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   Chapter 101 Unbelievable Woman

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Colin couldn't help laughing.

"She's my sister. How can I treat her rudely?"

"I'm your wife! And you're never gentle when you call me! Everyone watched as Colin carried Sophia out of the nightclub.

"We're together every day. Why would we need to call each other?" Thinking back, Colin is grateful that his mother asked Sophia to come to Z Country and become his secretary. If he wanted to, they could be together every day.

He could take her along even on business trips. Whether it be business affairs or private matters, they would have something in common.

"Don't take my words literally, you know what I mean!"

When they reached the Porsche, Colin put Sophia on the ground.

In the next moment, Colin pushed Sophia to the car, trapping her in his arms. "Are you still complaining?"

Sophia swallowed a little and said stubbornly, "What? Why won't you let me speak up freely? Are you trying to restrict my freedom of speech..." Colin cut her off with a kiss.

Indeed, he restricted her freedom of speech.

Sophia was facing the entrance of the nightclub. Seeing Leila hastily follow them out, she started to hold Colin's neck and respond more passionately.

What happened next made Sophia reevaluate her impression of Leila.

On her high-heeled shoes, Leila walked towards the kissing couple and pulled Colin away. "Colin, I'm a little tired. Can we go back home soon?"

Sophia was silent.

Since she met Leila, she felt like she's developed a swearing habit.

Hold back! She had to reign in her temper.

She smiled at Leila. "Did Miss Ji not see that her brother is busy? Please be patient."

Holding Colin's neck and standing on her tiptoes, Sophia kissed Colin again.

Addicted to kissing Sophia, Colin had no reason to refuse her and kissed her back.

As a bystander, Wade admired Leila for enduring the sight of the kissing couple.

Sophia started to feel embarrassed and finally let go of Colin.

"Let's go!" Leila took the lead and sat in the front passenger seat.

"Sorry, the car is filled with the gifts that Colin gave me. There's no space for everyone. Let's take Mr. Ji's car." In that moment, Sophia felt lucky that Colin bought her so many presents.

Leila shook her head. "Mr. Ji, please move the things into your car. I'll sit here!"

Astounded at her behaviour, Sophia wondered how such an unbelievable woman could become a super star.

Colin looked at Leila strangely. Why wasn't she act herself?

Leila settled inside and fastened her seatbelt. Sophia grabbed the key out of Colin's hand and got in the driver's seat of the car. She drove off despite Leila's protests.

Colin and Wade watched the Porsche disappear, completely stunned.

The two men exchanged looks and promptly got into the other car to catch with them.

In the Car.

As Sophia stepped on the gas in silence, Leila fixed herself up and calmly said, "If you weren't Colin's wife, I would actually like you."

Sophia remained silent. Sophia almost let go of the steering wheel.

"But you did become Colin's wife. I can't be blame for my actions. It's every person for himself. We won't get what we want unless we strive for it."

Sophia agreed with the last sentence but she replied, "Some things are p

redestined. You won't get it no matter how hard you work for it. Not all efforts are rewarded." For instance, despite everything she sacrificed, she and Payne ended tragically because of Dorothy's involvement.

Leila turned to look at her. "That's true. But even if I can't get it, I won't have any regrets if I tried my best."

Sophia smiled as she controlled the steering wheel efficiently. "Go for it!"

Leila was dumbstruck. Staring at Sophia's profile, Leila realized she resembled someone familiar. But she couldn't figure out who it was.

Soon, they arrived at Colin's villa. When Sophia stopped the car, Wade's car came to an abrupt stop beside them.

Seeing they've arrived safely, Colin couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Colin strode towards the woman holding the key, grasping her tightly in the arms. "Sophia, if you dare go speeding again, I'll make you regret it!"

Having cooled down at the moment, Sophia pushed Colin away calmly. "Let's go in."

Opening the trunk, everyone except Leila carried shopping bags to the villa. Colin put the bags on the first floor and asked Ms Liu to bring them to his bedroom.

The three went upstairs. When Sophia headed for her room, Colin held her back and turned to Leila. "Get some early rest tonight. Sophia and I will accompany you tomorrow."

"Alright. Good night, Colin." Leila went to the guest room.

Colin dragged Sophia to his bedroom, where Ms Liu was putting away her things in the closet of the wardrobe.

"Sorry to bother you, Ms. Liu. I can take care of this!" Ms. Liu nodded. "Okay, please let me know if you need any help."

"I will, thank you."

When Ms. Liu left, Sophia immediately picked up the bags and walked towards her room.

Colin grabbed her wrist. "Where are you going?"

"We used to sleep in separate rooms. I'm just taking the gifts you bought me to my room. What's wrong with that?"

Sophia had a point, but Colin took the bags from her hand. "From now on, you can't sleep anywhere but here!"

Sophia shot him a defiant look. "Aren't you worried that your little sister will get jealous?"

Colin paused. Putting aside the bags he was holding, Colin pulled Sophia into his arms and kissed her. "If you're not feeling well, I'll make you feel better."

Sophia narrowed her eyes at him.

Giving Sophia no chance to respond, Colin took her to the bed and pressed her underneath him. He pinned her arms to stop her from struggling.

Finding an opportunity to speak, Sophia covered his mouth immediately. "Colin, I don't want to do this right now. Get off me!"

Feeling unhappy, he took off her hand. "What did you promise me tonight?"

"I was in a good mood back then, but I'm not in the mood anymore. Get off, I'm going to sleep!" Sophia pushed him away and walked to the bedroom door.

The moment she put her hand on the doorknob, Colin called back sourly, "Sophia! Stop being stubborn!"

Stubborn? "Colin, would you still be in the mood if you saw another man do the same things to me?" The nerve of this guy! Sophia opened the bedroom door and walked away, slamming it shut.

Colin was puzzled. What did he do? Thinking back, Leila was just holding him and crying in his arms. She only asked him to comfort her.

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