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   Chapter 114 The Right Time

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Hugh gave way to Hermosa. "Mother, it's Colin and Sophia."

Hermosa had known both Colin and Sophia for a long time.

"Sophia, is it really you?" Hermosa was surprised. She didn't expect to see Sophia here.

She always liked Sophia. Before Sophia had a chance to speak, she asked in amazement, "How did you become so thin? I saw you on my phone today but I wasn't sure..."

Sophia smiled. "Good evening. How have you been lately?"

When she hung out with Hugh before, the virtuous and gentle lady would always prepare delicious food for her, and even sent her beautiful presents on her birthday...

Hearing Sophia's voice, Jonas looked over and found Sophia smiling and embracing Hermosa.

Inadvertently seeing Jonas, she nodded her head in greeting.

"I'm fine, but I missed you so much! I didn't expect you to marry Colin. I thought..." She caught herself in time. Knowing her son always liked Sophia, she thought Sophia would become her daughter-in-law.

Colin asked gently, "Have you and Sophia met before?"

"Yes, Sophia and Hugh grew up together." At Hermosa's reminder, Colin remembered they were good childhood friends.

Hermosa seemed to like Sophia a lot. A complicated expression flashed over Colin's eyes.

"Hermosa, do you still give lessons?" As a music teacher, Hermosa was excellent in playing the piano and had won many awards.

Sophia could also play a little, thanks to Hermosa's lessons.

"Rarely, but sometimes I give lessons once in half a month. Sophia, you've become much more beautiful! Colin must be taking good care of you!" Although she was disappointed that Sophia didn't end up with Hugh, she was relieved to see that Colin seemed to be good for Sophia.

Hugh was taken aback at the sight of Sophia's embarrassment.

Sophia would never know how beautiful she was at that moment, bowing her head bashfully...

ntry is nearly settled. Colin can bring you back to A Country as soon as he finds a deputy CEO to manage the company."

Casting a glance at her silent husband, Sophia timidly asked, "Can I go back first?"

"No." Colin kept his eyes on the road as he bluntly refused her.

She knew it!

Janet laughed. "Colin's reluctant to part with you because he doesn't want to live separately."

"That's right." Colin immediately agreed.

Sophia paused. "Alright." But she didn't want to give up.

Daniel looked at Colin thoughtfully. Didn't he used to complain that he didn't want to be with Sophia? "Colin, have you found the woman you like?"

Only the two men knew what Daniel's question meant.

Before, Colin told Daniel that after two or three years at most, he would divorce Sophia if he found a woman he liked.

Colin was afraid that Daniel would say something inappropriate and quickly said, "Of course, Sophia is the woman I like most!"

Blushing, Sophia hissed, "You have no shame!"

"Oh! That's good! It seems there's no need to worry about you." Daniel's words implied that Colin didn't have to get divorced.

Afraid that Daniel didn't believe him, Colin confirmed firmly, "I will spend the rest of my life with Sophia."

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