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   Chapter 98 Date Night

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Seeing Sophia in discontent, Colin couldn't help pinching her face. "Try the next one!"

After they were done, Colin took Sophia to the next store. The store manager put their purchases into the trunk of their car with Colin's key.

Sophia asked, "Are you here to shop?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I feel like you're buying wholesale!" He bought so many clothes for her.

Since Sophia said he was buying wholesale, he would show her how he bought wholesale.

Three sets of top-notch skin care products, four scarves, eight pairs of shoes... Sophia was extremely tired. The shopping guide of the bag store returned the key to Colin. "Mr. Li, the trunk and backseats of your car are full. There's no space left for the two handbags, so I placed them on the passenger seat."

"Okay, thank you."

Taking the key, Colin grabbed the phone from his pocket. Sophia suddenly had a bad feeling. "What are you doing?"

"Calling Secretary Tao." Secretary Tao also had a company car assigned to her.

"Why are you calling her now?"

"I'm going to ask her to drive over and bring everything back to the villa. Let's go upstairs and check the other stores." Dialling the number, Colin put the phone to his ear.

Sophia was distressed. She grabbed the phone and disconnected the call.

"You'll end up buying the entire shopping mall if you don't stop!" Sophia stuffed the phone back into his pocket. Colin wanted to take it out again but she clutched his hand tightly.

Colin didn't insist. "Alright, whatever you say. Let's go upstairs."

They had only shopped in the first two floors, but their car was already filled to the brim. There were seven floors left...

"I'm tired." Taking Colin's hand, Sophia rested her head on his shoulder.

"I can carry you or hold you. Which one do you want?"

Sophia was speechless. She pointed at a dessert shop nearby. "I want to eat some dessert and take a break."



ith her.

In embarrassment, Sophia wanted to push Colin away. But Colin kissed her more deeply, stunning the woman who complained.

"Lucine, even if you broke up with your boyfriend, you can't stop other couples from being in love."

"Ugh, they're so sweet! Who told them to provoke me?"


Sophia felt light-headed at the moment.

Colin loosened his hold on Sophia right before she lost her breath. He watched the dazed woman in his arms, feeling a sense of satisfaction.

"Mr. Li, aren't you aware that you're causing public outrage?"

"She's just jealous."

Sophia was rendered speechless.

She couldn't stay here anymore. People nearby had seen them kissing, and even the waiters kept sneaking glances at them.

After gobbling up the durian crepe, Sophia pulled Colin and left the shop quickly.

Sophia didn't let go of Colin until they were a dozen miles away from the dessert shop. Collin pulled Sophia and embraced her tightly.

"Sophia, why are you walking so fast?"

"I want to go home!" She made up an excuse.

Actually, she didn't want to go back at all. Spending time with Colin made her... Really happy.

"Okay, let's go home."

Why did he agree so quickly? Sophia glared at Colin, leaving him confused.

"I don't want to go home now!"

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