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   Chapter 116 Future Daughter-in-Law

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Selina leisurely sat on Levi's back as she counted, "70... 71… 72..."

After a while, Levi started sweating profusely as he kept going.

Selina felt a little uncomfortable seeing him suffer. "Apologize to me, and I won't make you do the last five push-ups."

Levi didn't answer. He gritted his teeth as he finished the remaining five.

When he was finally done, Selina jumped off his back. She was surprised. It seemed Levi was tougher than she thought.

Levi slowly got up, gasping for breath. Grabbing a pack of tissues from the desk, he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Are you still angry with me?"

Selina shook her head. "No. Are you okay?"

Levi couldn't help smiling at her worried tone. His legs felt like jelly and he held the table in front of him to keep his body upright. "I don't feel so good."

Selina was scared. She hurried to him to help him stand up. "Why? What's wrong? I'm sorry, I didn't mean it..."

She leaned over and found him drenched in sweat. Pulling out two paper towels beside him, she wiped his forehead.

Levi looked intently into her eyes. Suddenly, he released the table and held her in his arms, kissing her deeply.

Selina was shocked.

How dare he lie to her! He just said that he didn't feel good, and yet he managed to kiss her! She glared at him with wide eyes.

When he pressed her onto the bed, she started to drown in his kiss...

The room was extremely quiet, and only their heavy breaths break the silence. As Levi started to take off Selina's sweater, his phone rang.

It startled Selina and her eyes snapped open. She pushed Levi off her.

Levi got off the bed, breathing hard. He took out the phone from his pocket.

"Good night." With that, Levi left the room.

Selina sat on the bed in a daze.

Outside, Levi answered the phone and complained, "Mom, you've scared your future daughter-in-law away!"

"What? What are you talking about?" Wendy was confused.

"Because of your phone call, your future daughter ran away." Levi went into the bathroom and closed the door b

and get on the plane."

"Oh!" Selina went to the boarding gate in a daze.

She was still thinking about Levi when she got on the plane.

Levi watched Selina as she got on the plane. He stood at the wide glass window and stared as the plane rumbled and took off.

He didn't turn around until the plane finally disappeared from sight.

Did Selina like him? He wasn't certain.

Meanwhile, Selina was also gazing out the window, wondering... Did Levi like her?

Lola had called Levi early that morning. She asked him to bring Selina to the manor, so they could go to the airport together.

But Levi refused, saying he would drive Selina to the airport. Lola happily agreed.

When Levi kissed Selina goodbye at the airport, a lot of people had seen them, including Lola and her family. Harry had booked them first class seats at the same flight.

They didn't interrupt them until Selina got on the plane.

Selina only startled from her thoughts when Janet suddenly appeared in front of her with a wicked smile on her face.

She suddenly remembered that she had promised her sworn mother that she would go to the airport with them.

Janet and Sally giggled as they led Selina to the first class cabin. When they entered, Kerr jumped off his mother's lap and ran to Selina. He threw himself into her arms, and cried happily, "Auntie! I miss you so much!"

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