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   Chapter 106 I Don't Want to Go Back to the Past

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After a while, Sophia wiped away her tears. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Colin.

Colin, I seem to... What if I fall in love with you?

Can you go from liking me to falling in love with me?

Colin bowed his head to meet her lips. He held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply...

Later, Colin took Sophia out of the private club. Before they left, Colin called Herring and asked him to bring Leila back to his villa.

Seeing the dissatisfaction on Sophia's face, Colin hung up the phone and took one of her hands. "I'm responsible for Leila's safety while she's here. Don't be jealous, okay?"

Sophia shook of his hand, blushing profusely. "I'm not jealous! Don't be so full of yourself!"

"Sophia, I'll get angry if you aren't jealous!" If she wasn't jealous, it meant that she didn't love him. That would really upset him.

Sophia didn't respond. She can't be jealous or not jealous...

Colin urged, "Are you jealous or not!"

She remained silent.

"If you don't tell me the truth, I'll park the car right now."

"Why?" She looked at him in confusion.

He smiled slyly. "I'll park the car and go for a ride with you."

What? Sophia wasn't stupid. After thinking for a while, she understood what he meant. "I'm jealous! Very jealous! I wanted to kick you into the river! Why are you so attractive to women!"

"Good!" He would let her off for now.

Sophia couldn't help but ask, "Do you like being abused?"

"It depends on the person abusing me. If it's my wife, I'll lie down and take all the abuse you want to give me."

Sophia gaped. "Colin, you're shameless!"

Colin didn't care. "Why should I be ashamed in front of you? You can also be as shameless as I am!"

Sophia didn't reply. She lowered her head and held her forehead. If she told the female co-workers who had a crush on Colin about this, they would never believe her.

Colin kept teasing Sophia until they arrived at the garage of the villa.

Looking at the man who got off the car firs

m behind. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to prepare dinner." His breath was warm against her ear, making her itch...

Colin took his phone out and dialled a number. "Aunt Liu, please prepare a simple meal for us."


Sophia intended to prepare it herself. When Colin asked Aunt Liu to do it, she gave up.

Putting away his phone, Colin turned Sophia to face him. "Let's settle accounts!"

Sophia paused. "I'm fine. Did you do something you need to make up for?" Since Sophia knew why Colin wanted to settle accounts with her, she tried to turn the tables on him.

Colin smirked. How could he not tell that she was pretending to be stupid?

"Come on, tell me how you're going to take my money to keep those young men."

Definitely! Sophia bowed her head guiltily. "You got it wrong!"

"Are you planning to use the money I gave you to keep those men? Tell me." The lower Sophia looked down, the more Colin forced her to look at him. He tilted her chin up with his slender fingers. Guilt was written all over her flushed face.

"No! Am I that kind of person?" She internally cheered herself on. She shouldn't feel guilty.

Colin raised his eyebrows. "Looks like it!"

Sophia removed his hands and tried to avoid the topic. "Aren't you going to explain to me why you spent a whole day with another woman?"

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