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   Chapter 107 Leila's Offer

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She wanted a compensation? Was she jealous? This made Colin very happy.

"Okay, what do you want from me?" He stared at her with great interest.

Sophia quickly said, "You went out with another woman for a whole day. As your wife, I should get some compensation. But I'll forgive you for that if you don't make a fuss about what I did either. Let's call it even."

Colin was impressed. Call it even?

"But I don't want to call it even. What do you say, Sophia?" Colin didn't let it go.

Sophia bit her lower lip and quickly racked her brain for an idea. What should she do? How could she handle this impossible man?

Maybe she should kiss him? That's probably a good idea.

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Colin. "Don't be angry... I was just playing with you." God bless! This was true, she didn't intend to have a gigolo. She wouldn't dare do that to Colin.

Colin was pleased by her kiss. This woman was smart, she knew what he wanted. "A kiss isn't good enough for your sins, darling."

Sophia was frustrated. "How about two?"

"Two? Don't forget that you still owe me tons of kisses. Do you still think two kisses are enough?" Sophia seems to have forgotten, but Colin hasn't.

He's been waiting a long time for a good opportunity to use this as an advantage against her.

Sophia was shocked. "How petty of you!" She complained.

Did she just call him petty? Colin wasn't angry. Instead, he nodded with a smile. "Yes, I'm very petty. I thought you already knew that. Since you've mentioned it, I'll be as petty as I can be."


"You get another 99 kisses added to your debt for calling me petty, which mean you now owe me 133 kisses." There were 34 last time, and 99 this time. That made 133 in total. He couldn't wait to see how she responded to that.

Sophia couldn't say a word. She suddenly felt trapped by Colin.

Despite the stunned look on her face, Colin kissed her lips. After a long time, he let her go. "Now you owe me 132 kisses. I'll remember that."

When they went downstairs for dinner, Leila had been brought back to the villa by Herring.

Herring hadn't had dinner yet. Seeing the food made him extremely happy. "Aunt Liu, please add two sets of tableware!"

Colin was speechless.

He shot Herring a contemptuous look. "Get out!"

"Hey, don't be so cruel! I only want some food... Oh! What do you say, Little Sophie?" Sophia was lost in her own thoughts. When Herring called her, she automatically nodded in response.

"Colin, I haven't had any dinner yet. Can I join you too?" Leila asked softly.

Before Colin could reply, Herring cleared his throat and mimicked Leila in a sweet tone, "Colin, I haven't had any dinner yet. Can I join you? Pretty please?"

Sophia couldn't help laughing out loud.

Colin ignored Herring and looked at Leila. "Help yourself, Leila."

Seeing this, Sophia hurriedly told Herring, "Help yourself too, Herring."

"Well, thank you! Sophie, you're so sweet! Mwah!"

Sophia immediately got goosebumps. Colin narrowed his eyes, thinking about throwing Herring out.

Aunt Liu wanted to make two more dishes but the group stopped her because it was already late. They decided to make do with what they got.

After dinner, Herring made his departure.

But Leila didn't retire to her room. "Colin, can I borrow Sophia for a moment? I've got something to ask her."

Sophia was confused. Why did this woman want to talk to her? She looked at Leila, but she had a calm expression on her face.


stay in the study."

Colin walked away. Despite her confusion, Sophia followed Leila into her room.

When Sophia entered the room, Leila closed the door behind them. She sat on the sofa and gestured at the spot beside her. "Have a seat."

Still puzzled, Sophia sat down.

"Sophia Lo, I don't want to beat around the bush. I'll be direct, I want to talk about Colin."

Sophia smiled. "I don't think there's much to talk about."

Leila returned a smile, leaning back gracefully. "I know what happened to you. And I know why you married Colin. It's because something happening to your family, and Colin's mother is helping you."

Sophia's face changed. With her secret uncovered, she didn't think she could keep smiling.

She said in a cold tone, "I'm listening, Miss Ji."

"I'll give you 200 million. Leave Colin and start over somewhere else with your father and brother."

Sophia was shocked.

How did Leila find out about her family affairs? Did someone tell her? Could it be Colin?

"200 million is a generous offer, Miss Ji." Sophia clicked her tongue in disapproval. She glared at Leila. Was this how the rich people made their way in the world?

Leila didn't take it personal. She continued, "You know in your own heart that your marriage is not bonded by love.

And I've liked Colin for a long time. Not just a few years, but for more than a decade. No one knows him better than I do. He's nice to you because he cares very much for his parents. He doesn't want them to worry about him.

Do you really think he'll fall in love with you?

I can even take the blame for you. I'll tell Aunt Wendy that I forced you to leave him as long as you step aside."

Sophia had mixed feelings. "Miss Ji, I see you love him very much. So much that you didn't care about your own reputation."

Why did this keep happening to her? Why was there always a woman trying to tear her apart from the man she loved?

When she was with Payne, Dorothy had also offered money to let her stay away from him.

"As long as I can be with Colin, nothing matters to me." Leila said with determination.

Sophia laughed. "You don't know me at all, Miss Ji. I have unfinished business here, I won't leave A Country. I've been in Z Country for a long time, and I always looked forward to returning to A Country to find the culprit who tore our family apart."

She didn't know why she was baring her soul to her enemy. It was very irrational, but she couldn't help it.

"It doesn't matter if you want to stay in A Country. My terms will remain unchanged as long as you promise me that you'll divorce Colin, and you'll never see him again after. As long as you do this, I'll still pay you the money." To be honest, Leila didn't dislike Sophia even though she had stolen Colin away form her.

Back in A Country, she did everything she could to get a rise out of her. But she was quite different from what she had imagined. Although she didn't come from a wealthy family, she was well-bred like a highborn... if not better.

When Sophia was unhappy with Leila's actions, she didn't use underhanded means against her. Instead of turning to Colin, she directly told Leila off about how to behave appropriately. Leila liked Sophia's character.

Coincidentally, Sophia felt the same way about Leila. She found Leila a bright and noble woman. She sensed that Leila had deliberately provoked her.

"Miss Ji, Colin is married. Even if we get divorced, he will be a secondhand man. You deserve better."

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