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   Chapter 125 Did You Meet Payne

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"No. You can sleep, " said Colin. "I'll help you dry it."

She was sober. "Can you do that?"

"I've done it before!" He had even blow-dried her hair once. He learned it quickly!

However, Sophia was falling asleep pretty fast. She thought Colin was referring someone else. "For whom?"

"What who?"

"Who did you dry?" Sophia shuddered because she felt as if she were falling, and woke up. She looked up at Colin.

His hair was not long and didn't need to be dried.

"Guess!" Colin tickled her.

"Leila!" It must be her!

"Well, you'd better not guess." He felt depressed at her answer.

Sophia was slightly unhappy. "I just hit the nail on the head!"

"Nonsense! It was of course for you!" Hearing his reminder, Sophia remembered that time when she was asleep...

She blushed in embarrassment. "Well, I forgive you!"

Colin broke into laughter.

Sophia was a bit sober now. She felt his careful movements until her hair was completely dried up.

He got into the bed, holding Sophia in his arms. "Sophia..."

Colin planned to say something but suddenly changed his idea. He didn't want to ruin the beautiful moment.

"Hmm?" Sophia gently fondled his stubbled chin.

"Nothing." Colin tightened his arms.

Sophia's smile faded. "Colin, is it possible to apply to the company for a transfer to another place?"

She was in A Country now, nothing crazy busy going on there. There were her father, grandma, Aaron and the nurse in A Country.

"Do you want to transfer to the company here?" Colin rested his chin on her head.

"Yes. If possible. I want to do this by going through regular procedure." She didn't want to solicit Colin's help on this matter, lest someone should stir up more gossips and drag Colin into this.

"It's okay. What do you want to do here?" The normal process wasn't so complicated. Sophia could handle it well.

Sophia embraced his waist, listening to his heartbeat.


The evidence was indubitable. He calculated the time he'd been away, and the time it took to get downtown from the airport.

It was about half an hour. If they wanted to do something, it was just enough time...

Blowing smoke, Colin didn't show any special emotion on his face. His black eyes were blinking at the night.

Taking a final drag from his cigarette, Colin stubbed it out. He deleted all the pictures and sent a message to Dorothy, "If you dare try to hurt Sophia, I'll kill you!"

Dorothy looked at the message incredulously. Did Colin acquiesce to Sophia's extramarital affair?

Colin blew the last puff of smoke deliberately into Sophia's mouth. She began coughing for air. Rising, she had a nasty wake-up.

What happened?

She opened her eyes and murmured, "Darling, what are you doing?"

"Did you meet Payne behind my back? Was that him on the phone in the hospital tonight?" Colin's voice was very calm. Sophia was completely awake.

But she didn't deny, "Yes."

He smiled. The fact that she admitted meant nothing happened between her and Payne. But what about the kiss on the photo? "Did he kiss you?"

"No. Colin, you should trust me. I'd never let him touch me!" She held his neck, and looked at him, her eyes full of determination.

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