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   Chapter 121 Dinner with Payne

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The surgery was successful. Sophia breathed out a sigh of relief at the news. She wanted to thank every god who had control over people's lives.

Thanks to the arrangements Colin made, Renee's recuperation also went smoothly.

Sophia could finally get some rest. Looking at the calendar, she realized that she had been apart from Colin for 30 days.

While she held her phone in a daze, Cora called in.

"Miss Lo, the task has been completed."

Sophia took a moment to absorb the news. She wasn't prepared... "Okay. Meet me in A Country."

In the dead of night, Sophia went out of the Li Manor. Dressed in a light yellow coat and a black skirt, she stood a long way from the house and waited for a car to arrive.

Soon, a silver Mercedes pulled up in front of her.

Sophia looked at the license plate number before getting into the car.

At the BFL Restaurant

Payne excitedly pulled out Sophia's chair as she sat down.

"Sophie, you finally got in touch with me!" Payne stared at her with a glazed look in his eyes. She was getting more and more beautiful...

A touch of sadness emerged on Sophia's face at his words. "I've been very unhappy recently. Payne, can you keep me company for a while?"

"No problem!" Overwhelmed with joy, Payne quickly ordered a meal for two, along with a bottle of wine worth more than 100, 000.

His actions didn't escape Sophia's notice. He used to be very stingy in the past, but now he was a high roller. Did the Lien family give him some money?

They toasted their half-filled wine glasses and started to talk.

"Sophie, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to hurt you. I couldn't refuse Dorothy when she seduced me. I'm a man after all... I regret everything... Can you give me another chance?"

Sophia nodded with a distracted look in her eyes. "Sure, I'll believe you one last time."

Payne nodded in excitement. "Sophie, wealthy or poor, I will never abandon you again!"

"Good. Will you divorce her?" Sophia took a sip of wine, eyeing him through the corner of her eyes.

Payne paused. He had a complicated look on his face that Sophia couldn't read. Finally, he said, "I'll divorce her if you get back with me."

Sophia looked at him with teary eyes. "Really? Payne, I miss you too. Colin and I don't love each other. Everything between us is merely a publicity stunt..."

Her phone suddenly rang in the middle of her speech. She glanced at her phone and saw that it was Colin.

She quickly excused herself. "Sorry, I have to take this call."


Sophia went by the window to answer the phone. "Colin."

Colin had a hard time restraining his feelings at the sound of her soft voice. "Sophie, where are you?"

"I'm out. What happened?"

"I just arrived at the airport. Wait for me in a hotel!" Colin's sudden return made Sophia's heart beat faster.

She was about to see Colin! Finally! After a month apart... Sophia felt like crying.

"Okay. Which hotel? How long will it take you to get there?"

"Around 40 minutes, I'll send you the address."

"Okay. See you!" Sophia smiled as her face flushed with joy.

After the call, Sophia suddenly realized that she was in the middle of something. Putting her excitement aside, she took out her phone and typed a message.

Payne was eating steak when Sophia returned. He raised his head when she approached the table. "Was it Colin?"

Sophia didn't deny it. "Yes."

"Sophie, are you unhappy with him?"

Sophia ate a forkful of salad and nodded. "Payne...

Do you despise me for my relationship with Colin?"

"Of course not! Sophie, you know I've always loved you." Payne took her hand and looked at her with deep affection.

Sophia suppressed her emotions and smiled at him. "Let's eat, Payne. After dinner... I don't want to go back home tonight..."

The implication of her words surprised Payne. He flashed a grin and hurried to say, "Of course!"

They continued eating. As dinner was about to end, Sophia suddenly burst into coughs. "Sorry, I need to use the bathroom."

"Sophie, what's wrong?" Payne looked at her worriedly.

Sophia spoke in a hoarse voice, "It's nothing. Perhaps I drunk too much wine, my throat feels sore. I have to use the toilet."

"Sure, take your time."

Payne excitedly booked a hotel room while Sophia went to the bathroom.

Five minutes later, Sophia returned to her seat and finished the rest of her food without saying a word. She bowed her head and followed Payne out of the restaurant after he paid the bill.

At the hotel, Payne took her to the reserved room. As soon as the door opened, Payne kissed her passionately.

Sophia didn't refuse him. Kicking the door shut, she wrapped her arms around his neck and followed him to bed.

"Sophia, Sophia... Finally... I love you, Sophia..."

Soon, moans and heavy breaths filled the room.

After talking to Sophia on the phone, Colin called Grit, the CEO's Secretary of the SL Group in A Country. "Purchase an apartment for me in the city center, please."

Before Colin married Sophia, he didn't come back to A Country often. He stayed in the Li Manor during his rare visits.

But now that he was married, he didn't want to sleep with his wife under his parents' roof. He wanted to buy his own house in A Country. He wanted to settle down with Sophia...

"Alright, what are you looking for, sir?" Grit promptly asked in a professional tone.

"I want the apartment to be spacious and quiet. Besides the apartment, find a quiet place in the suburbs. Register both under my wife's name."

"Duly noted, sir."

"Thank you."


As soon as the car stopped at the hotel, Colin opened the door and got out.

He strode inside in a rush. God knows how much he missed his wife...

At the Presidential Suite 866.

When Colin rang the doorbell, Sophia had just finished her make-up. She tried to calm her throbbing heart as she answered the door.

The door opened to reveal Sophia in a light yellow coat and delicate make-up. She was as beautiful as he remembered.

Colin was as mature and attractive as he had always been. The long journey wasn't hard on him, and the messy look suited him.

Sophia whispered in a tender voice, "Husband..."

Colin strode in and kicked the door shut behind him. He took Sophia into his arms and kissed her roughly.

His kiss smudged the lipstick on Sophia's lips, making her regret putting on make-up for him. She didn't expect him to be so impatient.

Absence indeed made the heart grow fonder...

"Husband..." Sophia wanted to say something, but Colin didn't give her a chance. "Honey, I want you so badly. Whatever you have to say, tell me later."

Sophia stopped talking.

Colin threw his briefcase aside and roughly pushed Sophia against the nearby wall. He showed no mercy as he took out his pent-up frustration on her.


After a long time, Sophia lay in Colin's arms as they basked in the afterglow. She told him in a hoarse voice, "Why didn't you tell me you were coming back?"

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