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   Chapter 122 Oily Mouth

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"Didn't I tell you that when you were getting off the plane?" He rubbed his thumb against her delicate cheek.

He concentrated on her face which he hadn't seen for a long time. She looked much better than her video.

"I'm gonna leave you alone, and go to bed." Sophia yawned.

Colin turned over, pressed her under his body. "How can you go to bed when I'm here with you? Imagine what fun we could have.

"Relax. I - I mean - you need a break."

"I don't. I need you."

Man is an animal; if he does not fulfill his carnal desires as soon, he could actually explode with anguishing pain.

When dawn broke, Colin permitted Sophia to fall asleep.

He should have taken advantage of her then!

But Colin didn't go any further with this devilish thought. When he woke up, it was already the afternoon. What a lazy git! Colin rolled out of bed and called someone. He took the call outside the room.

Albeit feeling physically uncomfortable, Sophia went to the bathroom to put on her makeup and made her preparations for the day ahead.

Aware of Sophia walking around, Colin called room service and asked them to bring up a giant roast for lunch.

Sophia walked out in a bathrobe. She picked up her clothes, inspected them, and discovered that Colin had desecrated them. They were ruined.

She sighed and tossed them into the trash. The trash was positively overflowing at this stage.

She observed the fact that her clothes had been mutilated by this clothes-devouring man maturely. It wasn't so bad. The clothes had been bought on a pedestrianized street. Anyway, she bought two inexpensive sets just in case something like this happened. You never knew, she reasoned. Men were, as described, like rabid animals that couldn't help destroying everything in sight.

She stood up and found several shopping bags on the nearby table. Looking inside, and as she expected, Sophia found new clothes. Colin had bought them for her.

When she was about to get dressed, Colin walked inside, embraced her in his arms, took a whiff of her newly washed hairs and said, "You smell good."

She lit up. "Your dandruff shampoo smells good."

Colin had bought his medically-prescribed shampoo the other day to leave people the distinct impression that he took scalp hygiene very seriously, almost persnickety.

Colin was satisfied with this. "You can use them later, " he whispered into her squeaky clean ear.

"OK." "But let go of me, I have to change first, " said Sophia.

Colin released her like velcro that didn't want to be pulled apart. He sat on the large bed, and stared at her like a celibate monk who hadn't seen a woman for decades.

Sophia blushed and said, "Don't you have something to do besides staring at me like an owl?"

"No, I have nothing to do right now."

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Colin's face darkened and he had to answer the door. Outside was the hotel staff delivering meals. The staff left after leaving the dishes in the dinning room.

Somehow Sophia had gotten dressed in this space of time.

Though disappointed, Colin still held her by the waist and sat down with her at the dinning table, "Let's eat."

Whatever it was, it smelled good, even better than the shampoo, although one would not at first make such a comparison. Sophia gobbled down her lunch before Colin had even lifted the lid of his plate.

"By the way, how long do you plan on staying?" she asked.

Colin raised his head, still shocked that she could have put away so much food so quickly, and replied, "Three days."

"Alright." She felt a bit disappointed. Three days were not nearly enough.

The disappointing facial expression which had the power to convert her head into one massive cry-emoji made him smile. "What? Do you want me to stay?"

Sophia felt no need to pretend, and nodded slightly.

"Well, come with me this time!"

Her heart drummed in her chest with joy. But what about her grandmother and her father, and, well, her whole life's responsibilities?

Knowing her worries, he added, "We can also take your grandmother and father to Country Z with us."

Colin really could do anything for Sophia!

Sophia was shocked by his determination. "Not now. Can I come when my grandmother is getting better? A month at the most. When everyth

ing's settled, I'll come."

"Ok, have it your way then." If worse came to worst, he reasoned, he could drop everything, got some time off, and come to Country A.

Sophia put the chopsticks down, walked to Colin, held his face in her hands and kissed him.

Colin pushed her away. "Sophia, what the hell? Your mouth is all oily. I am not a piece of meat you can just slobber all over."

With this, Colin licked his own lips.

Speechless, Sophia looked at him and wondered whether he detested her oily mouth or not. His licking seemed appeasing, but his demeanor said otherwise.

It was past 4 pm when Colin finished his lunch. Then they left the hotel together.

Colin visited Sophia's grandmother and father in hospital before he left to go to work.

"I will pick you up tonight." Colin closed the ward door. In the corridor, he pecked Sophia on her lips.

Patients and nurses looked at them curiously, which made Sophia blush, "Ok. Off you go."

At the elevator not far away, Grit, the top secretary of Colin's company in Country A was holding some documents in her hands. She looked towards them.

When their glances met, the two women greeted each other.

Sophia wondered what she would have to do to be qualified for Grit's position. It probably all started with confidence and a good eating routine. Sophia made a mental note to start the day properly tomorrow with some healthy breakfast instead of munching down a syrupy melange of crispy duck and oozing stir fry veg first thing out of bed, as she had this afternoon.

"Goodbye, darling." Colin pecked her on the lips again. He turned back and left irrespective of Sophia's protest.

Hapless Sophia watched Colin's receding figure, ruminating over his unabashed action.

When Colin got in the car, Grit revealed her documents to Colin. "Mr. Li, I have chosen several apartments that would be suitable for you. Just let me know what your favorite is and I'll sort out the rest."

Besides the documents, there were also some recent real estate pictures.

Colin quickly picked two houses and said "Those two are fine. I will personally pay for them, not the company."

"Very well, Mr. Li."

"Give me the report." Colin gave the folder back to Grit, leaned back in his car seat and took a nap.

Grit took out another folder and started briefing him on the investment projects. "As for the No. 8 Cruise Ship project, in the eastern region, it has been going on for four months. No problems as yet. The planning department has enumerated the conditions on how to become a member."

The No. 8 Cruise Ship project seemed like a project carried out at sea. However, actually, it was carried out on land in the eastern region.

The project was a giant building in the shape of a ship, and it was built on land. It would cover thousands of acres, which would make it the largest land-area structure in the world. Many would perish in the construction of the building. Their names would be commemorated in the lobby on the back of a pamphlet. It would be surrounded by outdoor entertainment facilities, such as a hot spring, a golf course, fishing pond, rock climbing, and other amenities.

The start-up capital had been up in the billions of dollars. Only SL Group was powerful and rich enough to start such a project in Country A. However, it was expected to be done in cooperation with Lien's and Pei's family.

It was getting dark. Sophia was looking forward to preparing dinner for her grandmother. She couldn't wait to chat with her grandmother. Just then, her phone rang. It was Payne.

She frowned, told her grandmother she had to go, and left the ward to answer it.

Controlling her breathing, she answered light-heartedly. "Hello, Payne."

Payne's voice disturbed Sophia's. "Sophia, Dorothy has left on business. I want to see you."

A note of disgust crossed Sophia's eyes. She smiled frostily. "Ok, where shall we meet?" "I will come to you tonight."

Payne not only told her his address, but also talked dirty on the phone. Sophia suppressed her emotion and hung up.

When Sophia was back in the ward, Colin reappeared. He had been waiting for several minutes. "Who was on the phone?" he inquired.

Sophia froze. She never thought Colin would ask such a question, "Eh? Just a friend."

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