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   Chapter 109 Through Thick and Thin

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"Don't worry, father. I'm fine!" Sophia embraced her father firmly, feeling ecstatic that Jay was sober enough to recognize her.

Jay patted his daughter on the back. When he saw his daughter earlier, he suppressed his emotions.

Colin deliberately drove the car around several times. According to Jay and Aaron, somebody wanted Jay dead now that he was getting better.

"Father, can you tell me who murdered mother? Who did those awful things to you?" Sophia couldn't help herself. She had been yearning a long time for the truth.

Jay stopped talking and let out a deep sigh. "Sophia, you need to forget all this. It will get you killed."

"What? Father, I don't understand." Sophia stared at her father in horror. How could searching for the truth get her killed?

Jay patted his daughter's hand and decided to swallow the truth. "Sophia, just live your best life with Colin. I will be satisfied knowing you and your brother are healthy and happy."


Sophia didn't understand why her father refused to tell her the long-anticipated truth.

Later, Colin had a private meeting with Dr. Charlie. Since then, Jay's condition was getting worse and he had frequent delirious episodes.

Since people found out about Jay's improving health, assassins were sent to kill him. Jay knew this because Aaron inadvertently caught some people loitering outside the ward. When he suddenly woke up one night, he found someone holding a dagger over Jay's heart.

Knowing his life was in danger alerted Jay to the gravity of the situation. For his safety, he had to pretend to be insane.

Later that Evening.

Sophia was overcome with worry. She couldn't figure out how the truth would put her life in danger.

Colin returned from the study and found Sophia in a daze. He sat beside her and gathered her in his arms. "I checked the surveillance video in the hospital. Some suspicious men have been loitering around. But we couldn'

Sophia was a strong poison for him, that he was willing to do anything for her.

He looked at the confused woman as he closed the distance between them. "When did you poison me?" "What?"

His lips rubbed lightly against hers. Her eyelashes fluttered, almost touching his face.

"Huh? I never poisoned you." She denied in bewilderment.

Colin pecked her on the lips. "You did poison me. Now, I'm willing to do anything for you. Although you annoyed me and you had many lovers before, I still like you. Tell me, Sophia. Are you poisonous?"

Initially moved to tears, Sophia flared up when Colin mentioned that she had many lovers before. She pushed him away and retorted, "You're right. I've had so many lovers, how could I deserve to be your wife? You should divorce me as soon as possible. Then, you can live happily with your childhood sweetheart!"

Colin embraced her again. "If I cared about your past, why would I still want you?" Such a silly woman.

Sophia said sarcastically, "Since I've had so many lovers, do you regret not having a lot of love affairs before?"

Colin shook his head. It honestly didn't matter to him.

Sophia bit his arm fiercely until it left a mark. "Colin, you're an asshole! Bastard!"

"What's the matter? Why are you suddenly so angry?"

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