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   Chapter 110 New Year's Celebration

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"You're crazy! Colin, listen to me. Seriously, I've never had a lover before! Do you understand? Do you understand?"

Sophia was so angry, that she asked him twice to emphasize her point.

Colin blinked and smiled. "I understand, baby."

Eventually, he believed her. On their first night together, he noticed a stain on the sheets. Besides, he preferred to believe Sophia over Payne.

"I'm not your baby! You say you believe me. But who knows what you're really thinking of!" Sophia grabbed his collar tightly. She had a strong urge to throw him out the window.

"Well, you know what I am thinking of, right?" said Colin with a sly smile on his face.

Sophia fumed in silence. She gritted her teeth in anger.

"Colin, do you know why I wanted to sleep with you?"

Colin snickered. "Because you felt lonely."

Sophia twisted his cheeks roughly. "No, I wasn't. Actually, I wanted to... Forget it, I won't tell you!"

She wanted to tell him the truth. But she remembered telling Colin that she couldn't get pregnant, so she had to keep it to herself.

"Alright, do whatever you want." Curiosity was never one of Colin's virtues.

But his indifference drove Sophia to tell the truth. "Since you're not curious, I'll tell you!"

This woman was difficult to read!

"I decided to sleep with you so I can have your baby and divorce you. Then, I'll raise your baby with another man! Think about it!" Sophia laughed loudly.

Colin didn't laugh. Knowing Sophia couldn't get pregnant, Colin wondered how much courage it took her to say this. Distressed, he kissed her nose. "Sophia, please don't be sad. Medical science is making great progress. If you want a child, I'll take you to every renowned doctor. There must be a way!"

Sophia didn't feel sad.

She hadn't told Colin the truth because she wanted t

s cigarette, Colin bowed his head and blew it out at Sophia's face.

Sophia was stunned She burst into coughs and hit him lightly in dissatisfaction.

Lola teased good-naturedly, "Wendy, look at them! They're being sweet in front of us."

Wendy smiled happily. "I like seeing them like this."

Lola shook her hand back and forth. "Ugh, I just want to throw Daniel out whenever I see him at home."

They collectively looked at Daniel, who was smiling at his daughter.

Lola said jealously, "He calls her 'my love' and 'my baby' all the time. It's disgusting."

Everyone laughed. Janet pulled Lola's wrist in haste, "Mother, please don't say anymore!"

Colin explained to Sophia that Lola was referring to Janet.

Sally got an idea and happily told the men present, "Guys, stand together and let me to take a photo of you. Wow, I have more fans following me on Twitter!"

Reminded by Sally, Janet studied the men present. "You're right. I'm taking a photo too."

Hearing this, Daniel said arrogantly, "Can you afford to pay for my portrait?"

Sally curled her lips, "I can't. But my husband will pay you. Won't you, love?" She winked at Jerry.

He nodded, his eyes filled with infinite love.

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