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   Chapter 111 Family Photos

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"Daniel, don't be so arrogant. Stand up straight!" Janet shook her phone as she spoke to Daniel.

The men were hesitant because they didn't usually take photos.

However, it was precisely the above reason that Sally wanted to take their photos.

Sally grabbed Felix when he walked towards her and told the men, "Hurry up! It's difficult to gather everyone in one place. Don't be so arrogant!"

The men looked at each other helplessly and obediently stood up straight.

People moved to give space for them. Lola directed again, "Sophia, Nicole, Sally, Jane, and Shel, you're in charge of taking photos."

The women took out their phones from their pockets and aimed the camera at the row of men.

"Levi and Sven, please stand up straight!" Sally barked at the two slouching men.

"Cole, move a little to the right! You're practically hugging Colin." Wendy's instructions made everyone laugh.

The six handsome men stood in a line, letting the women take a lot of photos.

They were all were dressed in different styles. Sven was in medium-length camel coat, Daniel in a black one, Colin in medium-length black woollen coat, Cole in a long grey fashion down jacket, Levi in a black and white camouflage suit, and Jerry in a dark grey windbreaker.

Although they were used to their husband's good looks, the women still enjoyed the row of handsome men in front of them.

After about a minute of taking photos, Kerr ran to the crowd happily. "I want to have my photo taken too!"

Jill studied the men carefully and ran to them as well. "You're so good-looking. I want to stand with you too!"

Jean threw the snow on the ground and followed. "Me too, wait for me!"

Seeing that his brothers were all running to the crowd, Felix squirmed out of Lola's grasp and joined them.

Only Nicole's younger son, Stan, was left behind in Harry's arms. He looked at everyone with a confused face.

The kids stood in a row in front of the men and posed for pictures.

After the photoshoot was done, Sven got an idea. "Nicole, Jane, Sally, Sophia, and Shel, come and take some photos too!" There were too many people present, it was easier to call their names.

"Good idea!" Colin put his left hand into his pocket and right arm over Jerry's shoulder, looking at Sophia in provocation. The woman didn't seem to have taken photos yet!

Immediately, Janet cheerfully took Sally and Sophia by the hands, walking towards where the men had been standing. Nicole and Shelly followed.

Roles reversed, the men took out their phones. The Li Villa was in the background, which was beautifully covered in layers of snow.

Sophia smiled at Colin's mobile phone. She hoped she didn't look too bad in the pictures. She wasn't confident because she couldn't compare to all the gorgeous women next to her.

A lot of photos were taken. The kids, whom the adults were watching over, ran to the women. They wanted to have their photos taken with their mothers.

Sophia held Jill, Janet took Jean, Sally held Felix, Nicole took Kerr, and Shelly held Stan.

In Harry's arms, Jeremy curiously looked at the group, wondering what they were doing.

More photos were taken before it was the elders' turn.

Colin and Levi went to the villa and took two chairs out. The white-haired elders

Harold and Angie sat in the middle of the group.

Behind them stood the three couples, Lola and Harry, Joseph and Lillian, Wendy and Jordan.

Everyone took out their phones to take pictures.

Finally, Joseph asked a maid to take a family photo.

Afterwards, the kids played happily in the snow. The young family members posted the photos in all their social media accounts, including Weibo, WeChat, MSN, and FaceBook, among many others.

Sophia logged into her Weibo account, Snow Sophia. Her blog initially didn't have any fans but after posting some pictures, she was discovered to be Colin's wife.

Only several people had paid attention to her blog, but it suddenly rose to over 100, 000.

Fortunately, she had deleted everything about Payne beforehand.

It was the first entry she posted and the number of comments reached as high as tens of thousands.

Colin shared her post, and the comments rose to hundreds of thousands because he already had millions of fans.

The fans browsed the six men's blogs and posted comments, then checked the women's blogs.

The top comments in the men's blogs included things like, "Do any of you lack a girlfriend or a mistress?" "I could be your mistress!"

The women's blogs had comments like, "What brand of skin care products do you use?

What brand is your coat?"

"Could you lend me your husband? Even just for a day!"

Sophia shook her head helplessly at the comments.

After thinking about it for a while, she replied, "You should ask my husband for the brand of skin care products because he didn't tell me.

Ask my husband about the coat as well, he bought it abroad."

"I can't lend you my husband because he has to accompany me, haha."


Because of Sophia's replies, the fans excitedly commented on her blog. They tagged Sophia and Colin together and said, "You're both so sweet, I'm so envious of you!"

"All the men in the five clans love their wives very much. I'll seduce Levi, Cole, and Scott instead!"

"Oh! Mrs. Li should learn from the other wives and have a baby soon!"

"Mr. and Mrs. Li will be happy forever!"


For the whole afternoon, even the blogs of Lola and the other elders were also flooded by comments from fans. Most of them asked if they wanted to have more daughters-in-law. They said they didn't want to be famous and offered to do housework and give birth to babies.

Knowing they were joking, Wendy told Lola with smile that the young girls were cute and amusing.

The blogs of Janet, Sally, and Nicole had interesting comments. People commented, "Hello, moms! Your daughters-in-law are clocking in now!"

"Felix, I'll wait 18 years for you!"

"Kerr, I'll wait 15 years for you!"

"Jeremy, I'll be here for you after 18 years!"

"Mom, do you need a son-in-law? I can take your family name!"

They laughed at the funny comments. The fans were so cute!

The photos went so viral in Weibo for hours that the website went down from overcapacity.

Every blog couldn't be refreshed.

The men talked about business matters and the women had to turn to other social media accounts like WeChat or Facebook.

It was getting dark when the hype finally calmed down. The family went to the hotel to have dinner, where Jordan made prior reservations.

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