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   Chapter 126 Our Home

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Colin kissed her passionately. Although the picture couldn't be explained, he still believed her. "When I come back, I will avenge you."

He feared that Payne and Dorothy would hurt her while he wasn't around.

Sophia shook her head. "I don't want you to get involved. Colin, after all this is over, I'll tell you everything."

He rolled over and settled on top of her. Raising her chin, he said, "I believe you. But Sophia, do you remember Quincy?"

Sophia nodded. She would never forget that Quincy bastard!

"And that man who tried to take advantage of you?"

Sophia gave another nod. She never found out what happened to them, and Colin never told her.

"I had a guy break one of Quincy's arms. Now, he can't find a job anywhere. For the other guy, he was seriously injured and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Sophia, do you know why I told you these things?"

Sophia was confused. Why did Colin hire somebody to hurt Quincy? Did he do it for her?

Sophia shook her head absently, then nodded. "That no one should mess with you?"

Colin paused. "That's right. Whoever dares to lie to me or provoke me will be punished severely."

Whoever lies to him... She never lied to him, but she hid some secrets from him. However, she would tell him everything in due time.

It completely slipped Sophia's mind that she had concealed her infertility from him.

"I know. Can we go to sleep now?" She felt very sleepy.

Her indifference annoyed Colin. She was ignoring his warning!

But it was fine, at least she never lied to him.

He pecked her on the lips and turned over. "Good night."

Colin woke up before 5 a.m. He spent the early morning making several calls to assure Sophia's security.

On Colin's third day in A Country, he didn't go to the office because he promised he would spend the day with Sophia.

After lunch, the Maybach stopped outside an upscale neighborhood. Colin and Sophia got off the car. Sophia asked, "Where are we?"

Colin took her hand and walked inside. "I have something to show you."

He pressed the button of the elevator leading to the 8th floor. "Be sure to remember this."

"Huh? What?" Sophia was puzzled.

"The eighth floor of Building 6."

"All right. I will!" She suddenly recalled the conversation between Colin and Wendy. Was this about the apartment he bought?

There were two apartments on the 8th floor. Colin opened the door of one apartment, which hadn't been decorated or furnished.

It was obviously large, with a living room of 80 square meters. It also had four bedrooms, two small storage rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a dinning room.

All in all, the apartment covered several hundred square meters.

Each bedroom had either a large or small balcony, with a view of the garden or the plaza.

Colin wrapped his arms around Sophia's waist. "Do you like it?"

"Is this..." She tilted her head and trailed off skeptically.

"Our home." His words made Sophia teary-eyed.

Our home! Such beautiful words...

"I like it. But it's a bit large, it's quite unnecessary." Since it was located downtown, it must be expensive.

Colin's cheek rubbed against her smooth face. "One of the four bedrooms can be made into a fitness room. You ca

n do whatever you want with the other three rooms, as long as you leave a bedroom for us."

"Okay! I don't have any special request. The rooms could be used as bedrooms, in case... our parents come, or... we have babies."

Embarrassed, Sophia said the last part in a low voice.

But Colin mistakenly thought she meant adopting children. He cupped Sophia's cheek and said, "Okay, you decide."

He asked again, "Do you need anything else?"

"No, this is good." Sophia had simple requirements for their home, as long as it was liveable and Colin would be with her... That was enough.

Colin took her hand and walked to the living room. He showed her the pictures on the table and asked, "Look at these and tell me which one is your favorite."

All the pictures were drawn by famous designers from the SL Group.

Sophia looked at the pictures carefully. Thinking about the cold decoration of Colin's villa in Z Country, she picked one that resembled it. "This one?"

It was a simple and stylish black and white design with a few touches of brown.

Colin immediately knew what she was thinking about. He took the picture from Sophia's hand and threw it aside. "No need to consider my feelings. Choose whatever you like most."

Okay! Sophia quickly chose another picture with a beige and light yellow design. It looked bright and clean.

"This one." Afterwards, they began to choose the decorative styles for the bedrooms, which they finished an hour later.

Then, Colin took her to the suburbs and stopped at a creamy white villa. Sophia was shocked and wondered if it was also theirs...

Colin read her mind and said warmly, "This is closer to the Li Manor. It's 6 miles away from the airport. Since I travel a lot, it will be convenient for us to live here."

"There's no need to buy the apartment downtown..."

"Living downtown is convenient for us when we go to the office." Before she could say anything else, he took her inside.

The villa was also bare, and it was located in an upscale district. Several residents had started renovating their homes. When they entered the yard, Sophia noticed two people deep in conversation outside.

One of them looked familiar...

Colin followed her gaze and said, "That's the popular movie actress, Fanning."

Sophia was astonished at the news. Fanning was an international superstar. "Does she also live here?"

"Probably." Colin paid little attention to movie stars. He only knew Fanning because she was the spokeswoman for the jewelry subsidiaries of the SL Group. If Grit hadn't told him that Fanning also lived here, he would never know about it.

At that moment, a car slowly drove past them. Sofia held his hand and asked excitedly, "Is that the famous writer? I forgot his name."

He sat in the passenger seat with the window rolled down. Sophia recognized him because he was popular.

"DiCaprio." Colin told her the name she couldn't recall.

"Yes, that's his name!" Sophia wanted to see more, but Colin dragged her inside.

Sophia used to read DiCaprio's books, and even finished three novels in one month.

"Stop that!" Colin closed the door with a disapproving look. He was upset to see her admiring another man.

Sophia laughed. "Fine!"

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