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   Chapter 103 Heaven on Earth

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Downstairs, Sophia found Colin having breakfast with Leila. Seeing them so cheerful with each other put her in a bad mood.

Losing her appetite, she decided to skip breakfast.

"Sophia, what are you doing?" Colin stopped Sophia at the front door of the villa, looking displeased.

Doesn't she know how to greet him in the morning?

"I'm going to the office!" She answered peevishly as she changed her shoes.

"Come back for breakfast." Colin ordered coldly.

Sophia replied impatiently, "I'm not hungry!" She opened the door and stalked off.


Since she was was almost late for work, Sophia had to drive Colin's Audi. Fortunately, the key was in her bag.

Since she had the key with her, it struck her that the Audi might still be at the bar. She wondered if the car had been brought back.

In the garage, Sophia found the Audi parked beside the Aston Martin. She got inside and drove off to the office.

In the Office.

After parking the car at the basement, Sophia ran into some colleagues she didn't know but seemed to know her. They greeted her as she made her way to her floor. "Good morning, Mrs. Li!"

"Good morning, Mrs. Li!"

Sophia stopped and smiled at them. "Good morning!"

They exchanged smiles. Sophia walked into the elevator on her high-heeled shoes, followed by the group of colleagues.

They all seemed to be in the same department, as they got off together at the 32nd floor.

Looking at the elevator that continued going up, they started to talk, "Mrs. Li seems easy-going! I thought she was difficult to get along with."

"Yeah, but now I realize that she was only being modest!"

"That's true! Why didn't she come with the president today?"

"Since he deals with so many matters every day, the president may be too busy to come to work on time."

"That's right!"


Colin hadn't come to the office the whole day. Instead, Herring walked into the Private Consultant's Office in the afternoon, whistling.

"Yo! Little Sophia, you're here!" He still had blonde hair, and was dressed in grey casual wear.

Sophia looked up from the files she was working on and smiled at him. "Of course, I have work to do!"

She wasn't some bigshot president who could leave work behind anytime to accompany someone around the city!

Herring suddenly clicked his tongue as he approached Sophia, making her look up at him strangely.

Herring winked at her mischievously. "How crazy was my brother last night?"

Sophia suddenly remembered something. She pulled the collar around her neck to cover it up, but it slipped down again.

Sophia paused. "Herring, didn't you come here to work?" Blushing profusely, Sophia realized that it was useless to apply make-up on her neck to cover up the hickeys.

"Certainly not! I'm here to take you out to have some fun!"

"What? I'm at work now, I can't go out."

Herring went to the sofa to lie down. "It doesn't matter. You can carry on with your business while I sleep. After work, I'll take you out!"

"No, thanks. I may have to work overtime tonight."

An idea occurred to Herring. He suddenly sat up from the sofa and looked at Sophia. "Do you know where Colin is right now?"

"He could be... hanging out with Leila!" Sophia wasn't sure, because she didn't know either.

This is w

hat Herring came for. He was here to get back at Colin. Because of Colin, his wicked little Shelly refused to see him again!

He had already given up everything for Shelly.

"Yeah, I saw your husband having lunch with Leila in the air restaurant. Meanwhile, here you were working hard to deal with Colin's problems. Poor little thing! How about letting me take you out tonight? Make Colin jealous!"

Colin was the one who upset him first. He couldn't be blamed for causing trouble!

Sophia lost her determination and became silent after hearing Herring's words.

"Alright. Let's go! But where are we going?"

Herring smiled mysteriously. "Let me bring you to heaven on earth!"

Heaven on earth...

When they arrived, Sophia realized that this 'heaven on earth' was actually a private club.

Fortunately, she was dressed in the woollen coat that Colin bought her yesterday and diamond-studded black high heels. She won't feel out of place standing in the splendid private club.

Herring brought her inside, where the corridor was filled with sexy women carrying trays.

They were dressed in identical white cheongsams that reached their thighs. Their hair was rolled up in a high bun, and they had heavy makeup on their faces.

They walked steadily despite their 4-inch high heels, obviously having gone through long-term training.

Sophia had to admit that they were beautiful.

Not just a few, but all of them!

Herring whistled as they entered a private room. The deafening sound of DJ music was immediate, and the room was filled with people dancing to the music.


Sophia suddenly felt regretful. How could she follow Herring to a place like this?

"Herring!" Sophia didn't know who shouted, and many people began greeting Herring.

"Hey, Herring!"

"Herring's here! Wow, who's the beauty behind you? She's so pretty!"

"Don't you see whose girl she is? How could she be not pretty?" Herring took Sophia to sit down at the seat they offered, and replied to the red-haired man in front of him.

The guy whistled. "Of course! How could your woman be ugly?"

When he sat down, Herring was immediately surrounded by beautiful women. They fawned all over him, serving him liquor and smoking cigarettes.

Herring put down the glass of alcohol that a woman nearby just served him. He ordered a bottle of wine for Sophia and replied to the redhead, "This is Colin's girl. How can she be mine?"

"What? Colin's girl? She's Mrs. Li!" The redhead leaned forward to study Sophia closely.

Sophia forced a smile and nodded at him.

She didn't know that the redhead would call a bunch of people to come cover. "Hey, guys! Come over and meet Colin's girl. She's so hot!"


In the next second, several men left the small dance floor and walked towards her. They surrounded her and started introducing themselves. "I saw you on TV once. Holy shit, you're even prettier in person! Hello, I'm Sheridan!"

"Hi! I'm Dempsey!"

"Hello, I'm Zenobia..."

Several men scrambled to introduce themselves. Overwhelmed, Sophia didn't know how to respond and was unable to remember even one person.

"Go away and keep dancing! Don't frighten her!" The group slipped back to the dance floor after Herring drove them away. Sophia breathed a sigh of relief.

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