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   Chapter 135 Her Enemies were Too Powerful

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Colin held Sophia in his arms, stroking her long hair with his hand, "With my wife, enjoying ourselves."

"Oh! Am I disturbing you?" Wendy asked in a joyful tone.

Colin smiled, "Yes, you are, mother."

Sitting next to him, Sophia could hear every word. When she heard Colin's reply, she pinched him on his waist.

But Wendy didn't get angry. She chuckled, "Then I will leave you be. Greet Sophia for me."

"Sure. Goodbye, mother."

Then Wendy hung up.

Sophia straightened up, and patted Colin on his head, "How can you talk to mother like that?"

"I certainly will make a long and arduous apology to her when you are not around." Colin pulled Sophia back into his arms and let her lean against his shoulder.

Sophia was impressed by his effrontery. They then started watching the movie.

Sophia felt a little sleepy at the start. But as the story became more interesting, her need to sleep dissipated. Gazing at the television, she asked Colin, "How long will you stay in Z Country?"

"About two months." Sophia didn't expect that answer.

Two months would soon pass, and they would reunite again. She happily asked, "Will you have to stay in D City and Green Cold Country, too?" As far as she knew, he was taking charge of those two branches as well.

"I will stay in D City for half a month. But I don't have to visit Green Cold Country. The acting CEO there is doing a great job. I will visit when the SL Group sends me."

Sophia bit her lips, but couldn't say a word.

She pretended that she was still watching the movie, and lay her head on his thighs.

Colin noticed Sophia's unease.

She must have something to tell him, but she dared not. Pretending that he hadn't noticed a thing, Colin gazed at the screen.

Sophia was restless.

In less than two minutes, she turned to him again. Before she spoke, she suddenly noticed that her face was buried in his crotch.

She was so embarrassed. Sophia quickly moved her head back, but it was too late. Colin pulled her up, and kissed her.

"What's on your mind?" His voice was

" Covering his mouth with her hand, Sophia quickly stopped Colin from saying more.

Colin shot her a questioning look.

"I'm afraid... The other one will be more powerful... Don't tell me now. I am not ready yet." Her enemies were more powerful than she thought.

Colin pulled her into his arms. He pressed his lips on her forehead, "Sophia, you still have me."


Actually, Colin intended to stop SL's cooperation with the Lien's and Pei's.

But changed his mind. For Sophia's sake, he would resume his cooperation with these two companies, and destroy them from the inside.

"When you go back, you have to behave like you have no knowledge of the things I've told you, especially when you are in front of Jonas Pei. I know you might not bump into him, but just in case you do..." Colin emphasized.

"I will." Sophia nodded again.

She couldn't help imagining how Aunt Hermosa would feel when she finds out that her husband killed someone.

And Hugh, what would would he think of his father?

Sophia fought back the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Stay away from Payne Tai and Dorothy Lien, and anyone who has some relation with the Lien Clan. You have to protect yourself when I am not around." Colin patiently added.

Sophia didn't think much. She thought Colin was telling her to stay away from the Lien Clan because of Payne and Dorothy.

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