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   Chapter 128 Your Husband Asked Me to Protect You

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"Okay, I know! Anything else?"

"Well, that's all!" Colin ended the phone call.

Herring hadn't told Colin about what was going on between him and Shelly.

Renee was still recovering, owing to the operation she had undergone, so Sophia and Aaron always accompanied her.

The doctor had revealed to them that the old lady's recovery would depend on her progress in the next couple of days. The siblings talked it over and finally decided to tell Jay what was going on.

Aaron accompanied Jay to the bathroom, while Sophia stayed behind to peel some fruit.

10 minutes later, they walked out of the bathroom. Except for Jay's blood-shot and puffy eyes, everything seemed to be normal.

Sophia hesitated for a while and then addressed Jay, "Father, Grandma's also in this hospital. Would you like to see her?"

Jay ignored her as usual.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sophia put down the fruit. "Aaron, take father to pay grandma a visit! I'm sure she would appreciate it."

"Okay." The siblings coaxed Jay out of the ward with a lollipop.

They had just walked away when a woman in black appeared, following them in silence. Looking ordinary with a baseball cap on her head, she took out her phone and dialled a number. "The siblings have taken Jay to visit the old lady. Should I keep following?"

"How's Jay doing?" Gregary asked, his voice dropping to a whisper.

"Still insane. Sophia coaxed him out of the room with a lollipop." The woman answered. Earlier on, she had installed a sound monitor inside the ward so she could hear their conversations.

"Okay, I'll ask Tab to follow them from afar. You can come back." Gregary replied, after a brief moment of silence, as he considered a few issues.

"Yes, Sir!"


Seeing his mother hooked up to several machines and numerous tubes in the ICU, a flush of red washed across Jay's face. He wanted to cry, but he couldn't.

Standing by the door, Sophia made sure that there was no one following them. Then, she asked Jay to remove his disguise.

"Mother, it's my fault. I shouldn't have left you home alone." Jay sighed. Aaron had told him what had happened when they were in the bathroom. His elder brother had taken his wife and kids and escaped, but left their mother alone in the village to live by herself.

If Colin and Sophia hadn't gone to the village, Renee could have been dead already.

Maybe there was a connection between them. Momentarily, Renee gained consciousness and called out to her son, "Jay... Is that you...?"

"Mother, it's me, it's me!" Jay held her hand.

"Father, don't cry. Grandmother's operation was successful, so she can leave the hospital soon. Isn't that good news?" Aaron tried to comfort Jay.

Jay wiped his tears. " Yes. Okay, I won't cry. Mother, I promise you, we will be together soon!"

"Fine, fine!" Renee smiled weakly, seemingly happy.

Sophia was weeping by the door, thankful that there were a few people around allowing her father and grandmother to see each other.

However, it wasn't a permanent solution to have father portrayed as a madman. What would they do?

Three days after Colin had left, Herring entered grandmother's ward causing Sophia to rub her eyes in disbelief. "Herring? How do you know we were here?"

Herring smiled, "It's not hard for me to find out where you are if I wanted to. But to answer your question, your husband sent me here."

My husband? "What did he send you here


"Nothing. I'm here to visit grandmother!" Herring took a few steps forward. Behind me, a man appeared carrying baskets full of tonic and fruits. He set it on the table and left promptly.

Sophia said worriedly, "That's fine. You can come here as often as you like. But why did you bring all these things?"

"It's my first time to meet grandmother and I didn't want to seem like a miser." Herring displayed a serious expression, leaving Sophia no chance to refuse.

"How's grandmother? Has she woken up?" Herring approached the bed, looking at the old lady whose eyes were closed. He stood beside Sophia.

Sophia said gently, "Much better. She's sleeping a lot, but it's to be expected so that she can recover."

"That's good news. I'm sure she will be okay. Don't worry!" Herring patted her on the shoulder.

Sophia smiled. "I think so. too!" Sophia hoped that their prayers would be answered.

Herring went to the psychiatry department ward with Sophia afterwards. On the way he made a phone call. Soon after, Sophia noticed the same man earlier, following them to Jay's room, carrying baskets in his hands.

"Hi, I'm Herring. I came to visit you!" Herring gestured to the man to put the baskets on the table and leave, without waiting for Sophia to say anything.

Sophia stood by the bed, on the right-side, where the window was. Unbeknownst to her, she had just blocked someone from observing them through a telescope from the building across the street.

Jay nodded to Herring. "Thank you, Herring!"

"Not at all. Please ask Sophia to call me at any time if you need anything!" Herring looked at him and smiled.

Before Herring left, he gave Sophia a card with the name Kirk and his number on it.

His position was the manager of Zhixin Entertainment Company.

"What's this for?" Sophia questioned.

Herring looked at Sophia, feigning envy. "If only I were a woman and had such a good husband like Colin!"

Sophia blushed, "What do you mean?"

"Keep the number in memory. You can call him for anything at A Country! Your husband asked me to protect you!" Aside from this, Herring wanted to meet Colin again and ask him why he was always bringing Colin and Sophia together, Whilst breaking his relationship with Shelly apart. It seemed unfair.

Looking at the card whilst displaying a sad expression, Sophia took a moment before responding, "Thank you, Herring!"

"What are you thanking me for? You should thank your husband!" Herring smiled.

Sophia placed the card in her purse, a smile on her face. "I'll definitely thank him! Have you had lunch? I can treat you!"

Herring whistled playfully. "No, I haven't."

At last, because of the lunch that he had with Sophia alone, Herring was requited with enmity from his kindness. Colin asked Shelly to keep away from him, ignoring what he had done to Sophia.

Herring tried to restrain his urge to fight with Colin.

Three days later, Sophia went to the SL Group in A Country to work. Although Colin was not there, there was so much work for her to do.

People didn't know she was at the company at first, because she always emerged from the underground garage and went directly to the 88th floor. A few days later, everyone at the company knew that the president's wife served also as his secretary.

Bored as Sophia felt, she still worked hard.

When night came, Sophia received a call from Payne again. "Sophia, are you free tonight?"

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