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   Chapter 124 Brother-in-law's New Spouse

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Colin smiled, and said, "Aunt Sandra, I don't want to get involved in your entanglements. And I don't want to see you and Sophia become mortal enemies, either. Therefore, I hope you can place more trust in Sophia, from this day forward. Sophia is not a cruel and calculating woman."

At very least, even if Sandra couldn't take Sophia's side, she didn't have to stand against them.

Hearing Colin's words, Sandra felt a hard lump in her left breast. Of course she knew Sophia was the most innocent person in the whole world. And if she could, she would love to keep everything in the dark...

"I see." Sandra had decided what to do next. She got up at the same time with Colin and bid him farewell.

When Colin returned to his seat, the dinner had been served. Sophia shot a suspicious look at him, but couldn't read anything on his expressionless face. Trying to get some detail about their earlier conversation, she asked, "Leila's mother looks like a strong woman. She must be in a position of power."

Colin put an unshelled shrimp into her bowl, "Yes, Aunt Sandra is the heiress of Hang Clan, who takes control of a number of listed companies in L Country. She now works as the regional CEO in Hang's A Country office. In case I am not around, you can always ask for her help if you ever need anything."

Sophia was speechless. Seeking help from her rival-in-love's mother? Was Colin seriously telling her that?

Colin continued, "The Hang Clan has a lot of male heirs, but only two daughters. Sandra Hang was the elder one, and the other was her little sister. The younger daughter was disinherited because she ran away with someone she loved. But later on, her lover got tangled up with another woman, leaving the younger daughter destitute. Not long after giving birth to a daughter, she died of depression."

Sophia listened to the story with keen intrigue. But her heart fell as it took a tragic turn. She wasn't an overly kindhearted woman. But she still felt sad for the younger daughter's death.

She felt so bad for her, the woman who had eloped for love but then died having lost her lover's heart.

"Sandra was very fond of her little sister, and she always blamed herself for failing to persuade her sister off her ambition. Long after her sister's death,

rt of the reason she always wanted a grandchild was because parenting a child together would bring Colin and Sophia closer to each other.

But looking at their interaction, Wendy reckoned that she didn't have to urge them anymore.

Inside the Bedroom.

As Sophia removed her coat, Colin took it over and hung their coats together on the clothes rack.

"I'll run a bath for you!" Sophia went to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, the water was ready. Sophia walked to the cloakroom, took out Colin's pajamas and bundled them in his lap. "You can go in now."

She had been alone for a month, and she missed Colin dearly.

Right now, as he appeared in the room again, it didn't feel lifeless anymore. It felt like home, now that Colin was here. A smile emerged on her face.

Colin took the pajamas over, and grabbed Sophia's hand. The next moment, he led her into the bathroom.

"What's up?"

"I don't want to be alone. I want to bath with you." Colin simply answered.

Sophia's face flushed as she heard his answer, but she didn't walk away.

She was willing to do everything as he wanted.

Two Hours Later.

Colin took the woman wrapped in a bath towel out of the bathroom and put her on their king-sized bed. With her eyes drawing together, Sophia tried her hardest to stay sober. She looked to Colin, "I can't sleep yet." Although she was already sleepy.

"Why?" Colin wiped her long hair with a dry towel.

"I have to get up... and dry my hair..." Sometimes, long hair could be a nuisance.

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