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   Chapter 130 To Prove Everyone's Innocence

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Hearing what Dorothy said, Sophia was a bit confused. What did she mean? Had someone told Colin she was with Payne tonight? When did this happen?

"What is it about her? Is she really so good in bed, that every man who sleeps with her becomes stupid?" As Dorothy shrieked in anger, one of the bodyguards approached Sophia and pressed her down on the bed.

"Get off me!" The nightmare haunted Sophia again. She couldn't help recalling what happened in Z Country, the night Payne tried to rape her. Shouting at the man, Sophia pushed him away with all her strength.

This caught the man off guard as he wasn't expecting such fierce a struggle from such a feeble woman. He fell off Sophia, tumbling to the ground.

"Ouch! Damn you, you village whore!" The man cried out in pain.

Seeing his partner's misfortune, the other man quickly took Sophia under his control. He slapped her on her face, "Don't fight it, if you want to live."

Just then, there was a loud knock on the door. "Who is it?" Dorothy asked, wryly.

"The police! We need to search this room!"

Dorothy looked panicked and confused. She murmured to herself in shock, 'Why would the police search this room?'

Though confused, she asked her bodyguards to release Sophia. As everyone got to their feet, Dorothy turned to Sophia and warned, "If the police ask, tell them we are talking about family matters."

With a sneer on her face, Sophia straightened her clothes. Why would she do what Dorothy told her?

A bodyguard went to open the door. Outside in the corridor stood a couple of policemen, who walked in and glanced at the three men and two women in the room. A policeman showed his Police ID, and addressed them, "Someone has reported a kidnapper entering this room. Everyone in this room will be interviewed at the police station!"

Dorothy's heart jolted. She smile seductively, and said to the police, "Mr. Constable, I'm Dorothy Lien, the deputy CEO of Lien Group. This man is my husband, and these two are my bodyguards. Oh, and this woman is Mr. Colin Li's wife. She's my honorable guest here. We are having a little reunion party, that's all. No one has been kidnapped. Who is this person who gave you this false information?"

The policeman seemed convinced. He turned and looked at Sophia, and asked, "Is this true?"

Sophia didn't want to stir much trouble. All she wanted was to be safe. Thus, she took her handbag and confirme

ting, because she has slept with so many men..."

Dorothy looked at him doubtfully and asked, "Do you mean that?"

"Yes, honey, every word I said was true. You are the only woman I love in this world... But we have to bite our tongues. Let's not mess with papa's plans now."

Dorothy nodded reluctantly. Even though she wasn't allowed to send these compromising pictures to the press, she could still do many other things to undermine Sophia and Colin's relationship.

If these pictures were not enough to convince Colin, she would collect other evidence and hand it to him.

"Honey." Dorothy suddenly hugged Payne around his waist.

Payne hurriedly held her, and asked, "What is it, honey?"

"When will you ask her out again?"

Dorothy asked with the most hideous smile on her face. Hearing her words, Payne completely froze in shock and couldn't say a word.

"Baby, if you are not willing, I won't push you."

Payne hurriedly shook his head, "No, honey, I'm willing to do everything for you."

Of course he was willing, it was another chance for him to meet his Sophia again.

In the Lien's Manor.

Gregary hung up the phone. He looked at the charming woman sitting in front of him, and continued, "I can offer you any sum of money you'd like, as long as you can get in Colin's bed."

Fondling her perfectly manicured fingernails, Meave Duanmu flashed a smile, "Mr. Lien, I've heard that Mr. Colin Li is a flawless man. He doesn't seem to be interested in random women. On the other hand, he is a family member of the Li Clan. Do you think women like me have a chance to get into his bed?"

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