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   Chapter 99 The Best Present

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Women were really fickle!

"I don't want to go home. Let's find a hotel."

"What are we going to do in a hotel?"

"We'll rent a room." Since she kept asking, Colin decided to tease her for a while.

"Why would we rent a room in a hotel?" Sophia found Colin distracting. Since he kept spoiling her and holding her, she wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying.

Colin gave her a sly grin. "We'll hide under the covers in the hotel room and talk to each other."

"Talk? Why do we need to talk?" Colin was so handsome that he would catch the attention of every passerby. After all, he was a public figure who had been on the news and the front pages of magazines. Sophia was afraid that he would be recognized by someone with ill intent, so she quickly dragged him into a shop.

It was good that she asked. "Because... After we talk, we can..."

Colin whispered the rest into Sophia's ears, snapping Sophia out of her daze. Her face flushed crimson.

Frustrated, she bit his coat but her teeth accidentally got caught on the button of his coat.

"Ouch!" She massaged her mouth to soothe the pain.

Colin hurriedly took her face in his hands. "What happened? Does it hurt?"

Sophia's eyes closed in pain. When the pain finally subsided, she opened her eyes again and shook her head. "I'm okay now." Next time, she would bite his neck instead!

Colin looked at the place that Sophia had bitten and pecked her gently on the lips. "You can just bite me, no need to bite my coat. Did the button cut into your teeth?"

With a click, a light flashed. Sophia and Colin looked to the direction, and saw a man taking pictures of them. When he noticed that they were looking at him, the man hurriedly put away his camera. He gave them an apologetic smile and walked away.

Colin didn't seem to mind. He pulled Sophia closer to him and continued to shop with her.

"Why was he taking our picture?" Sophia asked curiously.

They weren't actors, why would that guy take their picture?

"Look, is there anything you want?" Colin ignored her question and asked about the jewelry displayed in the counter.

Sophia shook her head. "I want to get you something, Colin."

"I told you already, you can give yourself to me. That's the best present I can get."

Sophia's face flushed. She pushed him away, "I'm serious!"

Colin hugged her from behind. "But I don't need anything. And if I do, Wade will arrange it for me. So the best present for me is you."

Sophia squirmed in his arms turned to him. "Mr. Ji is busy. Can Miss Lo take over?"

She wanted to arrange everything for him. What he wore, what he ate...

Colin smiled. He picked up a pair of sunglasses from the counter and put it on her. "It suits you well. Since Miss Lo is so pretty, I'll let her do anything she wants."

... Sophia couldn't help laughing. "Colin, did you learn to flirt from Herring? You have such a silver tongue."

She removed the sunglasses and put them back in place. Walking to the sunglasses for men, she took a pair for Colin and put them on him.

He looked amazing. Sophia was taken aback with how stunning he looked.

Colin pushed the sunglasses up. "Don't talk about other men while you're with me!"

He didn't need to learn how to talk to the person he loved. As long as they were together, he could tell her naturally.

Colin had seen many lovers kissing each other on the streets before. Back then, he didn't understand why they had to kiss in public. Couldn't they do that at home?

But now he understood. In front of other people, they couldn't help themselves. He wanted to kiss Sophia every single moment they were together.

"Why don't you want me to bring Herring up? Colin, ha

ve you got no shame?" He was the one who told Herring to seduce her. Now, he had the audacity to be displeased at the mere mention of Herring's name!

Colin took off the sunglasses and gave it a closer look. "I'm shameless, honey. Besides, Herring loves Shelly, so don't even think about it."

Sophia was speechless. She never even thought of Herring that way!

"This one is good. I'll pay." The sunglasses were priced as 2, 888. Although they weren't cheap, Sophia could still afford it.

She would buy them with her own salary, since she had spared 5, 000 for herself.

"But I'd like to make one thing clear. If I take the sunglasses, will I still get a present tonight?" Colin flashed a coy smile.

Knowing what he meant, Sophia glared at him. "No, there won't any more presents tonight."

"Then I won't take the sunglasses." Colin calmly put the sunglasses back.

"Even if you don't take the sunglasses, you won't get anything tonight."

Colin paused and calmly said, "If I won't get any present at all, I'll kiss you nice and slow right here."

Sophia was speechless. She quickly said, "Then take the sunglasses!"

"No, that won't do. I want both now." Colin's childish behavior amused Sophia.

"You can only have one." She insisted.

Colin leaned closer. "Then I'll kiss you right here."

Sophia knew he was a man of his word, and hurriedly grabbed the sunglasses. She handed it over to the giggling attendant who was watching them from behind the counter. "Miss, I'll take this one!"

"Sure! This way, please."

Sophia followed the attendant to the cashier. While waiting for her, Colin took a casual look at the other items in the shop. Not long after, Wade called him.


"Mr. Li, Miss Ji is crying alone in the private room... How would you like me to handle this situation?"

"Why is she crying?" She was alright when he left her.

Wake shook his head. "I don't know, either. Miss Ji asked me to buy some food for her, but when I came back, she was weeping alone in the room. No matter what I do to comfort her, she won't stop crying."

"I see. What's the room number?" Sophia was still at the cashier. Colin looked at her and decided to take her with him.

After getting the information from Wade, he hung up.

When Sophia came back, Colin was waiting for her.

He took the shopping bag from Sophia's hand and said, "Something happened to Leila. Do you want to come with me to see her?"

Sophia's good mood instantly disappeared.

"Okay. I'll come with you." She wanted to see what happened to Leila.

"Good. Let's go to the parking lot." Colin held her close to him with his arm around her shoulders. They walked together towards the basement parking lot.

When they got to Colin's car, Sophia was shocked. Both the trunk and the backseat were full of shopping bags, and looked ready to burst.

How much did they buy tonight?

When she got inside, Sophia had to hold a few shopping bags. Colin started the car and drove to the nightclub.

At Room 322 in the Nightclub.

Colin opened the door of the private room and saw Leila curled up on the sofa, sobbing and shaking.

Wade stood helplessly beside the sofa. Seeing Colin, he hurriedly approached him. "Mr. Li, Mrs. Li, you've arrived."

They both nodded at him.

At Wade's greeting, Leila looked up at Colin with tears in her eyes. She jumped off the sofa and threw herself into Colin's arms. "Why did it take you so long, Colin? I was so scared..." She started sobbing again.

Colin patted her back. "What happened?"

"Earlier... Two men tried to take advantage of me... I resisted, but they threatened me..."

Colin and Wade were speechless. On the other hand, Sophia sneered.

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