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   Chapter 133 I'm Married

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The intensity of the rain increased over time. Soon after, Colin cruised to a stop outside Maeve's apartment. She was staying a couple of minutes away from him. "Well, Mr. Li, do you have an umbrella? Your car is prohibited to get in my apartment. Would you like to lend me an umbrella so that I can walk in?"

Colin thought for a while and glanced at the heavy rain outside the car. "I'll need to get an umbrella from my house. Then I can take you to your apartment."

After five minutes, Colin parked his car at the underground parking of his apartment. "Miss Duanmu, please wait for me. I'll be back in a moment."

Maeve immediately held Colin's arm, looking around in a panic. "Mr. Li... I'm afraid of being alone... Can I come with you?"

Glancing at the hands she had placed on his arm, Colin shook them off and said in a calm voice, "Okay."

"Thank you, Mr. Li... Well... Can I call you Colin?" Maeve smoothed her long hair and asked him cautiously.

Colin gently smiled. Not afraid to offend her, he responded, "We're just coworkers. You can call me the same way other colleagues do."

But Maeve didn't get angry. She bit her lower lip and said, "Em, Mr. Li, are you are acting indifferently towards me because you have a wife?" Maeve in high heels trotted along with Colin.

Colin didn't deny it and emphasized, "Yes. I'm married."

Looking at Colin's profile, Maeve's heart beat fast. No wonder so many women said Colin was an extraordinary man. He was polite and gentle. What's more important was that he was a tycoon with great power in A Country.

If a woman could marry such a man, she would live an extravagant life. Additionally, nobody dared to bully Colin's woman.

They entered the lift and Colin pressed the button for the 2nd floor.

When he opened his apartment door, a familiar fragrance welcomed him. Colin paused slightly. Why did he smell Sophia?

No, it must be his illusion because he missed her so much. He had wanted to go visit her, but never got the time.

After dinner, Sophia hung around the apartment and waited for Colin.

Finally at 12 o'clock, her wait was over, as the apartment door opened.

It was not until then that Sophia realised it was raining heavily.

However, she was in no mood to appreciate the rain. She quietly opened the door of the bedroom and saw Colin changing his shoes. But when she saw the woman beside him, her expectations, excitement and jolly mood dissipated.

"Please come in!" Colin took out a pair of disposable slippers for Maeve, planning to let her wait in the living room.

However, the woman standing at the door of the bedroom took him by surprise. He stood incredibly still.

"Sophia." Almost instantaneously, Colin strode toward Sophia.

The surprise on his face was a thorn in Sophia's eyes. Sophia pushed away his warm embrace.

Perplexed, Colin looked at Sophia. Following her eyes, he suddenly remembered Maeve.

"Honey, this is our company's client. Since it's raining outside, I come to lend her an umbrella."

Indifferently looking at the woman at the door, Sophia recognised her. She was the woman in the photo.

Maeve planned to hook up with Colin but didn't expect to see Sophia.

She smiled seductively and asked, "Mr. Li, who is this lady?"

Colin held Sophia's hands and introduced Sophia to Maeve, "This is my wife Sophia. Sophia, this is Maeve Duanmu."

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Li!"

Though Sophia was unhappy, she still politely nodded. "Nice to meet you, Miss Duanmu."

"Miss Duanmu, please wait for a moment. I'll fetch the umbrella for you, " said Colin, as he walked towards the storage room.

Sophia stared at Maeve and asked, "Weren't you in Z Country?"

Maeve chuckled, "I came across Mr. Li in the US!"

Although Maeve said it was an encounter, both Colin and Sophia didn't know how much effort had been made by Gregary and Maeve for this to happen.

Soon after, Colin walked back and handed the umbrella to Maeve. "Miss Duanmu, since my wife is here, I won't walk you back. Sorry!"

Out of courtesy, he had planned to walk her to her apartment, but couldn't leave Sophia alone. Sophia seemed to misunderstand what was going on and he needed to explain it to her.

"Okay. Thank you, Mr. Li!" Mrs. Li, see you." Smoothing her long red hair, Maeve changed her shoes and left Colin's apartment without another word.

Closing the door behind her, Colin walked back and hugged Sophia, taking in her scent. "Honey..."

Sophia pushed Colin away. Indifferently, she looked at the stunned Colin.

"Sophia, please don't get me wrong. I did come here to fetch an umbrella for her. Nothing more."

"I feel as if I shouldn't have come to the US."

She couldn't help but think like this.

Colin hugged Sophia again. "You nut, what are you talking about? I'm glad to see you!"

He kissed her but she didn't reciprocate it.

Sophia still wanted to push him away but Colin didn't let her. "Do you think I'm that kind of a man?"

Sophia of course understood what he was referring to. Alas! She believed Colin but she still worried that he wouldn't be able to restrain himself.

Sophia said nothing. Her head raced with thoughts. Deep down, she knew that she should trust that he was telling her the truth.

Colin kissed her again. "Honey, I shall never bring any woman back home, okay?"

"Never bring her home? How about taking her to a hotel?" Sophia seized on a flaw in his words.

Colin chuckled helplessly. He put his hands on her shoulders, staring at her. "Sophia, do you trust me?"

Looking at his sincere eyes, Sophia hugged him.

Colin began to kiss her. She closed her eyes to immerse herself in his passionate embrace.

They slowly made their way to the bedroom. "Sophia, is this a surprise for me?"

"Yes, do you like it?" She couldn't help but smile.

She also wanted to get pregnant, and give him a bigger surprise.

"Of course!" Colin didn't speak. He embraced her and soon the room filled with their passionate moans as they made love.

Because she was too tired and still jet lagged, Sophia didn't wake up until the next day in the afternoon.

Colin asked her to call him when she woke up as he planned on asking someone to bring her food.

But Sophia didn't want to trouble him. After showering, she walked out of the apartment.

She ate some fast food nearby and hung around, waiting for day to turn to night.

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