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   Chapter 120 Take You Away

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To Jonas and Gregary's disappointment, after everything they did, they still didn't have what they wanted.

They wouldn't rest easy knowing that thing was still out there.

While Sophia paid her father another visit, Colin arranged for two nurses to care for Renee.

She didn't know if she should tell her father about grandmother. But she didn't think it wasn't a good idea to tell her grandmother that her father had gone mad.

At night, they both went back home. When Sophia exited the bathroom, Colin was talking to someone on the phone. She overheard the last part of the conversation, where he told Wade to book him a return flight.

After Colin hung up the phone, Sophia walked over to him and hugged him around the waist.

Colin was happy at her affectionate actions. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, he pulled her closer to him. They stood together at the window, gazing at the night sky.

"Colin, thank you so much." Sophia leaned her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

Colin bowed his head to look at her. "Sophia Lo, what did I tell you about thanking me?"

Oops... She almost forgot that Colin didn't like her expressing her gratitude to him.

Fine! Standing on her tiptoes, she kissed Colin as she thought to herself, 'Colin, I'm so glad that I met you.'

Colin held her tighter and kissed her back passionately. After a long deep kiss, he reluctantly let her go.

"I have to go back to Z Country the day after tomorrow, but you don't have to come back with me. Take your time, Sophia. You can take a break and stay here as long as you want." It would be unreasonable of him to ask Sophia leave A Country now, given the circumstances of her father and grandmother.

Sophia almost burst into tears at his thoughtfulness. "Colin, why are you so good to me?" She was ashamed of her original plan of divorcing him after she got pregnant with his child. It was petty of her...

Colin smiled. "You are my wife. I'm supposed to be good to you."

"Thank you, husband..." It was the first time that Sophia called Colin that.

Colin's eyes darkened with desire. She only called him that while they were in bed, and not as a term of endearment, but because he forced her to.

He picked her up in his arms and kissed her passionately as he moved towards the bed.

Sophia knew what would happen next. She wrapped her arms around his neck and responded enthusiastically.

"Sophia, what did you just call me? Say it again!"

Sophia bit her lips. "Husband... I..." Colin didn't let her finish. Her confession was drowned out by her moans and screams.

Time went by fast. Suddenly, it was time for Colin to leave. Besides Colin's occasional business trips, this was the first time that they would live separately since their marriage.

Sophia personally drove him to the airport.

Before they left, Wendy complained, "Look at you, Colin! You never took Sophie to the airport before. Every time Sophie left, I drove her to the airport. If I were Sophie, I wouldn't drive you to the airport, either!"

Colin raised his eyebrow. He'd love to take Sophia to the airport, but she always infuriated him right before she was about to leave.

Sophia smiled sweetly. "We have to go now, mom. See you later!"

"Okay. Take care, Sophie!" Although Wendy complained about Colin, she was very happy to see them making progress in their relationship.

On the way to the airport, Colin was on the phone during the whole ride. Sophia didn't have a chance to talk to him.

At the security checkpoint, Colin took Sophia in his arms. "Sophia, don't forget to call me."

Sophia pouted. "Why don't you call me?"

"Because you're the one abandoning me. I have to sta

y in Z Country without you." Colin lifted her chin and gazed at Sophia.

She only used minimal makeup today and looked even more beautiful than before.

Sophia was impressed by his excuse. She chuckled. "I see. I know you're busy at work, but remember to eat on time. Don't stay up late and drink as little alcohol as possible during business dinners."

For the first time in Colin's life, he revelled in a woman's nagging.

"I will. If anything happens, call Levi for help. I don't trust anyone else." Levi was now a senior colonel in the army. He can help Sophia solve practically any kind of problem.

"Alright. Colin?" Sophia paused.


Sophia summoned up all her courage and asked, "Colin, will you miss me?"

Her cheeks blushed crimson as she spoke.

Colin smiled. He lowered his head and kissed her. After a long time, he released her panting lips and whispered to her ear, "Of course, I will."

Sophia blushed as her heart filled with happiness. She pushed him away. "Don't do that in front of so many people!"

"I want to take you away." Colin didn't pull away and kept holding her tight.

Sophia promised with a smile, "I'll go back to Z Country as soon as granny and father are stable."

"I hope they recover soon." Colin will provide them with the best medical care.

"Take care." This time, Colin walked away. Sophia waved to him as he went through security. She murmured to herself, "Why you are so charming, Colin? You'll make me fall harder for you..."

At the airport parking lot, Sophia sat in the car and contemplated what to do next.

Colin had spent a lot of money on her family, and settled down her father and grandmother. She couldn't bother him with her family issues any longer. The first thing she needed to do was to find a place for her family to live in.

Next, she would deal with the Payne Tai problem.

Then, she was going to find a way to convince her father to tell her the identity of the murderer.

Organizing her plan, Sophia stepped on the gas and drove out of the airport.

For the next few days, Sophia wasn't very busy. Colin had hired nurses for her grandmother, and all she needed to do was to accompany Renee in the ward.

Aaron also visited Renee from time to time. Sophia and Aaron discussed if they should tell their grandmother about their father.

In the end, they decided to wait until Renee's surgery was over.

Sophia rented a 3-bedroom apartment with two living rooms for her family. The unit was clean and it wasn't too expensive.

Once her grandmother and father are discharged from the hospital, they could move in.

As Sophia prepared the apartment for Jay and Renee, the time for Renee's surgery came. During the operation, Sophia and Aaron waited outside the operating room.

When Colin called her, the surgery wasn't over yet. Worried about grandmother, Sophia asked anxiously, "Colin, granny will be okay, right?"

"Of course. Trust the doctors and have faith in granny. She's a strong woman. Don't worry too much."

"Okay." Sophia felt slightly better.

"Call me after the surgery is over."


She hung up the phone. Wendy and Jordan were also at the hospital. They heard about Renee's surgery and decided to pay a visit.

"Sophie, how long has she been inside?" Wendy took Sophia's hand.

Sophia tried to smile. "More than an hour."

"Don't worry, she'll soon recover after the surgery!"

Sophia was moved. How was she blessed with a good husband and caring in-laws?

The operation lasted for three and a half hours. After the surgery, the doctor came out and took off his mask to update them. "The surgery was a success. The recovery now depends on your grandmother."

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