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   Chapter 102 For Sophia's Happiness

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Was it wrong to comfort a friend who's feeling downhearted?

It didn't seem right. Sophia must be making up an excuse to refuse him.

At the thought, Colin got off the bed and strode towards Sophia's bedroom. He tried to push the door open, but it was locked.

To avoid disturbing Leila, Colin took the key from downstairs. He opened the door and walked into the room.

Inside, Sophia was talking to Hugh on the phone. "Well, alright... I may come back during the Spring Festival."

She hadn't mentioned that she would come back to Country A with Colin. Wait, how did Colin get inside?

Sophia was surprised when she saw Colin in front of her. He had entered and closed the door without making a sound.

Hugh continued talking to her on the phone. "Sophia, I heard Leila has also come to Z Country. Have you met?"

"Yes, we've met. She's living with me!" Despite the rage clearly visible on Colin's face, Sophia gave a honest answer.

She stood up with the mobile phone in her hand. Walking to the wardrobe, she took her pajamas and completely ignored Colin.

Hugh understood that Leila's arrival would surely cause a rift between Sophia and Colin. For Sophia's happiness, he said, "Sophia, you know Colin and Leila's relationship well. But Lelia is anything but cruel. She won't fight back unless she's provoked. She's unlikely to hurt you as long as there's no serious conflict between you two.

Just treat her as Colin's sister. Don't think too much, alright?"

Sophia was silent.

Was Leila really that wonderful? Why were both Colin and Brother Hugh defending her?

"I understand, Hugh. Take good care of yourself, and don't work too hard!" She quietly put her pajamas in the bed, not even glancing at the man on the other side of the bed.

Colin narrowed his eyes at her thoughtful words. "Come to bed, love."


Colin spoke so loudly that Hugh surely heard it.

She replied coldly, "You and I will sleep separately tonight. Go back to your room."

Anyway, he had his childhood sweetheart.

Hugh kept silent for a while. From the conversation, it seemed that Sophia was angry.

Was it because of Leila? It was the only possible explanation.

"Sophia, don't get angry with Colin because of Leila. Since you're married, Leila will never stand a chance. Whatever she does is in vain. Trust me on this."

Even if Hugh was telling the truth, it pissed her off that Leila had embraced Colin.

Sophia's silence worried Hugh. "Just avoid quarreling with Colin. If you're unhappy, I'll take you away from him."

Sophia was at a loss for words. "Hugh... I..." Embarrassed, Sophia didn't know how to respond.

Since Sophia reunited with Hugh, his affections had become more obvious to her. She was worried of hurting him by mistake.

"Please don't be embarrassed. Your happiness is my happiness. Call me whenever you feel bad, I'll try to cheer you up." Hugh's tenderness astonished his assistant, who was standing nearby.

The power of love could change a person at any time.

"Okay. Take care and don't overwork yourself, alright?" Sophia replied softly.

Sophia's tend

erness towards Hugh was unthinkable to Colin. She had never treated him so tenderly.

By the time Sophia hung up, Colin's face had turned red from anger and jealousy.

She put her phone aside. Taking her pajamas, she walked towards the bathroom when Colin suddenly grabbed her wrist.

"Sophia, what did you mean when you told Hugh that you and I will sleep separately?"

"I meant it literally. You can't share my bed tonight. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Problem? Did you want your brother Hugh to know you're unhappy, so he'd take you away?" The possibility made Colin see red. He was so angry, he wanted to hit someone.

Shaking Colin off, Sophia told him to fuck off.

Sophia walked into the bathroom as quickly as possible. Before she could close the door, Colin pushed it open and squeezed through.

He threw Sophia's pajamas on the bed where they were resting and pushed her against the sink.

Sophia knew where this was leading to. She asked him with dissatisfaction, "Can't you bully me in other ways?"

"Of course." With these words, Colin turned Sophia around.

The intimate scene of the couple was clearly visible in the mirror, and it embarrassed Sophia. "Bastard, let me go!"

God damn it.

"Let you go? Not happening!"


Sophia gripped the edge of the sink as she endured Colin's rough treatment.

After a long time, Sophia was carried to the bathtub filled with hot water.

Either from the hot water or their lovemaking, Sophia's face was red.

Colin embraced her and nibbled her face gently, like he was eating an apple.

Half-asleep, Sophia waved her hands in annoyance. "Ouch! Who the hell is biting me?"

"Your husband."

Crack! The sound of a slap echoed in the silent bathroom.

Sophia's eyes flew open. She looked at her sore hand in disbelief, then she turned to Colin with embarrassment.

It seems... that she... she... she just hit Colin in the face.

This was bad. How could she provoke Colin again?

"Sophia!" Colin ground his teeth.

Sophia's drowsiness immediately vanished. Swallowing nervously, she smiled and threw her arms around his neck. "Colin, it was an accident."

"An accident?" Colin's response made Sophia scream.

Oh... Colin... He actually... It was indescribable.


The bathroom was a mess, and water was all over the floor. Colin adjusted the temperature in the room before taking Sophia out of the bathtub.

He put her on the bed. Wrapping her hair in a bath towel, he gently dried up the sleepy woman.

Finally, he dried her hair with a hair dryer. His gentle fingers massaging her scalp was so comfortable, she quickly fell asleep. She slept soundly until the next morning.

If her mobile phone alarm hadn't woken her up, she'd wake up at noon.

The other side of the bed was empty, Colin had already left.

She didn't know if he left last night or this morning.

Despite the obvious discomfort in her body, she quickly fixed herself up and rushed to get to work on time. Since her relationship with Colin had become public knowledge, any mistake on her part might negatively affect Colin.

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