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   Chapter 94 Back to the Beginning

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Sophia's prevarication annoyed Colin. Touching the swollen half of her face, he asked, "Where else did that man touch you?" Colin was relieved to see that she still had her clothes intact.

"My hands and my face. Are you going to sue him?" She had already seriously injured him. Would he still sue him?

"The next time someone harms you, kill them!"

... Looking at the angry man, Sophia wondered how he could ask someone to kill a person.

"If I kill him, I'll be sentenced to prison. Then you can be with another woman."

She thought Colin would get angry, but he just rubbed her red lips gently. "Remember, if something goes wrong, call me first. I'll fix it for you."

Deeply moved, Sophia's heart melted.

"Okay, then... You're not angry anymore?" She eyed him cautiously.

Colin smiled. "Why won't I be angry? I'm very angry. You'd better explain everything to me, or I'll teach you a lesson and make you look good!"

Blinking her eyes and ignoring his threat, Sophia said, "I look good already! You make me look good!"

She wouldn't have looked so good if it wasn't for Colin...

The man responded with a rough and deep kiss. After a while, the man said in a dazed voice, "You're good at playing with words. Sophia Lo, watch me teach you a lesson!"

Colin suddenly lifted her up, putting her legs on his arms and leaning her back against the wall... Their position was very provocative.

Sophia was scandalized. "Colin, put me down!"

"Tell me why you went there." He had to make sure that she wouldn't go to similar places.

Afraid of falling, Sophia wrapped her arms around Colin's neck tightly. "I was going to meet an old friend..."

Colin growled. "Like hell, an old friend! You have an old friend in the red light district in Z Country? Sophia, do you think I'm stupid? Easily fooled?" He was losing his patience with her lies!

Sophia kissed him,

ow, he would teach her what to do!

Leila bit her lips tightly without saying a word.

Joseph slammed his hand on the table loudly, frightening Leila. "Dad! Why are you being so harsh!"

"Am I harsh? Leila, you're my daughter! Now, netizens are referring to you as a mistress. In the future, you must pay attention to your behavior around Colin!" Colin was married. Joseph will not let his daughter become a mistress cursed by the public. It would be humiliating!

More importantly, he believed that his excellent daughter could find a better man than Colin to care for her.

Hurt, Leila almost burst into tears as her eyes turned red. "But dad, the woman's background simply doesn't match Colin!"

Joseph glared at his daughter. "Nonetheless, Colin has already married her. You can see how deeply Colin cares about the woman in the video. Sophia also said that you're Colin's sister. From now on, you have to know your place."

As a father, how could he not understand his daughter's feelings?

Of course, he wanted his daughter to be with the person she loved. But since Colin wasn't interested in her, why forced it?

Leila held back the tears in her eyes. Her self-respect wouldn't allow her to cry in front of her father. "I know, dad!"

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