. Colin brought the old lady of Lo family to A Country because she was in grave danger. I don't think the old lady has it."

"How about Sophia and Aaron?"

Gregary pondered for a while, "If the siblings have it, they wouldn't have been so calm. I guess they still have no idea why such things happened to their family."

Hitting the table, Jonas said resentfully, "How could Sophia marry Colin? If it were not for Colin, I wouldn't have spared any of their lives. But now, all my plans are ruined because of that marriage!"

"That's it. When Dorothy sent Sophia to prison, Jordan asked someone to set her free." They had worked through the details of the plan, but didn't expect the Li family would meddle in.

Jonas murmured, his hands folding back, "The second son of the Ji family has also been involved but he's ind

ifferent to it. Does the elder son, Lieutenant General Ji, know anything?"

"I don't think so. Lieutenant General Ji is so honest that he wouldn't take over the company if he knew what had happened before."

Jonas continued to pace, deep in thought. After a while, he asked, "How's your son-in-law doing?"

"Dorothy wanted to expose the love affair between Sophia and my son-in-law, but I stopped her. After all, it'll do no good to anyone if we make it public. Colin didn't seem to care about the photo that she sent him before. So in two days, Dorothy will send Colin the video she recorded. I don't believe Colin will be totally indifferent to the evidence of his wife underneath another man?" He knew all about what Dorothy had done.

Satisfied by Gregary's confidence, Jonas looked at him, "I think Sophia is not that kind of woman. Take care."

Although he didn't like Sophia, he had been acquainted with her for a long time. If Sophia was really that kind of woman, she wouldn't had been so obedient to keep away from Hugh.

Gregary disagreed, "After all she dated Payne for several years. There may still be some feelings between them. We have solid evidence."

Jonas didn't say anything afterwards. Gregary changed the topic and spoke of other matters. Just as he was about to leave, Jonas cautioned, "Be careful with Sophia and Aaron. The siblings are now most likely the people who have what we need."

"Okay. I still have something to deal with at the company, so I'll go come back later."


Opening the door of the study, Gregary came across Perla, who was about to knock on the door. A panic flashed over Perla's eyes but she soon settled down and smiled. "Hello, Gregary!"

Perla, Hugh's half sister, stayed abroad all year round and barely came back to A Country.

Gregary wasn't sure whether Perla heard his conversation with Jonas. Studying her movements and reactions, he thought that maybe she hadn't. "Hi. When did you come back, Perla?"

"I have just returned. I've just put my suitcases in my room, and I came here to greet my father!" Perla smiled.

Jonas heard her voice and called out to her. "Perla, is that you?"

"Yes, father!" Perla answered, respectfully.

Gregary stepped to the side so that Perla could enter the study. "Go in and talk with your father, Perla. I'm going so that I won't interrupt you!"

"Okay, see you!"

"See you!"

Watching Gregary walk away, Perla displayed a worried expression.

"Come in!" Jonas' voice made Perla turn pale a little. But when she thought of why she came back, she slowly walked into the study.

Standing far away, she said in a low voice, "Father."

"Why didn't you tell me in advance that you were coming back?" Sitting on the chair, Jonas stared at Perla carefully.

Bowing her head low, Perla could feel the bile rising in her throat. "I came back to visit my mother. Where is she?"

Because of Jonas, she hadn't been home for three years. If it wasn't for Jonas, she wouldn't have been back.

"Come over here!" He commanded.

Perla became frightened, so she turned to leave, but Jonas spoke up again. "Come in if you don't want to lose your reputation!"

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