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   Chapter 132 Should She Go to the United States

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"Do you mind, not telling Colin that I asked for this?" Sophia didn't want her surprise to be ruined.

Though puzzled, Wade still promised, "Okay."

Sophia hang up the phone. A few minutes later, she received an email of Colin's schedule for the next month.

Looking at the tight schedule, Sophia took pity on Colin.

According to the schedule, Colin was visiting the US branch of the company at the beginning of that month. And the visit lasted for four days. What would she do?

Should she go to the United States?

Almost instantaneously, she decided to go. She could secretly ask for a vacation and surprise him. Making up her mind, Sophia switched off her phone and fell asleep.

Since then, Sophia began to count the days, which seemed like years to her.

At the Z Country

Wade knocked on the door of the president's office. "Mr. Li, it's time to go to the party."

"Well, okay." Colin signed the last contract and put it on one side of the table with the others.

"As for the female companion..." Wade looked at Colin, a little hesitatant.

Colin picked up his jacket. "Who's still in the secretary room now?"

"Miss Tao."

"Go and ask Miss Tao to accompany me then." Putting on his jacket, Colin walked to the lounge.

"Okay, Mr. Li."

At the Ruby International Hotel

Luxury cars cruised through the main entrance, dropping well-clad celebrities and big wigs, one after another.

Spotting a black Rolls Royce coming to a stop at the entrance, the general manager of the FW, walked briskly towards it. The driver got out of the car and opened the rear door. The man wearing dark brown shoes emerged. He stretched his right hand to assist his female companion out of the car.

"Mr. Li, welcome!" The general manager respectfully bowed.

Colin nodded slightly, "Hello, Mr. Zhang!"

"This way, please!" Mr. Zhang immediately led the way into the hotel.

In the banquet hall, on the first floor, many outstanding entrepreneurs were there. Noticing Colin's arrival, they gathered around to greet him.

Serena held Colin's arm and kept smiling.

After greeting Julius Xu, the manager from FW, Colin took t


Later, Sophia decided to remain silent. But she didn't delete the photos.

After waiting for what seemed like years, the next month approached. Sophia secretly booked a ticket to the United States.

Arriving in the United States, Sophia called Wade specifically to ask if Colin had gone to the office.

Wade said yes, and told her the temporary address of Colin's apartment.

They hadn't seen each other for half a month. When she stepped into Colin's apartment, Sophia felt excited.

However, Colin was not in the apartment. According to Wade, Colin was still at a meeting.

At the Stanley International Hotel.

It was raining heavily outside. The bell-boys and door men held umbrellas for the guests of the hotel as they walked out.

"Mr. Li, wait a moment. I'm sorry to bother you, but something turns up and I have to go. Could you please give Miss Duanmu a ride?" The young man with blonde hair and blue eyes looked apologetic and asked Colin.

Colin asked the woman next to him, "Where are you going?"

Maeve gave him an address. Colin nodded indifferently. "Carl, go ahead with your business. I will take Miss Duanmu."

Carl looked at Colin gratefully, "Thank you very much, Mr. Li. I have to leave now!"

Soon, everyone at the meeting entered their cars.

Maeve sat in the front passenger seat of Colin's car, "I'm sorry to trouble you, Mr. Li!"

Colin started the car. "It's no trouble."

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