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   Chapter 134 I Like Them Very Much

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At six o'clock in the afternoon, Sophia was wandering alone on a snack street. When she was having her dinner at a snack store, her phone suddenly rang. Sophia answered it, "Honey?"

"When did you wake up?" Colin was surprised. He thought she was still at home dealing with her jet lag, but listening to the commotion on the other end of the phone, he realized she was on a street.

"A few hours ago. After I woke up, I went outside." Sophia ate the last bite, wiped her mouth with a piece of serviette, and threw the wrapper in the garbage.

"Where are you now? I'll pick you up." Colin had handled all his work as quickly as he could, in order to spend time with her.

Sophia raised her head, and looked around. With a smile, she answered, "Well, I just saw a landmark building. It read 'The SL Group'." It seemed she was so close to him.

In the underground parking lot, Wade opened the door for Colin. After Colin got in, Wade proceeded to the driver's side and started the car.

Leaning against the back of his seat, Colin spoke into the phone, "I guess you are on the snack street now." Less than a kilometer away from the SL Group, there was a Chinese snack street, where the store owners offered different kinds of snacks and delicacies.

Surprised, Sophia asked, "How do you know where I am? Did you send people to spy on me?"

Colin chuckled. Herring had once told him that all women were foodies. It looked like his Sophia was one too.

"Of course not. You can wait for me at the street corner. I will arrive there in a few minutes."

"Okay!" After hanging up the phone, Sophia bought a cup of milk tea.

Taking a big sip, she mumbled in pleasure.

For once in her life, she could finally put aside all the hatred and troubles and be happy and carefree.

Five minutes later, a black Bentley car pulled up beside her. Wade walked out of the driver's seat, and greeted her politely, "Mrs. Li."

Sophia flashed a smile, "Nice meeting you again, Mr. Ji."

Wade opened the door for her. But when Sophia prepared to get in, she saw a big bouquet of flowers.

Smiling, Colin was holding a bunch of reddish-blue roses. Seeing that, Sophia's heart almost jumped out of her throat. She gazed at him in a daze.

Were these flowers for her?

Wearing a thin cream-colored coat and a silk scarf of

most smashed the potato on his head in shock. She grumbled, "God! You scared me."

"Hmm?" Colin kissed her, "I've heard that the kitchen is not just for cooking. Other interesting things could also happen in it."

Sophia's face flushed, "Go back to the living room! Aren't you hungry?"

Colin placed one hand on her waist and switched off the gas with the other hand. "Yes, I'm hungry, and only you could satisfy my appetite."

He turned Sophia to him, and kissed her on the lips.

"Wait! Wait a minute! Don't you want dinner?" Sophia leaned against his chest to balance herself.

Colin shook his head, "I don't want to eat dinner. I want to eat you."

"Have you no shame?" Blushing, Sophia wiped her wet hands using a towel, and pushed against his chest.

His chest felt muscular to her touch. It reminded Sophia of Wendy's words. She had once told her that Colin regularly worked-out every morning after he woke up.

He had all kinds of equipment in his gym. No wonder he kept such a good figure.

Colin saw that she was distracted and took his chance.

Sophia made her last struggle, "Don't... Not here..."

Without saying any other word, locking her in his arms, Colin embraced her.

It was nearly ten o'clock in the evening when they had dinner. And when they finished eating, Sophia cleaned up.

Then they snuggled on the sofa together, and decided to watch a movie. Just as the TV was switched on, Colin's cell phone rang in the dark. It was Wendy.


Wendy joyfully asked, "What are you doing, Colin?"

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