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   Chapter 129 Convenient for Our Private Meeting

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"Yes. What's up?" Sophia's voice dropped to a whisper, as she displayed a stolid expression.

"This afternoon, Dorothy and I got into an argument. I'm upset, and I need a drink. Come with?"

"Okay. Where?" Suppressing her anxiety, Sophia responded.

Payne gave her the address. After work, Sophia called Wendy, informing her that she wouldn't be home for dinner and headed towards the address that Payne had given her.

However, before she arrived there, she had consumed some food on the way, just in case Payne forced her to drink.

Payne arrived at the bar at eight because of his tiff with Dorothy. He was an hour late.

Pushing through the crowded dance floor, Payne headed towards a private room. Sophia was sending messages on the phone, but immediately deleted one when she saw him.

"Sophia, you must have waited for a long time!" After entering the room, Payne hugged Sophia. He also wanted to kiss her, but Sophia turned her face. "What's your rush? You're in bad mood, aren't you? I ordered some wine. You can have some first."

Payne sat beside her, his arm resting comfortably around her waist. Sophia really wanted to cut his arm off, but she feigned calmness instead. "Payne, does Dorothy know about our affair?"

Sophia picked up a glass of white wine from the table and brought it up to his lips. Payne finished it at one go.

Sophia's beautiful face aroused his desires and without answering her question, he flung himself on her. "Sophia, I want you. Sophia..."

But Sophia wasn't in the mood for this. She needed answers.

Just as he was about to lift her clothes, Sophia stopped him and asked in a coquettish manner, "This concerns our future. Does she know?"

Payne snorted, trying to control his emotions. He pulled himself away from her and reached for another glass of wine, finishing it in one go as well.

He also poured a glass of wine for Sophia, as she straightened her clothes and sat up. She accepted the glass, and took a sip.

"Dorothy didn't agree to divorce."

Sophia clearly saw the guilty in Payne's eyes but she didn't care. "Payne, I want to be with you. What will we do?"

Payne put an arm around her shoulders. "Don't worry. I'll make sure she agrees to it. Soon, we will be together." Payne didn't even believe his own words.

Silence fell between them, as they both were deep in thought.

A few minutes later, Payne asked, "Sophia, do you love Colin?"

"It doesn't matter if I do or don't. Now that we've been together, I don't want to be with him anymore!"

Payne was satisfied by this answer. "What a stupid man. How could Colin leave you alone in A Country? But I'm not complaining. It's more convenient for us."

"Maybe Colin also has another woman!" Sophia poured Payne another drink. Her purpose was to fuddle Payne and then leave.

Payne took another sip. "Sophia, I want you!"

Sophia didn't know how to refuse him and only said dryly, "Not here. Let's get a hotel room!"

Payne thought she was being shy and agreed.

A few minutes later, Payne drove Sophia to a hotel.

When they arrived, Sophia retrieved her phone and dialed a number. Whispering she said, "Hurry! The situation is getting o

ut of control now!"

"Okay. I'm on the way."

On the 13th floor, Payne unlocked the room and pulled Sophia in.

When he closed the door, Sophia's heart skipped a beat. "Well, I must visit the toilet first." Sophia wanted to kill some time, but Payne was impatient. Just as she was about to head to the bathroom, Payne yanked her and threw her on the bed.

Suddenly, the door flung wide open, and in walked Dorothy.

Dorothy had been angry but when she saw Payne on Sophia, her expression became worse.

Several bodyguards followed her in. "Shit..." the words echoed in Sophia's mind.

However, Sophia held Payne, who was preparing to get up, looking at Dorothy provocatively. "Payne, the mistress is here. I'm afraid!"

While Dorothy was distracted, Sophia secretly grabbed her phone and thought of who she could call.

Since Levi was in the army, he must be busy. As for Sandra, Sophia didn't think that she could help. Then she remembered the business card Herring had given her.

Luckily, she had saved the number on her phone.

Payne tried to get up but couldn't. He coaxed Sophia in embarrassment, "Let me stand, okay? Don't be afraid!"

"No! Payne, I'm afraid Dorothy will beat me!" However, Sophia was curious why Dorothy was angrily standing at the door? Why wasn't she walking over?

Sophia's attention was on her phone and she didn't notice there was a camera aimed at them.

Finally, Sophia found Kirk's number. She dialed it and closed the screen, finally loosening her hold on Payne.

Knowing that the journalists behind her had captured the needed footage, Dorothy walked over and pulled Payne off Sophia. She wanted to hit Sophia, but Sophia beat her to it and slapped her.

Everyone was in shock, when they realised that Sophia had slapped Dorothy.

Covering her face, Dorothy barred her teeth whilst looking at Sophia. "You son of bitch! You dare to seduce my husband. I'll kill you!"

Sophia ran and hid behind Payne, shouting, "Help! Payne, you said you would deal with this crazy bitch!"

Payne stood still, displaying an embarrassed smile.

"Dorothy, don't be angry! Dorothy..."

"Get the fuck out of my way!" Dorothy wanted to beat Sophia. She wasn't letting her get off that easily.

Since Dorothy couldn't catch Sophia, she ordered her bodyguards, "Catch that bitch. She'll be yours tonight!"

"Help!" Sophia screamed whilst clutching onto Payne's clothes.

Unbeknownst to them, Sophia was sending a distress signal to Kirk, hoping he would understand her situation.

Soon after, the two bodyguards caught the feeble Sophia. Payne was still trying to reason with Dorothy, "Dorothy, Dorothy, just think about what Dad said!"

Sophia looked at the couple perplexed. What had Gregary said?

Dorothy had been carried away by anger and she didn't care about anything. "Rape her!"

Obeying her orders, the men threw Sophia on the bed.

"Dorothy, she is Colin's wife. If you do this, Colin will come after you!"

When he mentioned Colin, it added fuel to the fire for Dorothy. "That coward! He didn't even flinch when he heard that his wife was in a hotel room with you. He is still treating that bitch like treasure!"

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