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   Chapter 108 Old Habits Die Hard

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Leila looked at Sophia intently. She suddenly realized that she had spotted Sophia somewhere before...

"I don't care if he's married before. I love him. Please let him go, Sophia! Isn't Payne Tai your true love?"

At the mention of Payne's name, Sophia clenched her fists tightly in anger. "You're wrong, Miss Ji. Payne is nothing but a stigma in my life, a reminder of how ignorant and gullible I was in the past. And now, I think... I'm in love with Colin."

Before she realized it, she had fallen in love with Colin. She was unhappy when he was unhappy, and he made her laugh. Every small manifestation of his love touched Sophia...

"You're in love with him? I don't think so. You're only attracted to his power and fortune." There was no irony in Leila's words, only certainty.

Sophia shook her head. She looked into Leila's eyes and said, "It has nothing to do with his possessions, I'm in love with who he is. And I've grown accustomed to having him in my life."

She wanted to be held in his arms every night. Even if he was angry and silent, she wanted to see him every day... She wanted everything that had become a habit to Sophia. Old habits die hard.

Leila understood her sentiments. Colin was a wonderful man, and they had been together for some time. It was natural for Sophia to feel for him.

"But aren't you infertile? Colin is the eldest son of his father. Do you think the Li Clan would be fine with a woman who can't give them an heir?" Leila didn't want to bring it up. But she had no choice because Sophia didn't want to give up.

Sophia chuckled. "But if Colin doesn't care, why should I?"

Earlier this evening, Colin told her that he didn't care.

"Colin doesn't care?" Leila was astounded.

Sophia didn't want to keep it to herself. She nodded, "No, he doesn't. Besides, I'm not entirely infertile. The doctor told me that I stand a good chance to recover."

Leila felt happy for her. But she still behaved indifferent. "I see. Our conversation is going nowhere, Miss Lo. I won't give up on Colin. Come to me anytime if you ever change your mind, my terms will remain unchanged. The 200 million will be yours if you leave Colin."

"I won't change my mind, either. Good night, Miss Ji." Having said that, Sophia left.

Back in her own room, Sophia sat silently on the bed, contemplating Leila's words in the darkness.

"He's nice to you because he cares very much for his parents. He doesn't want them to worry about him."

Sophia was worried. Several times in the past, they both played the affectionate husband and wife in front of Wendy. To avoid worrying his mother, Colin pretended to be in love by taking care of her and indulging her.

She was uncertain if that was the reason why he told her that he liked her. Maybe after pretending for so long, it was like a mask that he couldn't remove.

When Colin finished his work, Sophia was already in bed. Colin wasn't happy to see her sleeping alone in her own room, but he got in beside her and fell asleep holding her.

The next morning, Leila left for the airport. Because of a work emergency, she needed to cut her vacation short and fly to Paris.

Sophia was relieved when Leila finally left. She didn't have to worry about other women drooling over her husband.

The new year was approaching. Colin had gotten increasingly busy, often staying in late at work.

Sophia tried to accompany him, but Colin would

always steer her into the lounge and refused to go back to work until she got in bed.

Because she was under traditional Chinese medication, Colin refused to let her eat spicy Hunan cuisine every time she wanted to. Even when he took her to Hunan restaurants, he would order pepper-free dishes for her.

The treatment worked. Although it still hurt a lot when Sophia got her next period, it was better than the last one.

On the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, Colin brought Sophia back to the Li's House in A Country.

This time, Joseph brought his wife and children back home.

The Li House was buzzing with good cheer. On New Year's Eve, the whole family gathered at the dinning table and enjoyed the festive holiday dinner to the endless stream of colorful fireworks outside.

The next day, Colin and Sophia paid a visit to Jay.

Jay's condition was better now, but he still had episodes from time to time.

It was very puzzling. He was supposed to recover after Dr. Charlie's treatment, or at the least get significantly better. But he didn't seem to have improved much.

Sophia was anxious, while Aaron remained silent aside. When the nurses left the room, Jay suddenly looked at Sophia with tears in his eyes.

His eyes were clear and sober...

Confused, Sophia looked at Colin helplessly. After walking to the window, Aaron went back and said, "Sister, don't show any emotions."

Sophia was a little scared.

Suddenly, Jay lowered his head and burst into tears and laughter.

Sophia hurried to him. "Dad? What's wrong?"

Colin moved to call the doctor, but Aaron winked at him.

"Dad? Why are you crying? Does it hurt?" Sophia hurriedly asked.

Jay pushed her away. "Who are you? I don't know you!"

Sophia's eyes filled with tears. She sobbed, "Dad, I'm Sophie!"

"Sophie... Sophie..." Jay was silent for a while. When Sophia approached him, he pushed her away again. "You're not Sophie! My daughter is chubby and cute, unlike you!"

At that moment, Colin spotted someone outside in the corridor. The figure quickly hid behind the door of the ward and disappeared.

Colin turned to Aaron, and also found him looking at the direction the figure had disappeared to. After a while, Aaron drew his gaze back and glanced at Colin. They exchanged meaningful looks.

Meanwhile, Sophia was still trying to tell Jay who she was.

Colin took out his phone and texted to Sven. "Sven, don't let anyone know. Send me a copy of today's surveillance video on 8th floor."

At noon, Colin visited Dr. Charlie for a detailed understanding of Jay's present condition.

Later, he took Aaron and Jay out of the hospital to eat out.

Aaron settled Sophia and Jay at the backseat of the car and got into the passenger seat.

The Mercedes-Benz slowly drove out of the hospital. Suddenly, Jay stopped giggling and held Sophia in his arms. With teary eyes, he murmured, "Sophia, my little Sophia..."

Sophia looked at her father in astonishment. "Father? Do you recognize me?"

In the rearview mirror, Aaron saw a nondescript minivan following them.

"Sophie, how can I not?" She was his precious little girl!

"Dad, you've recovered!" Sophia was excited at the realization.

Jay lovingly looked at his daughter and said worriedly, "Aaron told me that you lost a lot of weight. I didn't believe it until I saw you. Sophie, you must have suffered a lot without papa and mama around..."

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