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   Chapter 131 Why Wasn't She Pregnant

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The Li Clan was a powerful house founded on military exploits, whose family members all served in the army as senior officials. Though she was an expert in the field of PR, she had no confidence to win Colin's heart.

"But you like challenges, Miss Duanmu. And if you succeed, I will give you two percent of Lien's shares, and fifty million dollars in cash." No one could resist such easy money.

When she heard of the bountiful reward, Meave paused for a while, then she said, "But Colin Li has a wife, and I heard their bond is strong."

Gregary smirked, "There is an old saying, any pair of lovers can be put asunder, as long as you tear them apart with the right hand."

"Very well. Since you've placed your trust in me, Mr. Lien, I won't let you down. But I want another one percent of Lien's shares, and I want a half of your promised fifty million dollars to be paid now in cash. The rest twenty-five million and the shares can be given to me after." Successful or not, doing this would ruin her reputation. Gregary's terms were not good enough for her.

Without hesitation, Gregary responded, "I accept. As long as you can make sure they divorce, you will be rewarded generously."

"Thank you, Mr. Lien."

Now, apart from his son-in-law, it had also costed Gregary a fortune to alienate Colin and Sophia. But he flashed a triumphant grin.

When Sophia got home, Colin called her. She took out her phone, and answered with a smile on her face, "Honey?"

Colin smiled too when he heard Sophia's joyful voice. But thinking of his purpose, he quickly changed his tone. He coldly asked, "How was your night with Payne Tai?"

Sophia rolled her eyes. A little nervous, she cautiously answered, "It was okay. Before Payne could do anything, Dorothy and two men broke into the hotel room. Then I called Mr. Song for help, and he sent people to my rescue. I'm unhurt, Colin, and I swear! Everything I said was true! There's nothing going on between Payne and me!" Sophia gave her honest answer.

Hearing that, Colin let out a sigh. "Sophia, when I'm not around, don't do or say anything to them. I will be back soon. And when I come back, whatever you want to do, I will accompany you."

He wasn't worried about Sophia cheating on him, but he was afraid that Payne might take advantage of her reckless behavior.

Sophia remained silent for a while. Since Colin had said that, she would do as he recommended. As long as Payne stayed out of h

r face, Mrs. Zhang handed the soup to Sophia.

"Thank you, Mrs. Zhang." The soup was served at the right temperature. Sophia took a sip.

Mrs. Zhang shook her head, "Mrs. Li, are you suffering from dysmenorrhea? The solution is very simple. As soon as you give birth to Master Colin's child, it will be cured."

Hmm? Sophia gave her a questioning look. Mrs. Zhang was a woman in her early thirties, and also an excellent employee from the domestic service company.

"It's true. All the women I know are like that. They never suffer from dysmenorrhea again after labor."

"But...Mine was caused by an accident, and I still suffer from the lingering effects... Would it still work?" Hearing Mrs. Zhang's words, she now suddenly craved for a baby.

Mrs. Zhang was stumped by Sophia's question. She hesitated, "I really don't know. But bearing a baby certainly won't make the condition worse. I'm sure you will have one with Master Colin, sooner or later."

That was true. "Thank you, Mrs. Zhang." Sophia drunk the cup of soup.

"My pleasure, Mrs. Li."

After Mrs. Zhang walked out with the empty cup, Sophia contemplated what she said. What if it worked?

She took out her phone, and dialed Wade Ji's number. The phone connected, and Wade's voice came from the other end, "Mrs. Li, are you looking for Mr. Li? I'm not with him right now. I'm out on business."

"No, I want to know Colin's schedule for early next month, Mr. Ji." She had to make a plan! It was in the middle of the month now. Her ovulation cycle would start at the beginning of next month.

"Of course. I will send you a copy." Wade answered politely.

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