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   Chapter 96 Colin's Cooking

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Colin didn't relent. It didn't seem like he heard her request.

A month after Sophia met Cora, Sophia received a call from her saying that the first phase was a success. The photo she sent Sophia made her chuckle.

By the time she returned to A Country on New Year's Day, she could carry on with the next phase.

Sophia has been taking traditional Chinese medicine recently. She was lucky that the medicine she got was already prepared and sealed well when she went to see the traditional Chinese medicine physician.

She didn't have to prepare the medicine in the villa and spread the the smell everywhere.

At the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, Sophia was struggling with a bag of 10oz of medicine when Colin brought Leila back to the villa.

Seeing Leila dressed in a lavender woollen coat in front of her, Sophia rubbed her eyes and wondered if she was hallucinating.

"Colin, where's the smell of traditional Chinese medicine coming from?" Leila fanned her hands, as if she hadn't seen Sophia taking the medicine.

Colin also smelled it. He was about to ask Aunt Liu what happened when he saw Sophia drinking the medicine.

A trace of worry flashed in his eyes. When did Sophia start taking medicine? Why didn't he know about this?

"Why are you taking traditional Chinese medicine?" Colin came over and asked her gently.

After taking the medicine, Sophia said curtly, "I'm nursing my body."

Colin realized that he hadn't kept his promise. When he was taking care of her at his office lounge, he said that he'd take her to a doctor.

Leila looked at Sophia doubtfully. "What happened? Can't get pregnant?"

Sophia didn't know if Leila said that on purpose, but since she was half right, Sophia admitted without hesitation, "Yes, my husband is anxious to have children, so I have to take good care of myself."

Colin didn't say a word. He fixed his eyes on Sophia as she tidied up the bowls and empty bags.

Leila rolled her eyes and held Colin's arm. "Colin, I'm hungry. I want to eat some of your cooking."

Sophia's hand paused as she threw away the rubbish. Looking up at the intimate couple, she felt a slight ache in her heart.

She didn't know that Colin could cook. When Wendy asked her to look after Colin, she assumed that Colin couldn't do these things.

It turned out that he just didn't have anyone worth cooking for.

Now, that Leila's arrived...

Colin opened the freezer and took out some ingredients, preparing to cook.

After clearing up the mess, Sophia smiled at Leila. "Leila, I'll ask Ms. Qin to prepare the guest room for you."

"Okay, thank you!"

Leila was definitely of noble birth. She had remarkable manners and good upbringing.

"You're welcome." Sophia asked Ms. Qin to prepare a guest room and let Leila know directly, while she hid in her room and worked.

Not long after, Ms. Qin knocked on her door. "Madam, Mr. Li is calling you downstairs for dinner."

She forced a smile and refused gently. "No, I'm not going down. I still have work to finish."

Ms. Qin stared at her with distress before she finally nodded. "Well then, I'll tell Mr. Li."

The room fell into silence again. Although she was sitting in front of the computer, Sophia wasn't thinking about work.

Leila was a graceful and honest woman, who didn't pla

y dirty tricks. This rankled Sophia. If she had been a cunning and malicious woman, she would have flaunted her relationship with Colin.

But because Leila was dignified and obviously wasn't that kind of person, it left Sophia at a loss.

The sound of the door opening snapped Sophia from her reverie.

Colin strode inside without saying anything. Taking her hand, he pulled her out the door.

"I still have work to do..." She didn't want to see Colin's close relationship with his childhood friend.

"Let me handle it."

Sophia didn't reply.

Colin didn't let go of her hand even when they arrived downstairs. He held her hand until they reached the table.

When Leila saw Colin come down, she stood up and asked with a smile, "Can we start now, Colin? It's been a while since I last had your cooking. I can't wait! "

Colin took out a warm wet towel. "You can go ahead, help yourself." Then he took Sophia's hand.

Thinking he was giving her the wet towel, Sophia moved to take it from him. But Colin took her hands and wiped them for her.


Surprised, Sophia wondered what Colin was up to. Why was he being intimate with her in front of the person he liked?

Leila elegantly filled her bowl with soup, as if she hadn't noticed what they were doing.

This confused Sophia. It was like the girl she met before who was intimate with Colin and the girl in front of her were completely different people.

Colin got a bowl of vegetable soup for Sophia and blew on it thoughtfully, before handing over the spoon to her.

Colin's behavior puzzled Sophia a little.

What were they doing? It was so awkward. Did they agree to do this?

It seemed that they have tacitly agreed to have dinner without talking and they ate in silence.

The dishes Colin cooked were indeed delicious, and even had a taste of home.

Sophia's only complaint was that Colin had cooked because of Leila's arrival. Sophia felt heartbroken thinking about it.

After tidying up, Leila asked Colin, "Colin, I'll be meeting with the manager of an entertainment company in a nightclub. Can you accompany me?"

On her way upstairs, Sophia heard Colin say, "I need to work with Sophia tonight. I'll ask Mr. Ji to go with you."

Sophia smiled. It was the exact response that she wanted to hear.

"Sophia, can you put off work? The meeting won't take long. I'll come back with Colin soon. Is that all right?"

Faced with Leila's expectant look, Sophia was unable to refuse.

She glanced at Colin's blank look and nodded, "All right."

If Sophia wasn't mistaken, anger seemed to flash through Colin's eyes.

Leila was delighted. "Thank you, Sophia! Colin, Let's go!"

The villa was restored to silence, putting Sophia in a sullen mood. She regretted her actions.

Why did she agree with Leila?

Back in her room, Sophia received a WeChat message from Colin. "Sophia, you're dead! I'll get back at you for this!"


Colin's warning frightened Sophia, and she rushed to call him.

The call was connected quickly. "Yes?" Colin asked.

Sophia hesitated a bit. Without thinking if Leila could hear her or not, she grit her teeth and said, "Darling, I suddenly have a bad stomachache. Can you come back for me? Well... It really hurts! There must be something wrong with one of your dishes..."

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