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   Chapter 117 A Visit to Granny

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Selina smiled and kissed Kerr's cheeks. Sven whistled, "Oh, my son has just been kissed by Levi!"

What? What did he mean?

Everyone started to laugh at Sven's joke. Realization dawned on Selina, and her face flushed red.

Apparently, they spotted Levi kissing her goodbye at the airport. Since she kissed Kerr after Levi kissed her, it made sense to say Levi kissed Kerr through her lips...

Amidst the cheerful and boisterous laughter, Selina was swarmed by a lot of questions...

Every question was about her and Levi.

"No, no! You're mistaken! There's nothing going on between me and Levi!" Selina carried Kerr in her arms and secluded herself into an empty seat, refusing to answer any question about Levi.

After the plane landed, Selina turned on her cellphone. Within a minute, she received a message that read, "Arrived?"

The sender's number was unfamiliar, but her instincts told her it was Levi.

Selina hesitated to send back a message, but finally replied, "Yes, thank you."

She didn't get another response from the number...

At the Li Manor.

After packing her things, Sophia went to Sha City with Colin. Her grandmother lived in a village in the city. Sophia hadn't seen her for a long time. During major holidays in the past, Sophia paid her grandmother a visit every year. But after what happened to her family, she wasn't able to visit for two years.

Since her grandmother lost her eyesight, she had to stay with Sophia's uncle. Sophia felt bad not visiting her in the past two years.

Sophia wondered how her grandmother was doing, and if her uncle's wife treated her well. After all, her aunt didn't like her mother-in-law. She didn't have a good relationship with Sophia's grandmother. Sophia could only hope things were doing well...

After a three-hour drive, they arrived at the Springside Village in Lakewater Town, Sha City.

Their arrival garnered a lot of attention. When they appeared at the entrance of the village, many old people and children playing outside began to stare at Colin's eye-catching luxury car.

The villagers murmured to each other, exchanging ideas about the identities of these visitors as they marveled at the expensiv

was now covered with moss...

Sophia suddenly lost the courage to go further inside.

Colin pulled her into his arms and kissed her the top of her head. "Sophie, what's wrong?"

He didn't know what the place used to be like, but it now looked like a junkyard... It was so dilapidated, that no one would believe someone was living here.

"Colin... Why does it look like this?" Sophia sobbed.

Thinking of her grandmother, she took a step forward and quickened her pace to go inside.

The four dilapidated tiled rooms were a more tragic sight. Sophia's heart ached so much, she had a hard time breathing.

None of the doors were locked, and the open door led to her grandmother's room.

She suddenly turned to Colin. "Wait here!"

Sophia was afraid that it would be worse inside. And Colin would be put off by the scene.

Colin frowned and took her hand, pulling her through the open door.

The room was empty. A bout of coughs could be heard from deep inside the room.

"Granny!" Sophia shook off Colin's hand, and rushed inside.

The small room was filled with a moldy smell. A skinny old woman was coughing on the bed, with a hand clutching her heart.

Beside her were dirty bowls, a half-eaten dried bun, and a drinking cup covered with stains.

Sophia burst into tears at the sight. "Granny!" She rushed towards the bed, kneeling down in front of the old woman.

Thinking she was hallucinating, her grandmother kept her eyes closed.

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