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   Chapter 119 Sinister Plot

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How could Sophia's uncle abandon her grandmother and disappear with his wife and children?

When several nurses pushed Renee's gurney out of the examination room, the couple stood up and walked over. Renee was exhausted and still sound asleep.

"Mr. and Mrs. Li, the old lady is suffering from osteoporosis, which led to femoral head necrosis. Due to various factors, the disrupted blood circulation of the femoral head further caused the ischemia, degeneration, and necrosis of bone cells.

In addition, the bronchiectasis led to hemoptysis. The femoral head necrosis can be cured through bone replacement surgery. The bronchiectasis can be treated slowly..."

Following the gurney, the three headed towards the ward. On the way, the attending physician explained Renee's medical condition in great detail. "The problem is that your grandmother is too old. The operation is too risky. My advice is to treat her with conservative drug therapy first. When she gets better, she can undergo the surgery..."

Colin nodded. "I see."

In the afternoon, Colin went out to buy some food while Sophia took care of Renee.

When he came back, Renee had already woken up and was talking to Sophia. When Renee heard the door open, she asked Sophia, "Is my dear Colin back?"

Hearing how Renee addressed Colin made him smile. It seemed that all elders were the same. Both Harold and Angie also addressed him the same way. He had already been 30 years old, entering the middle age period...

"Yes, granny. Colin brought back some delicious food. Let me help you up." Sophia raised the bed a bit, and Renee leaned on the hospital bed.

Putting the food on the table, Colin greeted Renee, "Granny, I bought some porridge and steamed egg custard for you. I hope it's alright."

Because Renee didn't have teeth, she couldn't eat much. Colin had contacted the dentist to fit dentures for her.

"Okay, okay." Renee grinned from ear to ear. The porridge and steamed egg custard were a feast for her. She was very satisfied.

Colin placed the dining table in front of Renee and set the food before her.

Sophia washed her hands and went out of the bathroom. She picked up the egg custard and a spoon, ready to feed Renee when Colin stopped her. "You eat first. I'll feed granny."

Taking the spoon and the egg custard from her, Colin sat beside Renee.

Sophia was moved. Colin was very considerate!

"My dear, you don't need to feed me. I can eat on my own. Help yourselves!" Renee reached out and tried to take the spoon.

But Colin scooped a spoonful of egg custard and fed it to her lips. "Granny, you should eat first."

Renee couldn't refuse him and began to eat.

In the Pei Family Study.

Jonas sat on the chair, tapping his fingers on the table. "Sir, Mr. Lien is here."

"Let him in!"

Soon, a chubby man in an expensive navy blue suit came in. "Jonas."

After closing the door, Gregary headed towards Jonas.

"Well, I saw her daughter today! I never imagined that disgusting wench would marry Colin, the eldest son of the Li Family!" He knew he should've dealt with that wench!

After thinking for a while

, Gregary asked, "Does she know about the incident?"

"Probably not. A person's eyes can't fool anyone, and there was nothing but innocence in her eyes." Jonas had warned Hugh to stay away from Sophia! Not only did the brat not listen to him, but he also fell in love with her!

"Has Jay Lo been cured? Didn't Colin bring Dr. Charlie in to treat him?" Gregary sat down on a chair nervously. This was all Colin's fault. If Colin hadn't suddenly intervened, they wouldn't have to worry.

"Our men reported that Jay showed signs of improvement, but the progress was reversed because of a fright." Jonas also sent someone to verify that Jay was still in a state of insanity.

"That's good. The only thing we should do now is be cautious of Colin. If Sophia asks Colin to step into the affairs of the Lo Family, I'm afraid..." Even without Gregary's reminder, Jonas understood.

The power of the Li Family in A Country was very influential. At present, Colin was a rising star who had control of several companies in the SL Group. He couldn't be underestimated.

If Sophia asked Colin to help her investigate the past, the truth would be uncovered soon...

"We need to find a way to prevent Colin from meddling in Sophia's affairs." Jonas paced back and forth in the room.

An idea suddenly struck Gregary. "I have an idea."

"Go ahead!" Jonas stopped.

"We need to figure out a way to separate Colin from Sophia. Just imagine, if Colin divorces Sophia, he wouldn't bother with his ex-wife's affairs."

Gregary's words put Jonas in deep thought. He seemed to think of a better idea.

Gregary continued, "I heard from my daughter that Sophia used to be in love with my son-in-law. According to the investigation, her marriage with Colin was arranged by Jordan's wife. There's no love between them. If they break up, there's still hope!"

Jonas turned around. "Didn't you see the video on the internet several days ago?"

"I did. Who knows if Colin was only trying to maintain both his and the company's image?"

"How do we separate them?" Jonas looked at Gregary as he lit a cigarette.

Gregary grinned widely. "To protect the three of us, I can sacrifice my daughter's happiness."

Jonas paused in smoking his cigarette. "What do you mean?"

"Since Sophia used to love my son-in-law, I'll ask him to seduce Sophia. If Sophia sleeps with Payne, an outstanding man like Colin wouldn't want her anymore."

Gregary's words reminded Jonas of his son, who also liked Sophia.

"Do it." Jonas said in a calm voice. Under the current circumstances, if they couldn't kill Sophia, they would find a way to ruin her instead.

The ultimate goal was to make sure that Colin didn't intervene.

After a moment, Gregary added, "Sandra's daughter likes Colin. We can also ask Sandra to support her daughter more." Now that they had decided to take action again, none of the three would be safe.

"Do you think Sandra will do that?" Jonas knew Sandra's intentions. He glanced at Gregary.

Gregary rubbed his chin. "Generally speaking, she won't. But because of the incident, she'll agree!"

"Talk to her about it!"

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