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   Chapter 115 Levi's Punishment

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"That's great!" Daniel raised his eyebrows. He was glad to hear that Colin had ended up falling in love with his wife. No one needed to suffer anymore.

Sophia smiled as she looked out the window.

Meanwhile, Levi drove downtown with Selina in his car. Selina was searching for hotels on her phone, but had difficulty deciding. She asked, "Any recommendations?"

"Yes." Levi answered.

Selina turned off the mobile app. "Good. Take me to whatever you recommend. I'm tired of choosing."

Putting her phone away, Selina waited for Levi to take her to the hotel.

But things didn't go as she expected.

The car drove into an underground parking lot, and Selina jumped off the passenger seat as soon as Levi pulled over.

Levi took the suitcase out of the trunk, and Selina took it from him. "Thank you. I can book a room on my own."

Levi ignored her and carried the suitcase to the elevator.

Selina had to keep up despite her confusion.

Levi pressed 6 when they got inside the elevator. Why did it look so familiar?

When they got the 6th floor, she suddenly realized why it looked familiar. It was Levi's apartment...

"Levi Li!" She shouted at him in outrage.

Levi turned back to her in confusion.

"I wanted a hotel!" Why does he look so confused?

Levi came over and pulled her wrist. "It's unsafe. You can stay in my apartment."

Selina's heartbeat quickened in her chest. "No! I'm going to a hotel!"

God! Selina didn't think she was comfortable enough to sleep over at a man's apartment.

"Hotels aren't safe for single young ladies." Levi unlocked the door with his fingerprint and took Selina inside.

The decoration and furnishings were exactly the same as before.

Levi offered her a pair of slippers. "I wasn't expecting you, so I didn't prepare any women's slippers. You can wear this. It's what you used last time."

Selina was speechless. She didn't want to change into slippers!

Because she was hesitating, Levi put the slippers on her like he did last time. Selina's face flushed.

"Levi Li! I'll tell Wendy you're bullying me!" She took out her phone, preparing to dial Wendy's number.

But Levi grabbed the phone from her hand, and brought it into his bedroom along with her suitcase. "Come in. You'll sleep here tonight."

There was another bedroom in Levi's apartment, where he planned to stay the night.

But Selina misunderstood. Seeing it was his bedroom, she stepped back. "I'm not sleeping there!" She hasn't forgotten that he stole away her first kiss in that room!

At her outburst, Levi looked her up and down disdainfully. "Don't worry, I'm not interested in bean sprouts."

Gritting her teeth, Selina shouted to him, "Who are you calling bean sprouts!"

As if trying to prove him wrong, she stepped forward and stood up straight.

When Levi's gaze fell on her chest, he swallowed. It seems that her body had developed since they parted.

Selina suddenly realized she was being inappropriate. She quickly stepped back. "Fine! I'll stay the night! I don't think you have the guts to do anything to me!"

Levi sneered. Pulling her into his arms, he pressed her onto the door and kissed her.

Selina blushed. She knew this man would be difficult! Holy shit!

She stomped on his boot with full force, but Levi didn't react at all.

In the next moment, Selina's wrists were held firmly on her sides. Unable to move, she waited for Levi to let her go.


five minutes, Levi released her. As soon as he loosened his grip, Selina yelled at him. "Levi Li! You bastard! How dare you kiss me again! I'll kill you for this!"

Levi grinned slyly. "Why? Are you angry because I am the one who kissed you, not my taken cousin? Come on, Selina Bo. He's ten years older than you, old enough to be your uncle."

Selina was shocked. Cousin? Oh! Did he mean Cole Li?

"It's none of your business! I like mature men! Unlike you!"

Levi was irritated. "Selina Bo, I'm 27 years old!" He was upset that Selina found him immature.

Actually... Now that she thought about it... Levi and Cole were almost the same age.

Selina averted her eyes awkwardly. She suddenly remembered a saying about disgusting old men, but Levi was definitely not like that... On the contrary, he was good-looking.

Levi pushed her into the bedroom. "Now go to bed. If you dare run away again, I'll tie you up and throw you into the barracks to face a pack of hungry wolves."

Selina was speechless. Knowing exactly what he meant, she yelled, "Bastard!"

She pushed Levi out of the bedroom, while he grinned smugly. "You look worried!"

"Get out!" As soon as he stepped outside, Selina slammed the door shut.

Levi raised his voice cheerfully. "If you break the door, I'll tie you up and do unspeakable things to you!"

Selina was aghast. How could he be so crude?

She took out her phone and dialled Lola's number. But before the call was put through, Levi's voice came from the other side, "If you dare call for help, I'll also do unspeakable things to you!"

Selina felt helpless. After a short period of silence, she bust into tears.

Her sobs came through the wooden door, and Levi quickly shut up. Did he go too far and scare her?

What should he do? Levi was at a loss.

He hurriedly opened the bedroom door. Inside, Selina was crying uncontrollably on the bed. She saw Levi come in as she wiped away her teary eyes, and she quickly turned her back to him.

Levi looked at the upset girl nervously. How could he make it up to her?

"Hey, don't cry! I won't do anything to you."

Selina sniffled in silence. She didn't even glance at him.

Levi took an anxious step forward. "I mean it, Selina. I'm really sorry. Can you forgive me? Please stop crying."

Selina continued to ignore him.

Now, it was Levi's turn to feel scared. Feeling overwhelmed, he had no idea to make her feel better. How could he fix this?

"What if I do 100 push-ups as punishment? Don't cry anymore, okay?" It was the best thing Levi could think of.

He didn't expect Selina to turn to him and say, "Okay."

Levi immediately took off his coat and lay on the ground. He began to do push-ups at a constant speed.

"1, 2, 3... 20... 40..." After 40 push-ups, Levi was only breathing a little quicker. Selina curiously watched as he continue without even breaking a sweat. How did he manage that?

When he reached 60 push-ups, Selina got off the bed. "This isn't good enough. It's too easy for you."

Levi paused. "Do you want anything else?"

Selina quickly came up with an idea. She walked up to him and carefully sat on his back. "You'll do the remaining 40 with me on your back."

Levi almost fell to the ground at the additional weight.

Well done! What a great idea! He could also punish his subordinates this way!

It took all of Levi's strength to push them both up. His pace slowed down considerably.

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