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   Chapter 127 Love Me Forever

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A selection of interior design styles were also readily available. The choices were masterpieces done by designers who had won many awards.

Sophia had a difficult time choosing.

She liked everything and wanted to choose every option. Finally, she said, "I can't pick one, we might as well not get the villa!"

Having one in the city was enough.

It isn't easy for Colin to make money. If they bought both, he would pay a lot.

Knowing her concern, he chose one option decisively. "This one!"

"No, this one isn't good!" Sophia disagreed.

"How about this one..." Colin picked another one.

"This isn't good either!"

Colin considered the options. "This one."


Colin paused. "Fine. I'll have them rework the designs until my wife finds one that she likes!" Colin took out his phone and began to go through his contacts.

Sophia's eyes widened. "Wait, this one's good!" Sophia chose the first design that Colin had picked out.

Colin closed his phone in satisfaction. "That's my girl!"

Sophia didn't respond.

They finished choosing designs for the house in the afternoon. Then, Colin took Sophia to a famous art exhibition, watched a film, and had some snacks and dinner. Finally, he took her to the air restaurant to see the cityscape at night.

In the romantic setting, Sophia couldn't help expressing her love, "Colin, will you love me forever?"

The man raised his eyebrow. "You're so narcissistic. Have I ever said that I love you?"

Sophia blushed and ducked her head in embarrassment. He's so annoying... Was she being narcissistic?

Colin laughed and held her in his arms. "Sophia, I love you."

Sophia was relieved. But to get back at Colin, she lied, "I don't love you!"

A bright smile lit up Colin's face as he kissed her. "I'll keep kissing until you love me!"

Sophia was shocked. This man was a total devil... She pushed him away and gasped, "Colin, I love you too!"

Smiling in satisfaction, Colin held her

e fight against murderers who can escape the law?

"Ask Levi for help when necessary. If you can't contact Levi, contact Aunt Hang. Understand?" Far away in Z Country, he can't provide her immediate help.

"I understand!" Sophia was obedient to respond. She must listen to Colin and waited for him to come back before confronting the murderers.

Otherwise, she would get a lot of people hurt...

"Good. I have to attend a meeting now. Go back to sleep."

"No, it's already noon. I have to get up. Go focus on work!"

"Bye, sweetheart!" The smile was back in Colin's eyes.

"Okay. See you soon, husband!"


Stepping to the door of the meeting room, Colin turned around and called Herring. "Where are you?"

"Well, Green Cold Country What's up? Mr. Li?"

"When will you go back to A Country?"

"Some time next week."

Colin pondered for a moment. "Come to A Country and help me take care of Sophia. Get some people to keep her safe."

At his serious tone, Herring put away his playful smirk. "I see. Have you already sent out someone?"

"Yes. I'm afraid I can't be by her side when she needs help. Tell the others." Besides Levi and Sandra, they have a lot of friends in A Country who could help.

After all, Sophia couldn't make a move until she knew the identity of the murderer.

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