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   Chapter 100 Out of Line

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Leila was not only a celebrity, but also an heiress of a powerful family. The Ji Clan has great power in A Country, and Leila's father is a senior official in the army. Who the hell would dare to take advantage of her?

Sophia didn't think Colin would believe Leila.

But she hated seeing him hold Leila in his arms.

"Mr. Ji, find these two men. I'll handle the rest." Colin ordered, without turning his head.

Wade nodded. "Yes, Mr. Li." Taking out his phone, he walked out of the room to start dealing with it.

"Thank you, Colin." Leila buried her face into Colin's chest.

"Don't mention it, Leila. Let me take you home."

Colin tried to pull her away from his arms, but Leila shook her head.

"I don't want to go back home. I want you to stay with me for a while. I've never met such men before... They were so disgusting. I felt like throwing up." Leila spoke in a soft and pleading tone, that even Sophia found it hard to refuse her.

What was she supposed to do? Was she here to witness her husband and his childhood sweetheart's unchanged love?

Colin had managed to put her back onto the sofa. Turning to Sophia, he said, "Come here, you're both women, you would know how to comfort each other. Comfort Leila for a while."

Sophia was speechless.

She'd rather jump out of the window instead.

Did she look she had anything in common with Leila? He actually expected her to be kind and comforting to her husband's childhood sweetheart? Colin knew exactly how to torture her.

But to prevent Leila from jumping into her husband's arms to start weeping again, Sophia would do it for Colin's sake.

Sophia walked to her, but Leila didn't even look at Sophia. Turning to Colin with tears in her eyes, she said, "Colin, I'm not familiar with Sophia. I want you to comfort me."

Sophia couldn't say a word. For a moment, she felt like that she was one of Leila's crazy fans, who wanted to please her but was heartlessly refused.

Colin felt a headache. "Leila, let's go home."

How could a woman in her late 20s behave like a child?

Sophia was furious with Leila. Didn't she know that Colin was already married? Couldn't she see his wife standing beside him? How dare she interact with Colin so shamelessly... acting like a spoiled child.

Before Leila could answer, Sophia said, "Colin, you can call Mr. Ji back. He's been married to his wife for many years. He should be more experienced than you in handling such matters."

Colin pondered on this, but refused. If Wade had been able to comfort her, they wouldn't have needed to come all this way.

"No, I'll talk to Leila." Colin sat beside Leila and patted her back. "Don't cry, Leila. As soon as the perpetrators are caught, I'll have them tied them up and brought to you. You can do whatever you want to them."

Leila leaned her forehead against his chest and sobbed. "Okay."

"Good girl. Now let's go home."

What the hell? Sophia gritted her teeth. Did he always talk to Leila like that? Colin has never talked to her that way!

"Colin, I'm leaving. Are you coming with me or not?"

Sophia was outraged. Sensing her fury, Colin stood up from the sofa. But Leila grabbed his coat and pulled him back. "Five minutes, Colin. Could you stay with me for five more minutes?"

Leila didn't even glance at Sophia, and talked to only Colin the whole time.

Thinking Leila was agreeing to leave, Colin nodded and turned to Sophia. "Let's wait. Come and sit with me for a while."

Sophia stared at h

im in disbelief. If she sat on his other side, he would be hugging both women at the same time.

She glared at him. Like hell she would do that!

Sophia strode to the sofa and pushed them away from each other. She turned to Leila and scolded her, "Who do you think you are, Leila? Stop this childish act. You are thirty, not three years old. What do you want from my husband?"

Leila was shocked. She stared at Sophia, at a loss for words.

"I know you're Colin's childhood friend. And that Colin treats you as his sister, I'm fine with that. But who do you think you are? Colin isn't your boyfriend, he's not supposed to cater to your every whim!

If you really respect him as your elder brother, why don't you ever consider his wife? If you don't know how to behave properly, I'll teach you! Enjoy your stay in Z Country, but stop being inappropriate with my husband. You've gone out of line!"

After Sophia's outburst, silence engulfed the room.

Leila quickly stopped weeping. Turning to Colin with a demure expression on her face, she held his arm and said, "Colin, let's go home!"

Sophia was impressed. What kind of reaction that was? Was she angry? Was she displeased?

But one thing was for sure. Leila didn't listen to a word she said.

She held onto Colin's arm intimately.

And ignored Sophia like she wasn't present in the room with them.

"Sophie's right, Leila. We're both adults. Don't be so childish anymore." He didn't want to say too much. After all, Sophia had already berated Leila.

Leila gazed at him with an injured look. She quietly asked, "Colin, you don't want to treat me as your sister anymore?"

Sophia was frustrated. This woman was a piece of work!

Colin shook his head. "No, you'll always be my little sister."

"Good! I'm glad to hear that. Let's go home." Leila smiled happily, leading Colin outside.

Sophia was completely irritated.

"Colin, I want to drink! I've changed my mind. I don't want to go home now." She took a deep breath and called Colin back.

Colin was confused. "Drink? No, it's already too late. Let's go home."

Sophia was worn out from shopping all night. It's time to go home and rest. If she really wanted to drink, he'd accompany her for a drink the next day.

Sophia didn't move. Colin reached out a hand to her. "Come on."

But Sophia ignored him. She glanced at the table and grabbed a bottle of wine.

As she raised the bottle to drink the contents, Colin grasped the bottle away. He smashed the bottle onto the wall with a loud bang.

In the next moment, he lifted Sophia up. "You don't want to go home? Alright. I'll take you home."

Colin strode out of the room, carrying Sophia in his arms and leaving behind a stunned Leila.

The corridor wasn't empty at this hour. A lot of people spotted them, watching them with different looks of admiration, curiosity, and jealousy.

Sophia was furious. She started chattering in Colin's ear, "I know you like Leila a lot, but I'm your wife. Couldn't you at least show some respect? I know she threw herself into your arms, but couldn't you have refused her?

You know what, never mind! I know you love Leila. I'm asking too much. Put me down, Colin, I can walk."

Colin gritted his teeth. "Who the hell told you I loved her?"

"I don't need anyone to tell me, I can see it. Every time you call her, you're very gentle with her, always telling her to take good care of herself." She had a sour look on her face as she recalled Colin's words.

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