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   Chapter 105 Colin's Confession

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Sophia was silent.

Colin grabbed Sophia's glass and took a swig. "Herring, do you want me to have a word with Shelly..."

"I was wrong, brother. Don't say any more, or I'll be single for the rest of my life!"

"You took my wife out to see other men! I won't forget this, Herring." Colin wrapped his arm around Sophia's shoulders tightly.

Because Sophia was squirming out of his grasp, he held onto her more firmly.

"Why are you blaming Herring? If not for him, I'd still be in the office working overtime. Is that what you want?" Thinking of this possibility made Sophia feel sad.

Colin slightly frowned. "Didn't I tell you that we were going to take Leila out today?"

She was the one who behaved unreasonably that morning, leaving without eating breakfast. He hadn't settled that with her yet.

And tonight, she followed Herring to this place and found herself a man! She was becoming more and more daring!

Sophia managed to remove Colin's arm and stood up, dragging him out of the room.

When Leila moved to prevent Colin from going out, Herring quickly stopped her. "Leila, the couple has some personal things to discuss. Let them go. Come on, let's have a toast..."

Sophia and Colin left, closing the door behind them. Leila turned her eyes from the door and faced Herring.

Sophia took Colin to the corridor outside. She found a dark room and pulled him in.

After turning on the lights, the two found themselves at a standstill.

Sophia was angrier than Colin had thought. Her voice was really loud. "Colin, don't you know that Leila likes you? How could you make me accompany her with you? Do you want me to see you two be affectionate with each other?"

No, that wasn't the case. Sophia inhaled sharply and lowered her voice. "I forgot that you also like her. Since you both love each other, why didn't you just get together before I came into the picture?"

Colin watched Sophia lose her temper without saying a word.

His silence enraged Sophia even more. She unconsciously raised her voice when she continued. "Why? I'm asking you! Even after we got married, you kept behaving inappropriately with her. It hurts when you do this in front of me! Have you ever considered my feelings?"

Finally, she said, "Colin, if you really love each other... I'll let you go and wish you both happiness!"

Sophia suddenly took out her phone and prepared to make a call.

"What are you doing?" Colin finally said something.

"Don't worry, I won't make you look bad. I'll just tell mom I'm the one who doesn't want to be with you anymore..."

Hearing that she was going to call Wendy, Colin grabbed her phone and put it into his pocket after turning it off.

"Give my phone back!"

Putting his hands into his trouser pockets, Colin said calmly, "Sophia, listen to me."

"Go ahead! I don't want anything after the divorce. And I'll return the money you spent on me..."

Suppressing the urge to kill her, Colin said through gritted teeth, "Listen to me! I only see Leila as my sister, not as a woman! Don't worry, alright?"

She sneered, "You don't have to lie to me. I can see the truth with my own eyes. Don't be ashamed to admit that you like a woman!"

Closing his eyes, Colin repressed the anger in his heart and constantly told hi

mself that Sophia was still young. He shouldn't take her words too personally.

When he reopened his eyes, he was calm again. He gathered Sophia in his arms. "Sophia, I like you as a woman, understand?"

His sudden confession made Sophia's brain go blank. She stood motionlessly in place as she stared stupidly at him.

Colin was... confessing to her!

Was this real?

Sophia took a bite out of Colin's hand. "Um, what are you doing?" Although it hurt, he didn't loosen his hands from her teeth.

He could feel the pain! So she wasn't dreaming!

An idea came to mind. "Oh. Are you doing this to make your mother happy?"

Colin paused. "Am I that kind of person?" Colin gave her a light kiss.

Sophia nodded. "Of course, you are! You told me to be affectionate with you when we went home! To make your family happy!"

Colin was speechless. He suddenly understood what it felt like to his own words. "This time is different. I simply like you. There are no other factors. Sophia, do you understand?"

He didn't know when he began to fall for her. At the beginning, he thought that Sophia was definitely not his type, and he would never fall in love with her.

Unknowingly, he began to fall for her.

He was happy when she was happy, sad when she was sad, and jealous when she was with other men... He knew this was love.

Did Sophia understand? Of course she understood since she had fallen in love with someone before.

But could Colin's confession really erase the damage he had done to her in the past? Sophia didn't know. Only time will tell.

But there was one thing she had to tell Colin first. "You can't like me."

"Your words mean nothing."

Colin didn't respond. Shouldn't he ask her why? Why does Colin always react in an unusual way?

Sophia looked at the man holding her. "Colin, I can't... I can't get pregnant, so we can't have children."

Actually, the old Chinese doctor said she could have babies after the treatment.

But she wanted to test Colin.

Colin frowned and seemed unhappy with the news. Sophia was deeply hurt. It turns out that he cares...

Of course, how could a man not care that he couldn't be a father?

Just as she was about to tell him the truth, Colin held her tighter in his arms. "Why didn't you tell me when you went to see a doctor? Let me bear these things with you. It must've been a very difficult time!"

Sophia was dumbstruck.

She almost burst into tears. How could this man be like this! She was so moved... She wanted to cry so much.

"Sophia, don't be sad. Because of the advanced technology, there's still a good chance!" Even if you can't get pregnant, you don't have to worry. I don't care if we have children or not. If you really want to have children, then we'll go to the orphanage and adopt one..."

Holding back her tears, Sophia asked, "You're the eldest son of your family. How can you have no children?"

"I'm not the only son of my family. Levi and Cole can also continue the family line. Don't worry about it."

Sophia couldn't stand it anymore and burst into tears. "Colin..." Overwhelmed with emotion, she sobbed harder. "Are you sure? You really don't care?"

"Don't cry, baby. I really don't care." He gently kissed her long hair, patting her back in comfort.

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