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   Chapter 104 Stirring Trouble

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The red wine was brought in. With Herring's permission, a beautiful attendant dressed in a cheongsam opened the bottle and poured a glass for Sophia.

"Are you bored?" Because of the loud music in the room, Herring approached Sophia closer.

"Yes." She had never been to a place like this. The unfamiliar environment made her a bit uncertain.

After Herring told the attendant something, she stood up and left the room.

Taking a sip of her wine, Sophia looked at people on the dance floor. When she was with Payne, he never took her to a bar.

Her father was a professor and her mother was an archaeologist. Because of her conservative parents, she had received a relatively traditional education.

She was curious about this place. But without a reliable person around, she didn't want to explore it.

Herring poured a glass of white wine and replaced it with her glass. "Try this."

Sophia had attended some dinner parties with Colin and was used to drinking alcohol. She didn't refuse Herring's offer.

The door of the private room opened again and the attendant who just left came back with several men.

They were young and handsome, all dressed in a white shirt, black vest, and black leather shoes.

More importantly, each of them looked more attractive than the other.

The men on the dance floor began to whistle. The man who had introduced himself as Gareth shouted loudly, "Hey buddy, over here! I like boys."

Sophia was shocked.

She didn't expect a good-looking man like Gareth to be interested in boys. It's a pity that another single girl wouldn't be able to end up with a handsome man...

While Sophia despaired about Gareth, Herring told her, "Pick two men to entertain you."

Appalled at his suggestion, Sophia choked on her drink.

Herring was telling her to have fun with strange men!

She hurriedly refused and shook her hands. "No, thanks. I'll just watch you!"

Herring picked two men and put a stack


"Colin, don't flaunt your love for your wife here!"

"Sophia, give Colin a hug."


Give Colin a hug? She'd rather to give him a good kick!

If Colin hadn't hold her so tightly, she would definitely do that.

Herring was disappointed by the scene of them being affectionate with each other. "Sophia, why are you changing your tune? You can't let him manipulate you so easily."

He felt delighted at the previous sight of Colin fuming in anger.

Why did the situation change so fast?

After a long time, Colin released Sophia. She rested against his chest, gasping for air. "You bastard." She cursed him weakly.

Colin brought her closer to kiss her again. Sophia hurriedly covered his mouth with her hands.

She continued to provoke him. "If it weren't for you, I'd have brought some handsome young men home!"

Colin narrowed his eyes. "Take my money and give it to a couple of idiots? Sophia, you're really something else!"

"Of course. If you can go out with a girl and have some fun, so can I!" She pushed Colin away and sat on the couch.

Herring suddenly came over. In an attempt to stir up more trouble, he said, "Why aren't you standing your ground? Is a kiss from Colin good enough for you? Don't forget that he went out with a woman. Don't give in, Sophia!"

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