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   Chapter 112 Eason's Daughter

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Before dinner, the women played with the children, while the six men watched them from the couch.

Colin focused on Sophia as she played with the kids. Either Sophia liked kids, or the twins were funny, because she burst into laughter from time to time.

Grabbing a box of cigarettes from his pocket, Colin passed a stick to Sven. "Let's go out for a smoke."

Sven looked at him and knew he had something to say. After he took the cigarette, they went outside.

On the panoramic terrace, Sven lit the cigarettes for Colin and himself. Turning to look inside, Sven asked, "What's up?"

Gazing at Sophia, Colin said, "What's the success rate for infertility treatment?"

Sven was taken aback. Following Colin's eyes, he saw Sophia clapping her hands in front of Sean. "It depends. You'd better take her to the hospital for a check-up. But the success rate is as high as 95%. You don't have to worry too much."

Inside, Sophia saw Colin and Sven smoking on the terrace but she didn't think too much about it. She didn't know that Colin was consulting a doctor for her.

After a while, Lola looked at her phone and announced, "Selina is also in A Country. I invited her over."

Angie asked, "Eason's daughter?"

"Yes. Anna told me that Selina's in A Country now and asked if I can take Selina back when she goes home tomorrow. I invited Selina over to have dinner together. Actually, she was shy about coming over. After a lot of persuasion, she finally agreed to come."

"That's great! Why is Selina in A Country now?" Perplexed, Janet looked at Lola.

Lola laughed. "It's because of Eason. He was going to take his daughter to Paris. They came to A Country to handle some business before their Paris trip. Because Selina was still in asleep this morning, Eason went ahead to Paris for an emergency!"

He asked Selina to follow him to Paris alone. But Selina was too angry to go and decided to go back home the next day.

"Have Selina come over quickly. I like her a lot!" Lillian looked at the screen of Lola's phone. The Bo children also referred to Joseph and Lillian as their sworn parents.

Flipping his phone, Levi stopped when he heard Selina's name. He was typing a message to his friends to tell them that he'd go out with them, but he changed it and said he had no time.

"Have I seen her before?" Wendy asked. Selina seemed familiar, and she searched her memories for an encounter with her.

Levi looked at Wendy in thought. How did his mother meet Selina before?

Jordan nodded. "Several years ago, when we got together with the Bo Family and Shao Family in C Country."

Back then, they were in C Country. There happened to be a family gathering and Selina was also present.

While happily replying to the WeChat message, Lola suddenly remembered something. Glancing at Levi who was absorbed in thought, she chuckled and immediately asked Selina, "Where are you now? Hurry up. We're waiting for you!"

Selina was hesitating on the side of the road with her leather suitcase. When she got Lola's

message, she immediately called a taxi.

Since everybody was waiting for her, she couldn't dilly-dally.

Godmother Lola said it was a family dinner... Would Levi be there?

Fifteen minutes later, Selina was led by a waiter to the biggest private room of the hotel.

It was lively in the room. As soon as Selina appeared, Janet linked her arm with hers and took her inside. "Selina, come inside. We're waiting for you!"

Selina smiled sheepishly and greeted everyone. "Nice to meet you, grandpa Li, grandma Li... sworn father Harry, sworn mother Lola... uncle, aunt... sworn father Joseph, sworn mother Lillian... Happy New Year! It's nice to see you all!" The first sworn parents referred to Harry and Lola, while the second one referred to Joseph and Lillian.

"My dear Selina, don't be so polite! Come on!" Angie waved at Selina with a smile.

"Selina, I can't believe your dad left you here!" Harry raised his eyebrow. If he had a daughter, he would be reluctant to leave his daughter alone.

At the mention of her father, Selina flared up. But since there were many elders present, she could only smile in response. "My dad is very busy. I'm used to it!"

It wasn't the first time. The same thing also happened in D City last year!

Seeing Selina, Melissa dropped her toy and immediately ran towards her. "Auntie!"

Selina picked the little girl up. "Wait, let me guess. Are you Melissa?"

Melissa and Michelle were twins but had different personalities. Michelle was more like Daniel, while Melissa was more outgoing.

Melissa kissed Selina's face. "Auntie, you're so clever! Is my sister too cold?"

At her innocent question, everyone laughed out loud.

Michelle also came over and curled her lip. "Auntie, come in!"

Michelle took Selina's hand and pulled her in.

Smiling sweetly, Selina took a few steps forward and put Melissa down. At that moment, Kerr rushed to Selina. "Auntie, I'm here!"

The boy was naughty. Kerr's bear hug forced the crouching Selina to sit down on the floor. Selina whined, "Kerr, I know it's you!"

Everyone in the room smiled and pulled up Selina and Kerr. Nicole pinched her son's face. "Kerr, how many times have you attacked your auntie?"

Selina dusted herself off. "It's fine. I'm used to it!"

Every time Kerr saw Angela and Selina, he would attack them with a bear hug.

Either he did it on purpose, or they were too weak.

Lola wrapped an arm around Selina's shoulder. "Alright. Everyone's arrived. Have a seat, everybody!"

"Selina, come sit with me!" Cole waved at Selina. He liked girls like Selina and Angela.

But unlike Levi, he only saw Selina as a sister.

Levi narrowed his eyes at Selina, who put her suitcase aside and headed towards Cole.

Everyone was seated. Beside Colin, Levi ate indifferently as he kept glancing across the table.

With the serving chopsticks, Cole put a piece of jellyfish on Selina's plate. She smiled gratefully in response.

Levi sneered, 'Cole was older than me. Selina could even call Cole uncle!'

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