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   Chapter 123 Leila's Mother

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Although Colin noticed Sophia's aversion, he trusted her.

"Okay. Let's go!" she said, deliberately yanking his arm.

"Have a good rest, granny, " said Colin, who tucked Renee tight into her bed. "We will visit you soon."

Together, Colin and Sophia left the hospital in Colin's car. Seeing that Sophia was texting, Colin shot a look at her and said, "Sophie?"

"Yes?" Startled, Sophia looked up.

"If there's something happening, just tell me, okay?" He was certain that Sophia was keeping something from him.

Sophia paused for a while, then said, "What if... I don't want to say anything at this moment?"

She didn't want to tell Colin what she was planning for yet, not until she succeeded.

Her words confirmed his suspicion. "It's okay, honey. But always remember that I am your husband. In your hour of need, you should come to me first."

Sophia remained quiet for a while, and nodded. "Sure." It was touching. Her eyes were filled with tears. Sophia leaned to Colin, and hugged him tightly.

Colin smiled, pressing his lips on her forehead.

They stopped at a restaurant for dinner and sat down at a table by the window. Colin leafed through a menu, while Sophia got up to go to the bathroom.

At the end of the corridor near the bathroom, a middle-aged woman in expensive clothes was talking on her phone. Accidentally, Sophia heard a familiar word, "Jay Lo..."

She paused. Was it a coincidence?

The woman suddenly turned her head. Her clownish makeup made her eyes look sharp.

Her lips were painted in the most popular maple-leaf red. She parted her lips and said, "Don't hurt So..." She stopped when their glances met.

As they exchanged a glance, Sophia saw contradictory feelings surged in the woman's eyes.

Confused, Sophia stole away. She didn't seem familiar. Plus, the woman struck Sophia as being very rich, which made it even more unlikely that Sophia would know her.

She wouldn't have thought anything of it had she not heard her father's name.

After all, it was not polite to eavesdrop on other people's private conversations. Ashamed, she quickened her pace.

Obviously, there was more than one Jay Lo on the planet. It wasn't unique by any standard.

As she dismissed it from her mind, the woman quietly reported to the other end, "I just saw Sophia Lo."

"Where do you see her?" On the other side, the person she was talking to asked.

Putting herself together, Sandra - for it was Sandra - answered sternly, "Let's call it a day, Mr. Pei. I don't want you to hurt Sophia Lo. And I won't take part in your plans."

When Sophia returned, Colin slid her the menu. "What do you want to eat?"

"You haven't ordered yet?"

"I was waiting for you, " said Colin nonchalantly.

Sophia nodded, "Okay." She ordered, and pushed the menu back to Colin, "Your turn."

Colin opened the menu, but a female voice suddenly came from behind, "What a nice surprise, Colin."

Smiling, a woman of majestic demeanor approached them. She was wearing a dark violet dress, long black hair tied up behind her. Sophia recognized her as the woman she had just seen in the corridor.

Colin put the menu down and sto

od up to politely reach out his hand. "Sandra! Nice meeting you too."

Sandra's red lips curled in. She casually shook Colin's hand. "The pleasure is all mine. I was entertaining one of my clients here. And you?" She looked to Sophia, who remained silent.

Colin smiled, and introduced Sophia to her, "This is my wife, Sophia Lo. Sophia, this is Mrs. Hang, Leila's mother."

Leila Ji's mother? Gutted with shock, Sophia took another look at Sandra from head-to-toe. On closer inspection, there were many similarities between her daughter and this woman.

Sophia leapt up, put on a professional smile and said. "My respect to you, Mrs. Hang. You don't really look like Leila's mother, I'd believe it if someone told me you're her elder sister."

Sandra smiled, but there were strange emotions in her eyes. "Can I call you Sophie?"

It reminded Colin something. He remained silent, and watched them with a complicated expression on his face.

This time Sophia noticed Sandra's emotional change. "Of course. Have you dined yet? Would you like to join us?"

Sandra shook her head, "My dinner has been served. Have fun, and pay me a visit if you two have time."

"We will." Colin nodded. Relations between the Li and Ji Clan were fairly good. He should visit them with Sophia someday.

Sandra smiled. She turned to Sophia, "Sophie, I have some business matters to discuss with Colin. I'd like to borrow him for a while, if you don't mind?"

How could she mind? Sophia shook her head. "Of course not. Colin, I'll wait here."

"Okay." Colin and Sandra left the table, and walked to a remote corner. Since the restaurant was on the top floor, they looked down at the rushing flow of traffic below them.

Expressionlessly, Sandra said, "Colin, you have investigated the Lo Clan's accident."

"Yes, " Colin confirmed.

Sandra sighed, visibly shaken up, despite her creamy paste of makeup. She shot a glance at Sophia, who was drinking lemonade at the table. "I thought you would take Leila as your wife. But, you crossed paths with Sophia I see. In that case, you should really call me aunt."

Aunt was the Chinese way of showing respect for an elderly woman. But they both knew it meant more. "If Sophie is willing to call you that, " Colin countered, "I will, too."

Hearing that, Sandra realized that Colin had led a thorough investigation about the Lo Clan. She sighed, "Don't tell her who I am. This is for her own good. And the culprit...Keep her away from whole plot. It wouldn't do her any good to know who the murderer is."

The perpetrators were exceedingly powerful, far beyond Sophia's reach. And if she intended a vendetta, it might cost her life.

Colin calmly answered, "I don't intend to keep her in the dark. And if necessary, I will aid her." He didn't want Sophia to live in hatred. And if she wanted to revenge for her parents' death, he would not sit idly by.

Sandra looked at him, but couldn't speak. She didn't know if Colin's love for Sophia was a good thing or a bad thing.

"You'll get involved! Joining together, the Pei Clan and the Lien Clan could be the worst enemy in the world!" Even she was on their side...

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