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   Chapter 136 This is Karma

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The day Sophia departed, Colin escorted her to the airport, and didn't leave until he saw the plane take off from the runway.

At that moment, neither of them had any idea, what awaited them.

Because of Wade's Weibo update, Colin and Sophia had again become a hot topic. Many people noticed that they were together in America in the passed week.

So did Payne Tai. He couldn't wait to contact Sophia as soon as she landed.

Payne invited Sophia for dinner. After eating, almost as a routine, they booked a room in a hotel, and did what they needed to do.

But Payne noticed something weird about her behaviour. Every time, before they went to the hotel room together, Sophia would go to the bathroom, and return after a short while. He felt there was something wrong but couldn't put a finger on it.

When Sophia wasn't paying attention, Payne switched on a device, then he pressed her down to the bed.

After a night of love making, Sophia left the hotel early in the morning. Payne was still lying in bed when Dorothy called.

Driven by jealousy, Dorothy asked resentfully, "How is it going?"

Payne quickly got off the bed, and retrieved the gadget from the corner of the room. He switched it on, and had a look. Then he smirked, "We did it."

Everyday, after work, Sophia would pay a visit to her father and grandmother.

When she arrived at the hospital, she suddenly encountered an unwelcome guest.

Sophia looked warily at her, and asked, "What are you doing here?" How did she know grandma was here?

Wearing a short burgundy leather coat and carrying the latest, in-style handbag, Dorothy looked scornfully at Sophia, "I'm here to visit your grandmother."

"My grandmother doesn't want to see you. Get out!" Sophia snapped.

But Renee heard the commotion and woke up. She called out, "Sophia? Who is it?" Renee started to cough as she spoke.

Sophia hurried to her and massaged her back, "Granny, no-one is here. Have some water."

She gently fed Renee some warm water. Having drunk the water, Renee finally caught her breath.

me moments later, he excused himself.

As he left, Sophia wept, tears streaming down her cheeks as she sobbed, "Granny...I am so sorry..."

Before long, a few nurses pushed Renee back to her ward.

Sophia sat on Renee's bed, and took hold of Renee's callous hands. "Granny, I am so unfilial... Granny... Please recover... Please..."

'Dorothy Lien...Dorothy Lien...' Sophia burst into a lament.

At that very moment, Dorothy sent Colin a couple of pictures.

In The SL Group, American Office, Colin was chairing a meeting when his phone buzzed. He frowned and muted the phone, and apologized, "I'm very sorry. Let's continue our discussion."

An hour later, the meeting finished. Colin took his phone, and walked to the elevator. Wade followed him.

But suddenly, Colin stopped as he unlocked his phone, and stared at the screen.

Confused, Wade stopped too.

He could only see Colin's face gradually turn into a livid shade, his hand clenching the phone so tight in anger.

Standing behind Colin quietly, Wade wondered what had irritated Mr. Li so badly.

Gazing at the pictures Dorothy had sent to him, Colin almost freaked out. He didn't believe Sophia was cheating on him, but now his mind was changed.

He stared at the screen, eyes widening in anger. These pictures were solid evidence.

The woman moaning and panting beneath Payne, was Sophia.

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