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   Chapter 118 Tearful Reunion

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"Granny... Granny... It's Sophie...Granny..." When Sophia tried to tuck her grandmother under the worn quilt, she realized that her grandmother's body was freezing.

This time, her grandmother heard her clearly. She suddenly opened her cloudy eyes and asked, "Sophie, is that you?" It took all her strength to ask the simple question.

She started coughing violently.

"Granny... Yes, it's me... Your little Sophie... Granny, it's me." Sophia rushed to help her grandmother up from her bed. She thought it would take some effort, but to her surprise, she picked her up easily. Like a feather, her grandmother was thin and weightless in her arms...

Noticing this, Colin frowned. He was about to give Sophia a hand when she helped her grandmother up. Seeing Sophia effortlessly manage on her own, he could only imagine how light her grandmother currently was.

"Sophie, is that you?" Renee stared at Sophia with her sightless eyes. She reached out a wrinkled and callous hand for her granddaughter.

The stench of Renee's body made Sophia burst into angry tears as her grandmother reached for her hands. How did her grandmother end up like this?

"Granny... It's me... Your Sophie has come back... Granny... I'm a horrible granddaughter... It took me years to visit you again..." Tears ran down Sophia's cheeks as she sobbed. Colin felt distressed at the sight.

When Renee was certain that it was Sophia hugging her, she grinned. "Sophie, I always knew you would come back to visit me again. That's why I held on for so long..." Renee started coughing. "Sophie, you really came back. I'm so happy..." Renee coughed violently again, gasping for breath.

"Granny... Please stop talking... I'm so sorry... I should've come back earlier..." Sophia burst into sobs.

"It's okay, Sophie. After seeing you again, I can finally die in peace..." Overcome with joy, Renee gave a toothless grin.

The villagers had followed them into the Lo house and stood in the courtyard to watch. Granny Wang was among them. She walked inside, speaking in a trembling voice, "Why did you come back so late, Sophie? Your uncle and aunt moved away two years ago. The next year, your grandmother fell ill. The villagers pitied her suffering and tried to get in touch with your father, but we couldn't reach him..." Granny Wang let out a deep sigh.

Sophia wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. She turned to Granny Wang and asked, "Where did they move to?"

Granny Wang shook her head. "No one knows. They just disappeared one day. After that, your grandmother sat at the intersection for months, waiting for you to return..."

Granny Wang was interrupted by violent coughing. Renee burst into another bout of coughs. Sophia hurriedly patted her back to soothe her.

Granny Wang continued, "All of Renee's meals are from the villagers who pity her. We all give her food when we have some to spare, so your granny doesn't starve. But we can't cure her disease. The ailment on her leg had become serious, and she coughs out blood from time to time... Sophie, take your grandmother to a hospital in the city if you can."

Renee waved her hand dismissively. "Don't bother, Sophie. I know I'm already dying, and my disease is beyond cure. I'm content I get to see you again before I die... Sophie, go on with your life. Don't waste money on me."

Sophia burst into tears again. "Granny, don't say that! I'll take you to the best hospital..." She rushed to cover Renee with a quilt and carry her to their car.

But Colin stopped her. "Let me."

His gentle voice gave Sophia some comfort.

But Sophia didn't give in. "Colin, I can do it... Granny i

s light enough for me..." Her grandmother's foul smell was so strong, she was afraid that Colin would be disgusted.

Renee reached out for Sophia's hand. "Who's this, Sophie?"

Sophia answered gently, "Granny, I'm married now. This is my husband, Colin Li."

Renee fumbled for Colin in excitement. Understanding what she wanted, Colin held her hand. "I'm glad to meet you, granny. You can call me Colin."

"Colin... Colin..." Renee repeated his name as she squeezed his hand.

Colin smiled. "Yes, Granny."

"Son, my granddaughter is a good girl. After I die, you have to take care of her and be good to her." Renee urged pleadingly.

At her grandmother's words, Sophia felt like crying again. She muffled her mouth with her hand to prevent herself from crying out loud.

Colin patted Renee's hand. "Granny, you can't die yet. You have to supervise me. If you're not here, who's going to make sure I'm being good to Sophie? Aren't you afraid that I'll bully Sophie?"

Renee couldn't say a word. She knew that Colin was telling the truth.

Sophia decided to go ahead and take her grandmother out. Bypassing Colin, she tried to lift Renee up.

Renee felt the movement and hurriedly grabbed Sophia's hand. "Sophie, I mean it. Just go. I know you kids are busy enough at work. I don't want to be a burden to you. Going to a doctor costs a lot of money. Who has that much money to waste on a dying old woman? Just go, Sophie!"

Sophia shook her head. "Granny, I can't leave you like this. Even if it will cost me every last penny, I won't leave you alone. Besides, you can rest assured. My husband is really wealthy. You don't have to worry about money at all."

A guilty look came over Sophia's face, and she glanced quickly at Colin. She only said that to comfort her grandmother, but he might think she was being too presumptuous.

Colin smiled at her. He reached out a hand and patted Sophia's head. "That's right, Granny. Sophie is telling the truth. Let us take care of you."

Pulling Sophia away, he picked Renee up from her moldy bed and walked outside.

Sophia almost burst into tears once again at the sight of Colin carrying Renee in his arms with great care.

After giving all the tonics she brought with her to Granny Wang, Sophia caught up with Colin. Amidst the crowd, she entered the car and sat in the backseat with her grandma, leaving behind the small village that her grandmother lived in for most of her life.

On the road, Sophia asked Renee a lot of questions. Apparently, before Sophia's uncle moved away, a group of men dressed in black visited him several times.

Before Sophia's uncle disappeared, Renee overheard him saying that the woman Jay Lo married got them into trouble.

Sophia was confused. Did it have something to do with her mother? She remembered that her mother's parents had passed away many years ago. Being an only child, her mother lived with Sophia's father afterwards.

The car drove down the highway as Sophia contemplated on her grandmother's words. When they arrived at the Chuck Private Hospital, it was already 2:00 p.m..

While Colin booked a ward for Renee, Sophia helped her bathe and combed her messy hair smooth. Afterwards, she helped Renee put on the hospital gown and settled her in bed.

The doctor soon arrived, taking the sleeping elder into the examination room to examine her.

Colin sat on the bench in the corridor, with Sophia in his arms. "Don't worry, Granny will be all right."

"Colin, I keep thinking... If only I came back earlier..." Sophia blamed herself for what happened.

"It's not your fault. No one knew your uncle would abandon her."

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