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   Chapter 113 The Most Handsome Li

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Colin glanced at his brother. "Why do you look so sour?"

Levi looked away. "Nothing."

Colin turned to Sophia and whispered to her. They looked happy and intimate together. Levi muttered unhappily, "Brother, have you considered the feelings of your single brother?"

Colin cleared his throat. "Mother, introduce some girls to my brother. He's desperate after being in the army for such a long time."

Levi looked at Colin sullenly. "Brother, you just mind your own business."

Wendy gaped at Levi. "Didn't you tell me to lay off you? You told me that you have a girl you llke. What happened? Did you two break up?"

"Levi, have you fallen for someone else? Who is she? Tell me!" Lola stared at Levi expectantly.

Lillian swallowed the food in her mouth. "Levi, it's fine if you've broken up with her. I know a lot of lovely girls. I can introduce them to you when I get a chance!"

Levi kept silent.

Face darkening, Levi shot a dissatisfied look at Selina sitting opposite him, causing her to pause in eating the steamed dumplings. She was keeping at least 10 feet away from him as agreed...

Holding his son in his arms, Sven suddenly became interested. "Selina, aren't you single? What do you think about Levi?"

Selina choked as her face flushed red. She didn't dare look at Levi as she replied, "Sven, since Levi is in love with someone, I shouldn't get in between them."

Studying the two, Wendy found the match feasible. She immediately saw Selina as her daughter-in-law. "It's fine since Levi's broken up with the girl. Do you have boyfriend, Selina?"

Selina was still blushing. "Aunt Wendy, I don't have a boyfriend... Since I'm still studying in college, I've never thought about it."

"Oh. I understand." Hearing that she wasn't interested in a boyfriend disappointed Wendy.

Both Levi and Selina looked down and ate in silence.

But J

"I don't want to. If you abandon me someday, no one will take me." She pursed her lips.

"What are you talking about? You're my wife. Why would I abandon you?"

"Didn't you say you'd divorce me? You even had Herring seduce me! Remember?" Sophia smugly reminded him of his past actions.

With a smile on his face, Colin threatened in her ear, "Do you want me to kiss you?"

Sophia immediately shut her mouth and continued eating.

Seeing his brother smiling broadly frustrated Levi even more. Why was everyone torturing him?

After dinner, the whole family exited the private room. Upon reaching the front, Jonas came out of the door of the first private room.

Followed by his father and Hugh...

Seeing Harold, Jonas greeted politely, "Happy New Year. What a coincidence!"

They shook hands. "Jonas, you've also come here for dinner."

"Yes, father."

The group began to exchange greetings and introduce each other.

Sophia suddenly felt someone's stare on her. Seeing Hugh walking towards her, she smiled. "Hi, Hugh!"

"Hello, Colin, Sophia." Hugh had been aloof the whole evening. Standing in front of the couple, he softened at the sight of Sophia.

"Hugh, who's this?" A familiar female voice asked from behind Hugh.

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